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End Of Day 2

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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 7:50 pm

No need for another screen, it would look almost identical to the last.  But big big progress.  It’s almost entirely done, and I’m quitting for the night.  Now, you can walk around in the world, pick up and drop items, and create new rooms.  The new rooms even include riddles and the use of items, and new items in them.  Riddles and using items are not implemented, but the presence of new items is.  The remaining stuff is probably an hour’s work.  Then clean up, polish, security enhancements (the big issue with doing a webgame as opposed to a single player one!), and it’s all done.  That’s going to be the best part – seeing people stuff it full of new rooms and insanity.  This is a really simple project, but it’s going to be a fun one!


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Saturday, February 23rd, 2008 8:22 am

Here are all the things I can remember of the million I considered for this ridiculous theme (Weird/Unexpected/Surprise):

– Plan a surprise party. The challenge is getting it all done and everyone hidden before the victim returns from being kept out

– Whack-a-mole variations. One of them a surprise party one (wife’s idea): Kids you have to keep whacking into place so they aren’t visible when the surprisee arrives, as they constantly fidget and want to get up.

– A mountain goat hopping around on a mountain, trying to scare birds. No, I don’t know why. I just thought controlling a mountain goat that hops around would be fun.

– A stealth game where your goal is to sneak up on people and give them presents or some other surprise. I realized after a moment that this is that one Burger King game.

– A web version of Scattergories. You’re given a letter and a topic (“Actors that start with A”). You can enter 5 things that fit, and you get points for each one you pick that nobody else did. See how that fits the theme? It’s quite clever. The real challenge here is incorporating peer review so that you can’t just enter “GHJDKHS” and win.

Anyway, I have settled on a web game, sort of similar to Andy Schatz’s conversation game. It’s a text adventure where you roam around a maze, and when you get to an empty room, you can add your own on. That will undoubtedly result in weird, unexpected surprises. Each room can contain a riddle to open one of its doors, the content of which is entirely up to the room builder.

Obviously, verifying the appropriateness of submissions will be a high priority.

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