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Friday, September 5th, 2008 11:10 pm

In the mist of portability problems, java comes to the rescue. Because i use linux, and my artist and X-editor uses windows, i have a problem that tools have to be portable. I don’t want to use GTK+, becouse i don’t think i works well in windows, in don’t know QT (maybe i should learn it?), i was very much prepared to write my own UI in SDL, so it could port (that would never work as well as it should). But this morning i realized (duh), that java solves my portability problem. And i might even get a nice builder, which will make it that much posibble to finish TLM. Might even work. 😀

MiniLD #3, What a great idea

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 2:14 am

My first miniLD, and such a great idea from PoV.LD’s max my productivity, so this mean i will have a tool that i need created very fast.

I’m curently jugling the idea of a “Cave story” side scroler. For this i need a tile level editor. And allthough it will be made for a side scroler, it could be usefull for any kind of tile based level. Ill se how far i get with it over the weekend.

Since i have been working on this project allready, some of the stuff will be premade, but i hope it won’t brake the spirit of the competition. I allready have the file format somewhat done, and im was already doing the ingame loading part, and i do want to finish that befre the compo, im not going to just drop it all and let it sit for a few days.

I will however do a lot of the interface stuff myself, thats just how i am. I will use a partialy created library from me, that will covers messeges to GUI objects (i will post the source before i start). The objects don’t realy exists yet (just the container object),  so that will probaly be the main thing.

As for the levels, the idea is, to make a tile world, build from particular levels.  And when you move from one level to the next, it’s neighbour load into the world, without loading screens.

Let give the thing codename  TLM for now. Maybe add an x or z when i’m done. 😀

PS: I created a tile picture thingy, and before saving it in jgp i played a bit with the settings. From a crips, clear, few color picture, i got that monster, but i thoght it was more amusing than the plain tile thing.

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