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First hours and it starts to shape :V

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016 8:50 am

5 hours later, I’m starting to see some light. I’ve started late, mainly because the time zone (I’m from Spain). This is the second time I develop for the Ludum Dare, and the first time I do it solo (time will tell if I can arrive for the compo deadline or if I will give me some time and external resources for the jam).

Shapeshift was one of the themes I did not like from the beggining, too many work to do some early ideas I had when I saw the theme. Then, I’ve spent the first hour and a half brainstorming like hell to find ideas that will be easy enough for a programmer to implement, and more important, to draw… because programmer art, you know.

Finally I’ve decided to make something inspired by Hexagon and it’s dodge mechanic but technically simpler.

The initial idea for the game is simple. You are in a laberinth like level and you can move around. In the background you can see another level, and when a short countdown beats, the background map will switch to the front. If you are in a clear tile, you can continue, if not, you’re dead. The more time you stand, the faster levels will switch. Will you be able to move fast enough to adapt?

Next you can see a first sketch of how it will look like, black walls, transparent floor and in the background the next level. You are the red circle and the line shows a “correct movement”.


I had some technical difficulties because I use a custom engine from a friend of mine and teammate on the last LD and I’m not used to it, but now I have a level loaded and I can move around. Next stop, level switch mechanic.

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