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Saturday, December 14th, 2013 12:22 am

What I have accomplished so far:

Find an idea: I am going to make an arena-battle game where you get only one weapon each round.

Setup: github repo created, engine files copied and basic configuration running.

Spinning wheel: I made a spinning wheel which appears each round but at the moment it just picks a random weapon and does not spin.

Map: The map is generated because my engines (shitty) map editor only works under windows and currently I have not installed BootCamp.

Art: I tried to do some hand drawings but I failed so I use pixel art. The images are heavily oversized at this resolution and I don’t know how big I scale them.

Bildschirmfoto 2013-12-14 um 08.12.02


evolution escape – status #5

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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 7:34 am

We have some cool images on the main menu, and some initial 3D models …

here are the summary of the new features :
– hit from enemies
– new level images on main menu
– respawn of the character after life goes zero
– facebook sharing

to go
– sound effects
– enemies run after character
– textures on the models
– more decoration in the levels

tip on unity web player over HTTPS
When using the unity player on a HTTPS the browser wasn’t able to load the necessary script to make it work, to solve this I just copied the unity script to same folder of the web project, so the script is load under HTTPS and no warning or security issues happens, this took me some hours to figure out !!

here is the last build to test :

now its time to eat !!

Status update: “Morph, Virus, Morph!” v0.2

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 8:30 pm

Find the video of v0.2 on YouTube:

New stuff:

  • the player´s character (a green virus! what surprise!) is now animated.
  • the player can rotate/turn the camera left and right.
  • some red enemies rotate and wait for the player to shoot them.
  • at the far end of the level there is an exit waiting.

To do stuff:

  • Camera moves out of the level walls – ugly, must fix!
  • Enemies want to shoot player badly. Must implement this.
  • Maybe some health bar for the virus? (Do viruses in reality have … health?! Wondering….)
  • Dead enemies must drop “source code artifacts” -> for feeding the virus, so that it can evolve / mutate / grow / level up
  • Some UI for main menu etc (think I will use generic Unity-GUI – ugly, but times running out)
  • Some funny background story.
  • More levels.
  • UI for choosing the power-ups of the morphed virus.
  • Outro.
  • Now: empty the bottle of beer, then sleep a little.

Screenie of “Morph, Virus, Morph!”  v0.2

Morph, Virus, Morph! v0.2

evolution escape – status #3

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Saturday, August 25th, 2012 8:48 am

changed the main menu to allow the user to navigate on the 3 levels, waiting for the 3D assets and reading the facebook integration on moving forward !!

escape the evolution – status #1

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 9:32 pm

First status !!
we decided to create a game where you evolve and then need to scape from your old pairs :) sounds familiar ?

The first scene navigation system is done, so we can go from main menu to the scenes and to the credits, and so on using placeholder images, so my teammate can change for something nice and cool.

here some screenshots and concepts

Status Update #1: Lots and lots of stupid ideas

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Friday, August 19th, 2011 9:36 pm

My game concept came pretty quickly. Setting: dystopian future city. Goal: escape the city. Gameplay: Text-based conversation game. With many, many different ways to actually escape. Some sort of futuristic chat system. Hire people for murder, prostitution, bribery, etc.


Time to sleep. Good night, LD.


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Sunday, April 20th, 2008 10:17 am

Phew. I just got the “AI” system I’ve been working on the last hours to work at least a decently. The enemy ships don’t move totally random anymore, they try to line up so they can hit your ships at least. It’s still really stupid though, especially when close to the screen edges but it’s as good as I’ll bother to make it I think.

I’ve also implemented levels and game-over conditions, a shop where you buy new ships between the levels and done tons of bugfixes/speedups since yesterday. There is still one really annoying bug where the sprites sometimes doesn’t get cleared completely and leave one or two lingering pixels, but I’m sure I’ll figure that out soon.

After that there is mostly fine polishing left to do, the shop screen is very, very minimalistic right now, to the point of not making any sense, the interface graphics could also need some love and after that it’s on to game balancing.

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