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LD32 – I’m in! (Fo rizzle dis time)

Saturday, April 4th, 2015 10:05 am

Really hyped for my first full LD! I have a couple friends I am teaming up with to make it a bit easier, so hopefully we can get something great out!

My tools:
Language: C#
Engine: Unity (Probably 2d, but not sure yet)
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop (me) and Adobe Fireworks (Kris)
Sounds: BFXR for sound effects, FL Studio for any music

My team:
Ty (that’s me!) – Lead Developer, Programmer
Kris – Sound Designer and Artist
Jin – Programmer

Of course these guys might do other things, I am just listing their main parts in the project!

Also, I feel like I need to give some closure relating to MiniLD 58. I was so close to finishing the game, until I ran into a couple of bugs. I didn’t have enough time to fix them, thanks to me entering into the┬áSkillsUSA Georgia Computer Programming competition (First place baby!). I decided that the game didn’t work well enough for me to submit. It happens, and now I have a better idea of what to expect for LD32!



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