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Little Teddy – Post Mortem

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 8:37 pm

This is our first time in the Ludum Dare, think the experience very productive. We complete the game in one day, and learned a lot in a short time.


In our game you control a little girl who can not sleep because there are mosquitoes in your bedroom, then she takes her teddy bear shooting lazers ray and begins to kill them.

In the project are working: Luciano (game design, art, animation, sound) and Leticia Cristine (programming).


– You have 45 seconds to get rid of insect in your bedroom;
– Each dead insect adds 1 second in your time, and adds 10 points to your score;
– If you collide in a insect your time is reduced by 5 seconds.

  • History: How is the theme is an unusual weapon, we decided to use as a weapon a fluffy teddy plush, and together with a common fact in our region which is the excess of mosquitoes in house due to high temperatures. So we thought this game as a simple, fast and also funny game.
  • mechanical: We believe in a simple mechanics, where the only goal is to eliminate the mosquitoes to get rid of the infestation.
    You control the character the bedroom, and try to survive as long as possible. The game has no end, and increasingly appears more mosquitoes in the scenario.
  • technology: We use the Construct2, a perfect tool to develop simple and quick games. Despite its limitations, we can do things many good with it.
    Initially we thought about making the whole game in touch and mouse, but then we decided to make this fully computer version, with controls for keyboard and mouse.

What we learned: We learned to want is power, always put them to me many dificildades to start a project (lack of time was one of them), but with this project we saw that really do not because we do not want rsrsr. After all, in just one day develop this simple prototype in a week could do things much better. We also learned a little more about Construct2 and that we are more capable than we imagined.

Developing this game, we had many ideas, like new rooms, new enemies, and even other objects as a weapon. We think in reformulating the project with new aesthetic, mechanical improvement, and adaptation to mobile devices.

1450293_455228581261973_1561661009_n       10711055_10205016106025697_2076525267359014954_n
                    Luciano Gomes                                              Leticia Cristine

      (Game Design, Art, Animation, Sound)                         (programming)

Cryptidia creations

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Sunday, February 8th, 2009 8:15 pm

here’s some screenshots of some fun creatures I created using hamburger’s Cryptidia entry:

First, the program asked me to create something huggable…

Next, it commanded I draw something “you could put a beard on” and that it also need “ripped abs” .. these suggestions are hilarious.

Well.. my devil walks upon a table, a stick and something that looks like 1/3rd of an utter.  I like his arms.. heh.

Anyway– I definitely enjoy these drawing type programs.. thanks hamburger!

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