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Different time zones inconveniences

Posted by (twitter: @customphase)
Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 1:10 am

Hello there, guys and gals.

Wanted to share some thought of me with you concerning time distribution and participating.

The thing is that in some countries compo starts real late at night. But this is not the main problem, cause you can just go to sleep earlier, and get up earlier. The main problem is that this result in late ending time ( i finished last ludum dareat about 5 in the morning at monday, good thing i didnt have to go to work back then, and i could afford staying up so much).

So i was wondering, if maybe we can come up with the system, that allows you to enter earlier, and also finish earlier.

I understand that its can be scammed just by asking  people that already started doing the game what the theme is. But i can deal with that, if that will allow me just to go to bed in time, and not to be extremely sleepy at work on the other day.



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