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Until then, here’s a time-lapse of the day.

Time for me to sleep. Peace.

SpotWalker Process: First 3 hours

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 10:44 pm

Update on LD48 so far. The theme is Minimalism. I’ve given it the name SpotWalker. It was a random name and the only reason why I did this is because i created spots on textures. Anyway, so far I’ve done a page of notes with a quick sketch, created some minimal 3d assets in Blender (my 3d assets are usually minimal anyway), textured (again minimal), and exported these off as .obj. I now plan to import these into Unity and create a level. I think I’ll do something first person.

Check it out on GITHUB!

Here’s screenshots of process so far:


Notes taken from Wikipedia. Quick minimal sketch of my cousin playing games


Models in blender. More poly count with further back


Wireframe of assets


UV map texture painting in GIMP. Similar idea with all texutres


Textures applied to the models. Minimal!

ld481 ld48-bak2 ld48-bomv-2 ld48-shape2 ld48-top2 ld48-6


Drying off

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Saturday, September 6th, 2008 8:04 pm

Alright. So I started out this morning by writing a long post where I detailed my decisions that were going in to my Texture Pool design. I nearly finished it, before finally realizing my argument could become moot with a couple simple hacks.

Disappointed in that, I put my head down and got to work.

While working, I realized I could combine both methods, and get the benefit of both.

And eventually finished.

So the Texture Pool is done, but it is late, so I’d rather call it a night. I may revisit earlier post, since it does have some meaningful information in it.

As for a Sunday tool, we’ll see. I gotta read over my notes and think a bit about how badly I want the image slicer stuff, or if I should get on to the slightly hacky screen builder. Hmm..


Swimming in a texture pool

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Saturday, September 6th, 2008 5:35 am

I have a seemingly endless list of libraries and tools I want, and a few I need to finish up my current project. So I’ll be starting with something I need. If all goes according to plan, I’ll get to start another one tomorrow.

So I need a Texture Pool. In other words, I want a nice way to say “hey, load blah.png”, and it’ll use it’s brains to know that I already loaded “blah.png”, and return me the same copy. Pretty straight forward stuff.

This Texture Pool is a piece I’m adding to my graphics library. Said library is designed to wrap multiple graphics API’s. Currently it wraps OpenGL (1.5) and OpenGL ES (1.1), but it also has a slightly out of date software renderer too (lacking texture support, but does geometry and transformations).

The Texture Pool itself I’d like to eventually support several formats. Currently it supports a hybrid format of mine, LZMA’d Power VR (PVR) files. The way it’s structured, it’s easy enough for me to support ZLIB, BZIP, or RAW PVR files as well, I just don’t currently. And while I don’t yet support them, I have stubs in place for PNG and DDS files.

I have some other wild goals for the Texture Pool down the line. Right now, one of my main target platforms requires square power-of-two textures. So I’d like to build a tool for combining multiple smaller images in to a single texture atlas. I’d also like a way to automatically fatten up a PNG image file, yet still somehow remember the original dimensions. This slicing information I’d like to be known by the Texture Pool, so I can draw centered or aligned texture elements with just a call, instead of having to build geometry or remember dimensions.

My solution to both is a custom file format, vaguely like an archive format. As an added bonus, I want it to be able to support storing multiple images in the same file. But the important point is to create this “many to one” relationship, where I have a single texture and some way to say it contains many elements. I’m leaning towards throwing together a text based format and tool to generate a sliced file, so I can start using this right away.

Alas, that’s a tomorrow issue.

Today, we’re building a Texture Pool. After some breakfast, we’ll do it.

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