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Post-jam version MEGA update!

Posted by (twitter: @@donpastor82)
Friday, September 11th, 2015 1:14 pm

This has been a hard week and I had almost no time to work on my entry. Anyway I’ve been able to add a couple of new features for the post-jam version. You can rate the original jam version HERE and the updated post-jam version HERE.


Who doesn’t love new features?

So far this is the complete changelog:

  • First and last maps have a fixed layout now
  • Levels won’t repeat anymore in a single game (bugfix)
  • Different tilesets depending on depth (I recolored the base tileset as a placeholder for now)
  • Music is streamed instead of preloaded
  • Text appears when picking potions or leveling up. More informative
  • Text is animated now
  • More enemy types
  • Some enemy types are tied to certain depths
  • Touch controls
  • Combat is speed based now. Foes faster than you will atack first
  • Reduced amount of potions appearing
  • Special abilities for players. Troll (regeneration) and Cacodemon (See enemies and ladder) are already implemented
  • Diagonal movement enabled, both for players and enemies
  • Added Field of View for players
  • Foes have an alert radius. They won’t chase you unless they notice your presence
  • Ability to skip turns
  • Many more potion types. Some more useful than others. Also tweaked generation rate for the most powerful ones
  • Ascending will heal you 10HP
  • Changed starting stats for players. Troll is stronger but near-sighted, lizard is fast but weak. Try it yourself!

Still to-do:

  • Finish drawing the tiles
  • Add more songs
  • Poison and burn states
  • Ability for Demon, Imp and Lizard
  • Fix bugs (player appearing over ladders or items on map generation)
  • Adding super rare and difficult special maps

Posted by (twitter: @@donpastor82)
Tuesday, September 1st, 2015 8:43 am

I’m still working on improving my entry, Someone stole the Princess!

Looks like tileset usage based on depth is working. Of course, now I need to actually draw (or look for some CC) new tiles. These are the planned tilesets:

  1. Depth 10 & 9- The Lair
  2. Depth 8 & 7 – The Crystal Caves
  3. Depth 6 & 5 – The Sunken Ship (don’t ask)
  4. Depth 4 & 3 – The Underground Forest
  5. Depth 2 & 1 – The Basement
  6. Depth 0 – The Town
The excellent DawnLike tileset. Just need drawing wall intersections.

The excellent DawnLike tileset. Just need drawing wall intersections.

Once I finish preparing the tiles (I might alternate drawing tiles with programming some of the planned features) I’ll add all these changes to the post-jam version.

More tiles

Posted by (twitter: @@donpastor82)
Monday, August 31st, 2015 4:40 pm

I’m currently working on enabling different sets of tiles based on dungeon depth. Until something failed, of course :-)
You can play and rate my entry HERE

Shit happens

Shit happens

Post-Jam version uploaded

Posted by (twitter: @@donpastor82)
Saturday, August 29th, 2015 10:55 am

Hi! I’ve been working on my entry after the submission date and implementing many of the features suggested by users. While still it is not complete (you’ll find bugs), this is the changelog compared to the original jam entry:

  • Quantity of potions has been reduced.
  • Healing potions nerfed. Now they heal a random amount between 1 and 5 HP.
  • Ascending one floor heals now 15 HP.
  • Implemented FOV (albeit a very simple algorythm).
  • Implemented SPEED (enemies faster than you will deal damage first).
  • Implemented DIAGONALS (smarter enemy movement, ramped up difficulty).
  • Enemies are tied now to certain depths. Ninjas will appear on last two floors.
  • Added Infravision (+1 light radius) and Speed (+1 speed) potions.
  • Added the ability of waiting one turn without moving.
  • Implemented touch controls.
New and shiny version!

New and shiny version!

Still to-do:

  • Proper procedural map generation. Working on it!
  • Mix procedural and hand-created maps. I’d like first map to be the one in the intro. And the last one could be the town over the dungeon. Like in Angband.
  • More different enemy types.
  • Eyecandy: floating numbers, popups, speech bubbles, hit animation.
  • Proper victory and game over screens. Popups are cheap.
  • Proper intro.
  • Different sets of music and tilesets based on depth (mines? underground forest? pirate ship?).
  • Better FOV algorythm.
  • Implementing STATES with cooldown counters, like POISON and BURN.
  • Adding monster abilities (poisonous mist, random laser, autoevade and fury are planned).
  • Of course, adding potions of mutation. Wouldn’t be cool to have several abilities at once?
  • After implementing all of this, balance difficulty. A lot.

And some pro-tips:

  • Don’t let enemies sorround you. You can now be attacked from up to 8 directions first.
  • Use hallways to your advantage.
  • Use skip turn key (S or SPACEBAR) to let foes approach and attack fist.
  • If sorrounded, kill stronger foes first.
  • Before entering a room, evaluate the risks and benefits.
  • If low on HP, run to the stairs! You’ll recover 15 HP.

You can play the post-jam version HERE and the original jam version HERE.

Don’t forget to drop a comment if you liked it!

Speedy update

Posted by (twitter: @@donpastor82)
Thursday, August 27th, 2015 5:56 pm

I’m still working on the post-jam version of Someone stole the Princess!.

So far I have finished implementing the new speed stat. Also added a speed potion (for a grand total of 7 potion types, for now), which adds +1 speed to the player. Speed affects combat, as the speedier character will attack first.

Let’s put the troll as an example: the troll is very strong and has lots of hp, but unless he drinks lots of speed potions he will be hit by enemies before dealing damage.

Another finished feature is different behaviors for enemy types. The ninja, for example, is faster that the player by default and can attack TWICE!!! Luckily for the player that enemy will only appear in the two last floors, where the player should should already be stronger.

Ouch! Ninjas pack a punch now.

Ouch! Ninjas pack a punch now.

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