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Post-mortem of Tales of the Underworld – Lessons learned

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 1:05 pm

Hi, these are the lessons learned for Tales of the Underworld: Rebellion of the Souls, a retro platformer for the compo. You can play and rate the entry here, and also read a step-by-step log on how the development process went.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my entry. As explained in the log, I almost gave up on Saturday night, but still managed to pull out a finished game. That said, there is a lot of stuff I need to improve for next time!


What went wrong

  • I didn’t do a brainstorming with possible themes in advance. I could have done so and save a little bit of time in Saturday’s morning. It took me many hours to decide what I wanted to do.
  • I couldn’t have a very resting sleep. On Friday’s night there was way too much noise in the street, and on Saturday’s night I got some giant mosquito bites that were really itchy.
  • A level editor. Please someone kick me if I think on doing that again in a jam.
  • I overscoped and had to cut off a lot features. If I knew these features wouldn’t be in, I would probably have chosen a different game to implement.

What went right

  • Lots of feedback and support on Twitter. I think putting screencaps and a URL that people could play instantly helped a lot to get this.
  • A friend managed to stop me from quitting on Saturday night.
  • No nasty bugs <3
  • I found a simple, cute art style that really suits the game and allowed me to produce animations (unlike in my last Ludum).
  • I manage to cut off features and I still ended up with a playable game –although not as cool as I wanted it to be!

Tools and tech

  • Phaser as a JavaScript game framework.
  • Atom text editor with vim key bindings.
  • My gamejam generator for scaffolding the project.
  • Gulp for automation.
  • Bxfr and Garage Band for audio.
  • Pixelmator and a Wacom table for drawing.
  • Git and Github for version control.
  • Lots of rock & roll and heavy metal!

> Play & rate makes Hades happy <

Montage and greetings…

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Friday, August 20th, 2010 5:34 pm

HybridMind's Montage

So there is my montage. It has been really fun looking at all the other montages people have been posting.


I’ll either be using Flash IDE and ActionScript 3.0 from scratch or HTML5 and Javascript/Canvas via Akihabara game framework if I am feeling adventurous enough to use LD to learn a new tech. Depends on whether I’m gonna do the compo or the jam. Will probably wait to see the theme announcement to make up my mind. I’m worried the jam might not quench my competitive spirit especially since I missed the last April LD.

The thing I am pretty excited about is that a few of us New Englanders are getting together tomorrow to develop in person over in Portsmouth New Hampshire.  If anyone else is in the area you’re welcome to join us! We’ll be picking out a non-crowded cafe over there tomorrow and about 4 of us will be getting together so far. Pretty psyched about that part for sure!

Long live Ludum Dare!

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