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Tau finished

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008 1:08 pm

Well i put a lot into the graphics, but i guess it wasn’t really worth it. Should have added some music, but i just wasn’t prepared for it. Too bad, i would realy set a mood, if it were right.

A tower has colapsed due to an eartquake, and this poor little guy was standing a little too close. He can try to escape but eventualy he going to be crushed. Might as well have some fun with him. The idea was, that it would look funny as the game pauses when he trips, so the player could realy enjoy the expression on his face.

Here is the linux (Fedora 9) executable. Not sure what are the dependencies, probably just SDL.


Here is the Eclipse project, source code, gimp files and everything i created in the process.

The picture( a bit late :) ):

Tau tower

EDIT: Windows Port

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