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Mr Sunshin aka sunrain – SummerGameJam

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Saturday, July 26th, 2014 8:03 pm


Mr Sunshin aka sunrain was created over the weekend for the SummerGameJam.

I’m pleased to say that all art assets used were created during the jam. Scripts were reused, but reworked.

Game Development Process

The process began with a felt sketch on white paper. A sunshine, or should I say – Mr Sunshine (later corrected to Mr Sunshin). Some character sketches were also produced but these were not used as reference. A felt drawing that Dolly drew was used for reference when modeling the player character  in Blender. Mr Sunshin was also modeled – with a range of shapes and tips.  Export models into Unity3d. Create scenes with models – add scripts and lighting.

Go back and produced digital paintings in GIMP, using the 3d scenes  as inspiration. This painting was added to the game.

After sleep and food – modeling in Blender took place again. This time it was to create some storm clouds and lightning. These were created and added to the game.

At this point I cleaned everything up, made sure it was working alright.

I had started to add a admission half way into the game – same idea as the title screen where you have to click (or even better – collide) to move onto the next level.

The game is very quick – each scene lasts 5 seconds, but that’s all you really need to experience. The camera can’t move, there is limited interaction anyway (only clicking to move characters).

I hope you enjoy the game.





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