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36 Hours! The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3 Full Series

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Sunday, February 4th, 2018 1:40 pm

36 Hours! The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 3 Full Series. This is very promising to watch anyway, The Good Doctor season 2 episode 3: 36 Hours. A young married couple must choose between saving the wife’s life or their future ability to start a family; when Dr. Lim must take care of some personal business, she asks Dr. Murphy and Dr. Reznick to oversee the emergency room.

After previously from “Middle Ground” Shaun and Claire assist Dr. Melendez in treating Paul, a hospital janitor Shaun has diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and one year to live. Paul’s wife and adult children encourage him to have risky surgery; Paul agrees, telling Shaun he wants to please his family, and advising Shaun to lie when the truth is unhelpful.

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Paul dies from a complication and his family begins to squabble over having coerced Paul; Shaun tells them that Paul wanted the surgery. Dr. Lim treats Mara, a sixteen-year-old American girl with scarring from female genital mutilation, risking liability in willfully ignoring Mara’s fake ID. Mara experiences extreme pain, revealing live tissue; with her parents and Child Protective Services involved, Mara declines reconstruction in favor of clitoridectomy, but Lim performs the reconstruction without consent;

Mara is apparently pleased with the result and Lim’s discretion. Dr. Glassman delays picking a neurosurgeon, fearing he could survive but suffer permanent disability; at Dr. Blaize’s insistence, Glassman undergoes surgery. Shaun avoids Lea for days, telling Claire he doesn’t understand his own feelings. He tells Lea she hurt him, and he wants her to leave before she hurts him again. Are you ready? Do a fantastic watch for it after all fans, The Good Doctor season 2 episode 3 online.

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