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    Begin the compo

    Posted by
    Saturday, August 29th, 2009 1:52 am

    First of, this theme is awesome and I hope for justas awesome entries. :D

    Game Design

    For my entry, I’m going for a (RT)Strategy game. Here is some concept art:game_concept

    In the game you will control a subterranian civilization, which evolved eyes, that can only see a single color on the spectrum. You will have the basic RTS objects: towers to expand your teritory ( emmit the light you can see), units, which will emmit a dim light, when out of the towers range, building that will function only inside the range of the towers, some for traning troops, some for housing, some for gaining monochrome energy. Every object you see distincly in your color.

    You will battle other civilization such as yourself, who are able to detect a different color. All of your enemies will appear black or very dim and will not be distingushable from one another. So if you are a yellow civilization, and have green and red opponents, you can tell them appart.

    The basic goal will be to destoy your enemies/neighbours by destroing their main tower. I was also thinking of doing something with the entrance of the cavern, maybe a goal or bonus for the team that has control of it. One  idea was to have the you gain the color of the opponent you conquer, till you eventually see all the colors and can go outside in the light world.

    The game seem to be carying some racial message with it or at least it has potential for it.

    Technical stuff

    platform: Linux for development, Windows build after the compo, this time maybe even OSX

    programming language: c++

    libraries: SDL for graphics, input and sound. Do i need anything else? O_o

    drawing: GIMP

    recording sounds: Audacity

    sound and music: Hohner BBassV with Digitech BP50 multi affect and 60watt Vision AMP . I hope my music skills don’t let me down.

    TODO list for first day:

    So how much can I actually get done in the first day? I think this should be a realistic goal:

    * resource manager: sound, graphics,…

    * tile engine for the map

    * create the cave

    * implement ligh sources

    *create the towers

    * mouse input and HUD

    *some background music

    I think that would be about half. I hope I am not underestimating any part I left for day two (AI or troop control maybe?). If my goal are realistic, I think I can actually make a good game this time round. :D

    Well good luck to you all.

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