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Five Amazing LD#28 Games You Totally Need to Check Out

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Saturday, December 21st, 2013 12:18 am

Looking for some awesome games to play and rate? Here’s a collection of a few hidden gems I’ve run into that are absolutely brilliant!

1:   You can become only one!!1 – by multikorv


In addition to being an absolutely brilliant concept, this is a shining example of how edutainment/learning games can be fun. If expanded upon, this has the potential to be a fantastic way to teach problem solving and math skills. I would totally drop money on a full version with a level editor/sharable custom levels. The game has a brilliantly paced tutorial and punchy, crisp controls. The way the player accelerates through gates feels so well polished, and the background beat keeps you in the action!

2. Wraith – by AgentParsec


The atmosphere this game creates is simply unreal, and chilling. I was on the edge of my seat while playing the entire time. The textures are a bit on the simplistic side, but do not detract from the distilled, raw feelings the maze elicits. It grips you, and doesn’t let go. It also supports the Oculus Rift, if you have nerves of fricking steel, which is another fantastic touch.

3. Solid Heart – by Dustedge


The game is built upon a very solid mechanic and presents an interesting twist on the action-puzzler genre. There’s a lot of subtle visual polish as well as some challenging level design, which explores the variety of dimensions the “bouncing core” mechanic has to offer. My only complaint would be the slightly slippery physics. There is a lot of potential here for an awesome title with a bit more visual and audio polish. Overall, a solid prototype!

4. John Power – by Anoarith


A well-executed, refreshing take on the “you can only have one power”-style entries. Where John Power succeeds is, in a word, diversity. There are a large variety of powers in the game, but you must choose from a pool of three at the beginning of a level. I finished the game, and immediately wanted more. The finale is beyond words, and plays with the mechanics established in the previous levels in a clever way. Expertly designed.

5. Collector’s Quest – by Crigs


Collector’s Quest has a neat, unique mechanic that is explained wonderfully through level design. There’s also a lot of nice touches that give the player character some charm and personality. Another example of a game that I wouldn’t mind seeing more levels from!

Got some more cool games that are totally rad? Link them below, or post your own list! Let’s highlight the awesome work put out by the thousands of devs that made this jam magical!

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