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ProLapse: An intuitive screenlapsing tool!

Posted by (twitter: @ben.rausch)
Saturday, March 12th, 2016 1:34 am

Hey! I made a tool to help me create time lapses of my jams.
It’s like chronolapse but its a bit more visual and has some unique features.


LD34 Progress update from Team Lazerbeam!

Posted by (twitter: @ben.rausch)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 8:27 pm

Hey everyone!

This is a quick progress report from Team Lazerbeam, and a video documenting the current state of our two button RPG Adventure! Since our last post we’ve been hard at work on our exciting, and yet-to-be-named, swan-slaying walk-em-up.

We’re really enjoyed the past 2 days, making this game together. With our deadline now a little less than a day away, things are getting pretty scary. That said, we’re all really happy with what we’ve built so far, and feeling optimistic about sharing something very special with the community after a quick spin of the planet.

IMG_0720 IMG_0715 IMG_8286

We’re so excited to wrap this game up, share it with The Community, and see what you’ve all been up to. Till then!

Bionic Bliss results!

Posted by (twitter: @ben.rausch)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 10:23 am

It was a great joy catching up on the results today! Here’s how Bionic Bliss did!

Audio(Jam) 4.53
Coolness 73%
#6 Humor(Jam) 4.31
#9 Overall(Jam) 4.24
#11 Theme(Jam) 4.47
#14 Mood(Jam) 4.22
#41 Fun(Jam) 3.92
#46 Graphics(Jam) 4.45
#50 Innovation(Jam) 3.99

Right from the start Richard and I said we weren’t particularly fussed about making something that would be highly rated, but rather just wanted to have fun. We did say that that if we had to do well in anything, we would hope it would be humour. And so, we’re understandably very happy that we placed 6th in that category!

Beyond that, I’m blown away that we got a spot in the top 10 overall! And so happy for Jaysong that his sonic wizardry won the silver medal for audio!

Thanks to Dizzy, Anja and Kyle for lending their vocal chords to our cause. Thanks to Ben (of Raptor Polo fame) for proof reading our mountains of dialogue. Thanks Evan and the Free Lives gang for hosting the jam and special thanks to all the MGSA friends who’s high fives and sparkling company made for the most excellent game-making environment!

Thanks so much to everyone in the LD community that played, rated and commented on our game! Your feedback was massively encouraging. Discovering that you threw so many stars our way was as a huge honour. It’s fantastic to be able to participate in a uni

Extra special thanks to the rest of Team Lazerbeam. Richard and Jason, you boys were the greatest jam buddies a dude could ever ask for. Can’t wait to make more magic with you both soon!

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