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Unity 2D level design advice.

Posted by (twitter: @@Bourbonbrick)
Sunday, December 8th, 2013 10:19 am

So I’m guessing a lot of you jammers out there want to have a go at using the new unity 2D tools?

Well if you want to make a game you need lots of levels. and during a jam when time is of the essence. So if your going to make levels fast tiles are the way to go. Now for a warm up I’ve been working on a game with tile based levels. So to begin with I just made a new scene and prefabs of all my tiles with appropriate colliders. Then I dragged them into my scene. It worked well but I couldn’t help thinking that all those colliders were a bit too much. I decided to do some research into tile based level editors that would export to .png files, and pretty quickly found . So I downloaded it and found it to be of my liking. Using it I can make a level export as .png and insert large box colliders in a single game object to match the levels shape. This simplifies things so much. Here’s some pictures to illustrate


My level being designed in tile studio.

Screenshot (6)


My second level in unity. Green rectangles are colliders.

Screenshot (8)


My first level in unity. All them colliders cant help with file size.

Screenshot (9)


So that’s it. hope this is useful to those of you considering attempting 2D unity games.

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