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Finding Home - Storybook game by Alex Bezuska

I had a really great time working on this project, I went into the jam wanting to test my solo skills.

I had never made a jam game entirely by myself before, I usually do most of the art for the games I work on.
I created this game with SuperPowers which is uses HTML5, WebGL, and JavaScript.

Finding Home - Storybook game by Alex Bezuska

Finding Home - Storybook game by Alex Bezuska


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Finding Home - Storybook game by Alex Bezuska




The story of our game

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Thursday, December 15th, 2016 12:20 pm

Folks are asking us – what the hell is going on in our game. Well, it turns out that many of you haven’t read original story the game is based on.
So, let us tell you what it is all about.

The protagonist, young priest, is locked in the village chapel to save dead beauty’s soul from the evil spirits. But in the midnight all evil spirits are materializing, so protagonist have to fight ’em and save the beauty’s soul.



Checkout our entry here

The Tomb Devlog #3: Progress, Progress, Progress!

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Sunday, December 11th, 2016 4:37 pm


Happy Sunday! Here’s a quick update on The Tomb.

As mentioned in prior posts, this is my first ever game jam that I’ve participated in! I’ve organized two, but never participated — and now that changes!

Building The Tomb has been a refreshing challenge in containing scope, which puts all those production skills I claim to have to the test. ­čśë

We’ve already had to cut down a few ideas such that we would have more time for testing and implementation; scope is a funny thing, but especially in such a short time.

Here’s a brief look at where we are right now, with a more in-depth final post coming tomorrow morning after we wrap the project up for submission!


This is a weird smorgasbord of our animation, characters, UI, dialogue system, and key room environment all in one place!

We’ve also got sound FX and UI sourced via Creative Commons 0 files (so no audio category for us in judging, regrettably!), and all scenes are set up. Now we’re doing final implementation and jumping into polishing and testing!

Tomorrow, we’ll have way more context on what this strange idea is, as well as an in-depth look at the entire experience.

Just remember: Death comes for us all!


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Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 7:18 am

Echoes of the Forest – Thanks for the Feedbacks!

Friday, April 24th, 2015 9:14 am

Hi guys, here is the game artist talking and I wanna have a lill’ speak with you!
I need to thank you for all the feedbacks you guys gave to our game!
It is really important to us!


I’m willing to make some upgrades on the game, such as add sprite animation on the protagonist (actualy, just theenemy have it)


Also, I wanna make some alteration on the scenery ­čśÇ
I’m starting to put my hands on Unity to adjust art stuff, but I’m afraid to screw it all (I’m not good with programming). That’s why I’m taking it eeeeasy, step by step ­čśŤ
I wanna learn more about particlles and effects cause I love to work on mood and ambientation.
Well, cya in the next post haha (maybe with the alterations done already)

If you don’t know this game already and are interested, take a look on:
Echoes of the Forest


Girl from the north country

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Sunday, April 19th, 2015 7:02 pm

Hey everyone, just finished my first compo entry ever, I figured I’d make a post so my user page would be created.

I made a small interactive story, I’m not sure what to call it, but I’d like to play things like this more often.


It didn’t turn out the way I wanted too, but it’s OK for a first crack at this.

Thanks for reading!


PS: I should start earlier.

How do you tackle story in a Ludum Dare compo?

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Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 1:41 pm

Something that’s bothering me at the moment (as a newbie to LD) is that story takes a long time to write and to integrate into games. To make a story in a game you usually need dialogue screens which take a bit of time and care to code and you might need specific animations for certain characters or events during ‘cut scene’ like moments which can be very time consuming. Then there’s actually coming up a with a good story and developing characters, presenting a story arc etc to add to that time requirement.

How do you get a story into a LD compo game and still convey that story well in such a limited time frame?

Ludum Dare Results!

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Friday, October 3rd, 2014 9:16 am

Hey guys, I am Nemo one of the game developer within HundredHundred. Recently, well a year a go I decided to start writing up a blog about becoming a better game developer. After submitting my first game for Ludum Dare 30, I was able to learn a lot of positive experience, and I want to share my story and my experiences with you guys, fellow game developers like myself. So if you have time have a read, you never know you might just find it interesting : ]

TimeLapse and how our game idea evolved

Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 9:31 am

Here is one of our programmers timelapse.

And our designer timelapses

Plus a little retrospect on how things went(Postmortem comes little bit later)
On day one, we gathered up on Saturday and spend first I think 4 hours writing ideas in to a Google Doc, and then going over them discussing.
We had plenty of funny ideas on a level of a story. But none were exactly that good in terms of game play idea.

We decided, why not to use all of them and make a quest game :) And so we did. Or at least started.

Idea was that you have only one day of life left, and at the end of it you die and go to hell or haven(or may be even other options).
Idea was to have linear quests, aka go there fetch that, with characters and other interactive items and some funny stories that effect where you end up in the end.

Then second day of compo came. By that time it was clear we are behind the scheduled so we did first pivot.
We decided that we will have kinda 4 story lines and which you play is random. First random element was on who you are. If you are atheist, satanist or some other not exactly haven material guy you actually want to go to hell(to hang around with atheists and other cool people). Or you do want to go to haven(such a cliche these days :D).
Anyways, second random element is which quest we give you, which determines if you win or loose. Soo, you may want to go to haven, you get a quest to help a child, but trough quest end up ruining his childhood and go to hell in the end :)

Then 3rd day came. We have day jobs so we gathered at 6pm to finis it up. And we worked till 5:30am considering some had a job to go to at 9am -_-
By now we decided to do another pivot. It would not change much, just make more use of content we had. Ida was to use Giant Turnip fairy tail as example

Basically ideas is that instead of “go there fetch that” all characters run with you. It saves time and leads to some funny combinations. All we needed was to add reactions of characters and achievements based combinations you got.
And we do have some such achievements there, like stopped zombie apocalypse, ruined childhood or stolen Christmas :)

That’s I think it, we would be thankful if you went and rated our game ­čśë And may be have idea how to improve it too?

Our game

Our game

Grasshopper, Post-mortem

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Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 3:39 am

This was my 5th Ludum Dare 48 and the 3rd time I actually submitted a game, so that alone made me happy =).

For the first time in LD I didn’t have any stress and the design phase didn’t feel like “endless grind”, which for some reason usually happens for me.
This was also the very first time I’ve ever used Love2D and Lua for well, anything, and I really learned valuable things in just one short weekend (actually made me order the Programming in Lua third edition to help me integrate Lua scripting to my work-in-progress engine).

In general this was the most fun I’ve had in LD ever, I’m very satisfied with my game, mainly because of the earlier mentioned “no stress” approach and that the tools were new to me.

The finalized game

The short story
I woke up at 06:15 Saturday. The theme was announced 05:00 Finnish time, but I’ve learned from previous LD’s that it is much better wake up well rested even though it means hour or few head start for other than to wake up feeling like you know what and just forcing yourself to design.

When I noticed that the theme was minimalism I immediately knew that I wanted to be shown in the game-play itself rather than just graphics or audio-visuals in general.
Took me a good few hours to get the design down, and at first I kinda doubted it, but when I started to actually working on the development I grew more fond with it.

The coding went fairly well even tough working on a new language always poses its own difficulties. If I could change 1 single thing from Lua I’d definitely would prefer that variables and functions would need to be declared before used. This might be just because of my own sloppiness, but I had few occasions where I had typoed some name and the error didn’t pop up until much later.

Art has always been my main nemesis especially when the schedule is tight. I just can’t do it. The game only has 2 distinct tiles (and few variations of them) and a few sprites, yet making the art took about 3 times as long as the coding… not good!

Music is along with coding my other passion and I had a real blast making the “main theme” for the game. I had this strange inspiration/”image” in my head of a sad Russian cartoon when composing the song and I think the music kinda fits that. I’m not saying the music is any good, but the fun alone I had making it, made it very worth while.

The Good

  • No-Stress approach, having much more fun, which echoed itself in to the end result I belive
  • Learning new tech gave the event even more meaning for me, which helped me motivate myself
  • Simplistic design, which could’ve been easily expanded if I so should’ve desired
  • The bad

  • Art, as usual, takes way too much time for me and the result itself does not justify the time spent
  • The verdict
    Not even knowing (or really caring about) the results yet I can say that this was the best LD I’ve had so far!

    Some screenshots from development
    Coding in Geany, a great editor for Linux & Windows
    Composing in TuxGuitar

    EDIT: Ofc I forgot to link the game in the post, so here it is: Grasshopper

    Gems of the Evolving Land – postmortem

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    Saturday, September 1st, 2012 5:30 pm

    This is the first time I really finished a game for the compo and I am myself satisfied with it, so it deservs a postmortem! :) (more…)

    [ play the game ]

    I wanted to make a game that focused on the story for once.┬áI really like writing dialogue for games, but it’s hard to justify taking the time to write a good story during a game jam. That’s probably why I don’t do it too often, but it’s still fun.

    The story for Rise of the Morbels is based on one of the plots from Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by Douglas Adams. The character’s name is a reference to Samuel Taylor-Coleridge, whose “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” was supposed to be about this event.┬áThe story is delivered in voiceover that plays while you have control of the character, to avoid that “wall of text” feeling. I feel like this was a good choice, and it contributed pretty well to the feel of the game.

    The sound quality’s not great, but I’m really happy with how the audio turned out, given that my last game had no audio whatsoever. This was the first time I’ve ever incorporated any voiceover into a game, and I think it actually sounds pretty good, even though I usually dislike my own voice. Speeding it up by 15% makes a huge difference, I guess. This was also the first time I’ve ever composed music for a game. Even though it’s just four notes, I feel like it’s appropriate for the mood, especially since I don’t know anything at all about composition. Combined with some creepy sound effects, it’s not bad.

    For the most part, the audio work went smoothly. The music only took a few minutes, and I got five minutes of dialogue in less than an hour. I did have a technical glitch at the end, though. Every line of dialogue is a separate sound file, so you have to download 89 ogg files for this game. About an hour before the deadline, this was causing Chrome to crash. I managed to avoid it by downsampling some of the sound effects, but it was really tense for a while.

    Of course, every minute spent on story or audio is a minute not spent on gameplay, so I knew that I would be making sacrifices here. It’s not the most fun or replayable game I’ve ever made, but I may talk about that in another post.

    Game Console Story (Day 2 – First Half-Day)

    Posted by (twitter: @Eldaryze)
    Sunday, August 26th, 2012 5:47 am

    3/4 of the time limit has passed, but I think to be on time.
    My game progresses gradually, here the current state of progress :


    I just have to finish the code then i’ll can compose a music and┬áenhance┬áthe graphics.

    Game Console Story (Day 1 – Second Half-Day)

    Posted by (twitter: @Eldaryze)
    Saturday, August 25th, 2012 6:03 pm

    So, what’s new after another half-day ?

    – I made all the graphic assets. Here are some icons :

    – I’ve done a┬ámock-up (This is not the ┬ánewest, I designed the┬álatest┬áversion on paper)┬á:

    – And a few lines of code. :)

    Game Console Story (Day 1 – First Half-Day)

    Posted by (twitter: @Eldaryze)
    Saturday, August 25th, 2012 6:57 am

    Here is the progress of my game : Game Console Story.
    As this name implies, the game will talk about the evolution of the game consoles.
    It is a “grow game” : you start with the Atari 2600 then you do grow this console using technological advances on it. The goal is to achieve the best console ever.

    I made the organization chart, a bit of code and 2 little assets :


    Eternal Life is finished!

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    Monday, June 18th, 2012 8:33 pm

    It’s done!

    Check it out here:

    This is where Death takes you to visit Metallica in a nursing home:

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