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LD26 Summary!

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Saturday, May 25th, 2013 4:54 pm

This Ludum Dare was a great one, and I have to thank everyone who participated and rated my entry!

This time around I made a First Person Shooter called Complexity.


Here’s the post-mortem for a summary of how I spent my time!

From Potatos to the final moments, the competition was astounding in every way! And now… the results:

#230 Humor 2.81
#374 Audio 3.00
#581 Fun 2.96
#664 Overall 3.07
#770 Graphics 2.75
#790 Innovation 2.82
#816 Mood 2.62
#831 Theme 3.25
#1411 Coolness 45%

Alright, so apparently my game was… funny. Well the end boss was pretty funny… and it has…

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 9.56.41 PM

I mean seriously… I didn’t even bother to draw a parachute on the character… so you kinda just… land.

Anyways next best was audio. I did work hard on the music and sound effects, but I don’t really think they were as unique as some of my other sounds. Now “fun” was the thing I was trying to achieve most on this one, just like most of my LD’s. I really tried to make movement and animations as smooth as possible and rewards for hitting the enemies. I realize the game is a little difficult at points… mainly because of spawning issues… but the quick respawns and the fact that advancing in the level is pretty easy make the game easy to enjoy. Skipping overall and going straight to graphics, I think this was another problem I had in my other games. I always use basic shapes for my enemies and levels (which probably won’t change due to the amount of time given) but this time I wanted the enemies to look a little more… animated… than previously. I really tried, but failed to make the game look as good my LD23 entry, Invasion Of The Trivials. I know why I failed to accomplish this: I didn’t have enough time due to places I had to be during the weekend. Regrets aside, I can safely say the results are pretty accurate, except for maybe humor…

Thanks again for everything, you guys rock!

Happy gaming, Ludum Dare! <3




Mini Ludum Dare 37 Gallery

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Sunday, October 7th, 2012 7:42 am

Please have a look at this gallery from nearly all the entries for the Mini Ludum Dare 37.

Bigger versions of the screenshots and a short summary can be found on my blog:

I hope you all enjoyed the themes “not-games” and “real real-time” as much as I did. I wanted people to think about the rigid definitions of what games are and if those definitions even are necessary to create interesting and compelling experiences. And yes, most of the entrants succeeded in surprising and entertaining me – for that I want to thank you all, and also for forgiving the somewhat too long theme announcement.

AVOIDAL Summary and Post Mortem

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010 9:22 am



AVOIDAL page here on Ludum Dare (for rating and comments!)

Gameplay Trailer (watch me score 1.5 million points!)


Play the LD48 Official Compo Version of AVOIDAL

Play the Post Compo Version

I had a lot of fun this Ludum Dare! After missing the past few it was good to participate again for sure. I’ve never done one of these post mortem entries but I enjoy reading the other ones people post so I thought I’d take a crack at it.


You can read my detailed post mortem below:


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