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1 Hour Left

Posted by (twitter: @carlgraves)
Friday, December 14th, 2012 5:57 pm

I already did a post about this but…:

Codez: Actionscript 3, math, keyboard, NAPE?

Soundz: BFXR

Artz: Adobe Flash CS6, cintiq + mouse

Food: Coffee, Sriracha, Coffee, Dinosours, Coffee, Tea

Sleep: Likely


Not my first LD, but i’m a relative newcomer as this is only my 3rd. I didnt even get close to completion of my first LD and I placed 3rd overall with my game Panspermia in the last one (so no pressure, D:)

Looking to do a couple of firsts this time around. Will more than likely get a Chronolapse going for this ludum dare. Its a timelapse screencapture software. Not going to be livestreaming, its way boring to watch those imo, and i’ll spend too much time getting it set up for it to be worthwhile.

I was debating whether I wanted to flashPunk it up this time. But i decided to just do what i’m 100% comfortable doing, I figure it’s better to spend 1-2 hours rewriting sound, input, and collision for the 1000th time rather than spend 1-2 hours on a forum to learn how to set up textboxes.

Not sure why, but want to try to use NAPE (no idea what the acronym stands for) a HAXE physics engine that is fantastic for as3. No idea what i’d need the physics for, but physics always leads to some fun shitzngiggles.

Best of luck to all,


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