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Infection Wars

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Sunday, December 2nd, 2007 3:08 am

Infectazine gas going off

splitscreen play

title screen


Infection Wars is a multiplayer game where you use an “infectatron” vehicle to bring a population of “protoplasmoid” objects over to your color. There is a (fairly dim) AI to play against, but it’s best if you’re playing splitscreen head-to-head with one or more humans. It supports up to 4 players (with multiple joysticks/gamepads, preferably, or keyboard, or mouse).

It was written using PyGame (no OpenGL), and was my first game development contest entry. For a while, I had been driving around with a license plate holder based on the game.

This came in 9th in both innovation and completeness. I’m still rather pleased at how this game turned out – it’s a pretty simple game with some easy-to-understand but unusual mechanics. A few more hours could be spent on the game to fix a few shortcomings, including the fact that sometimes the protoplasmoids get hung up on walls, and that the AI is regrettably (and nigh-unplayably) dim.

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