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Thursday, August 29th, 2013 3:54 pm

The Link.

Minor bug fixes, etc.

My earnest advice and goal for next time is to have a working demo BEFORE the time limit is up! This way I don’t cause so many inconveniences when I have to keep re-uploading. Hope you check it out! Report any problems and i’ll get on it asap. I run on a windows so if one appears on another system, do let me know so I can run some scans :)

Have a smiling Darla while your at it.
Darla Waist Up SO

Bun Out!

It’s a ten second celebration! Now with pizza!

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Monday, August 26th, 2013 3:31 pm


Celebratory pizza anyone? I’m feeling oh, so, good having finished my first jam! The finished product isn’t the best by a long shot but, hey, I made it! You made it! Everyone who made it gets a slice ^^ Heck, even if you didn’t make it, here’s a slice for attempting this madness.

Sunshine or, in my case, freak storms in life and in nature, aside,… it was a wild and fun–fun–fun, ride!

Here’s the link:

Please do check it out if you can and see if it suddenly crashes or not so I can get on that! It’s my first VN project I’ve released into the web and I programmed it alone (Is a artist and sub-par-writer under pressure here usually) so, do excuse me if it’s just one, big, bug!

I dared and won! Now to sleep, eat and get back to my schooling. *stuffs face and hands y’all some*

Bun is out right before the count! Well, until the morning when she fixes all the mistakes.

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