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Tiny Hawk – from LD to PSP

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Thursday, December 15th, 2011 2:56 pm



Tiny Hawk was my entry to Ludum Dare 11 back in April 2008. The theme was “Minimalist”. What I made was a single-switch platforming game, inspired by the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series of games. It had a cute little combo system for getting high scores, and you had several context sensitive moves you could perform with just one button. I remember that when drawing the main character, I tried to keep the resolution as small as possible while still making it recognizable as a skateboarder.

Tiny Hawk didn’t win Ludum Dare 11, but I was very happy with how it was received. It was featured on the IndieGames blog, Auntie Pixelante called it the bee’s knees, a fellow called Palad made a couple of fan levels for it, and somebody even wrote a MobyGames page for it, with the absolute coolest description of the game; I highly recommend reading it.

Fast forward to 2010; PoV announces the October Challenge, wherein he challenges everyone to make a game or polish up an old one during the month October, and make just one dollar of revenue. I jump on it, and what better game to polish up than one of my most highly regarded LD games, Tiny Hawk? I figured that making a Flash game would be a good way to make a few dollars, because of the relative ease of making money through a sponsorship with the help from a site like FlashGameLicense. I end up tweaking the game a whole bunch even while it’s sitting on FGL up for grabs. This does end up improving the game’s look a lot, but eventually doesn’t get me many new bidders. I end up selling a primary license to the good folks at GameBods.

The Flash version does end up being quite different from the Ludum Dare version. The game now uses more than just one button, based on feedback received about the LD version, where people would sometimes get annoyed when they couldn’t turn around after they made a mistake. I also include acceleration into the game, which ends up being a core mechanic, as the player needs to make sure they have enough speed to make all the jumps. The visual look is of course also highly improved.

The Flash version ends up on many Flash portals around the world. It’s been played over a million times across different sites. You can play it on my own site, Armor Games, Kongregate, Newgrounds, etc.

After Tiny Hawk Flash is released, I start thinking about the possibility of making Flash games for a living. I sign up for some counseling on setting up my own business. Before I’m even through with that though, I get an e-mail from a representative of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, and get into talks about developing PlayStation games. By March, I have set up a sole proprietorship, and have a PSP devkit ready to make games. I decide that Tiny Hawk would be a good first project to do. Mostly just to get my feet wet, and finish it quickly. I end up running into some problems though. I spend some significant time in the hospital, losing time and breaking my flow.  I also end up starting the project in one of the dumbest ways possible. I decide that it would be good for productivity to use a high level scripting language to write the game logic, and only use C++ for the core graphics processing and stuff like that. This ends up not working out, as the PSP is not fast enough to run all the game logic in an interpreted scripting language, and I end up struggling writing all the necessary language bindings.

I finish Tiny Hawk PSP port in the beginning of December. I barely miss the deadline to get it out on PlayStation Network by Christmas though.

And here’s what the game is looking like right now. The graphics are all new, and there’s a new scoring system. Otherwise it’s very similar to the Flash version. It’s coming out on January 4th in the European region, which I believe in the PlayStation Network’s case also includes South Africa and Australia, at least. I do intend to get it out at least in North America as well, as soon as possible.

I’m not going to go into too much detail in describing the game right now, but I hope you guys liked this retrospective on Tiny Hawk, and I hope if it’s available in your region and you have a PSP or a PS3, you check out the game when it comes out January 4th! (Rated PEGI 3)

Moar screenshots!

Tiny Hawk Flash

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Sunday, October 10th, 2010 7:38 am

tiny hawk flash #2So, I’ve been working on a Flash version of my LD11 game, Tiny Hawk.

At first I was planning on making a super fancy version, possibly with 3D graphics and overall a very different focus from the original. The original was really just a single-switch platformer where you got some score bonuses by chaining tricks together. I was thinking about making it more about the tricks instead. While planning this though, I realized it would have been a lot of work and I didn’t have a clear vision of the final product, so I decided to just port the original game to Flash instead.

Now, somewhere along the way I decided the original game wasn’t quite good enough, so I started changing things. I made the levels smaller. This enabled me to not have to put so much filler into the levels. Some of the original levels were half empty anyhow. With this smaller size, I can fill the level most of the time without repeating myself a lot. Another major thing I changed is I added momentum. This means that if the player avoids various things that slow him down, he can get through the levels much faster, and reach places unreachable at low speeds. Speed, of course is the new name of the game. Instead of a score, the player is timed on how fast he can beat the levels.

Well, that’s it for now. Just wanted to share some of my progress here also. I’m talking about the project more regularly on IRC though, also posting links to development builds. I won’t post those here since I’m trying to keep it under wraps until I get it sponsored. :-)

About Tiny Hawk controls

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Monday, April 28th, 2008 10:54 am

From reading the comments, I got this feeling that not everybody has understood how the grinds and walljumps work in Tiny Hawk. The way you do them is you have to be holding the button when you hit a rail or a wall. Most commonly, you’ll do a jump and you’ll keep holding the button until you hit the rail or wall. Also if you’re walljumping up a tall column, just keep on holding the button, you don’t need to let go for each jump. The walljump is actually kinda buggy, and won’t always work if you’re falling down. This is because the game thinks you’re landing on a tile instead of hitting it from the side. I’ll likely fix this at some point. Also if you hit a rail on the very edge, you might hit the rail but fall off instantly. I’m going to call that an unintentional feature, because it’s kind of a neat thing that you can “almost” hit a rail. 😉

A lot of people have been asking for a button for changing directions, but I think that not being able to turn around and playing the game with just one button is a pretty big point. I’m probably not adding that in. The actual problem is of course level design. There should be more blocks around so that you can bounce off a wall if you want to turn, or climb up quicker if you fall down.

Anyways, people seem to be liking the game, so thanks for that. I hope this little explanation clears things out (if there was anything to be cleared).

Pekuja’s LD11 Timelapse

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 9:40 am 

Here’s my timelapse video. The picture-in-picture part is not completely in sync with the big video, but it should be somewhat close. I cut out the parts where I was sleeping or otherwise away. Music is Scattered Progression by JDruid.

Tiny Hawk final release

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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 2:40 pm

Tiny Hawk title screen

Tiny Hawk final release (194k)

Update: Tiny Hawk Windows executable (3.07M)

I think I’m done now. The game is six levels long, has sound effects and music, and is all sorts of awesome, naturally. 😉

Have at it, but be gentle.

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