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    Cosmic Conqueror – Post Mortem

    Posted by
    Thursday, September 4th, 2014 4:10 pm

    Cosmic Conqueror: A Radical Imperialistic Space Adventure



    Play Here!


    Cosmic Conqueror is a space exploration game we did for the jam and worked pretty much until the last minute on. We’re happy how it came out and we enjoy the concept so much that we’re actually gonna keep working on the game past Ludum Dare, we’ve already added a bunch of features! (But I’ll touch back on that later)

    How It Started: The game started with a base concept, explore planets, kill the aliens, get followers and make money. We didn’t really have an endgame goal for the game and we probably should have, instead the goal was just to collect as much money as you possibly could, which ended up pretty alright. We had a difficult time coming up with ideas for a game initially, we shied away from two world puzzle concepts and deep personal type games. We just wanted something simple and engaging, so what’s better then cosmic dominance? We discussed our planetary concept ideas and quickly got to work, we started within the first hour or so of the jam.


    Ending Rush: At the end we finished up bridge building to connect the planets (which makes you more money) which was a bit of a challenge. We had to get the bridges connecting properly and menus in within about 6 hours and everything was coming to a sudden end, it was late at night, we hadn’t slept the night before, and we knew we had to iron these things out before we could release, so we got to work. Gage worked on getting the bridges to connect properly while I finished up some miscellaneous graphics. Finally the bridges were done with about an hour left, and us tired ready to submit dudes still had to make a menu; so we just quickly slapped together a somewhat buggy menu and it was good to go! Our submission was complete, and we were pretty excited about it!


    POST LD: We released a post LD submission on the page a day later fixing some bugs with menus and bridges and it helped out quite a bit, we felt pretty good about it at that point. We’re still working on it now, fixing bugs, adding cool new things and expanding it quite a bit to make it into a real game! It’s a really neat project and we are very excited about it. Isn’t space just totally cool?

    And, if you have any interest in what’s gonna happen to the game, you can follow us on twitter.
    Programming: @MunkeeBacon
    Art: @KeatonRMoody

    Gimbal Fighter: Bring out the shock paddles

    Posted by
    Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014 2:22 pm

    Well, things have gotten a little tough around here, but we are still at it! After a nice long break, we are coming back at it with full strength


    Gimbal ship

    Items that we’ve integrated since last time:

    • Warp Gate Health
    • Better Heat-Seeker dynamics
    • New enemy ship “Striker” – designed to destroy warp gates

    Items that we would like to add for next time:

    • New enemy Drone: Small-fry pesky little ship
    • player lock-on seekers
    • warp tunnels

    Items that we would like to add next-next-next-next….. time:

    • improved Holo- UI
    • Storyline and progressive intro levels
    • full strategy map with Enemy army AI

    In the mean-time, please feel free to check out our latest version in the (Post-Jam) link

    (Please remember to not vote based on this update, this is a post-submission update, but we would appreciate your thoughts!)

    Link to Gimbal Fighter!

    Delta Spaceline (trading game)

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/damrem)
    Monday, September 1st, 2014 7:38 am

    Howdy everyone!

    A quick post to invite you to play and rate my game, Delta Space Line, a trading game.

    Your goal is to gather 10,000 credits in a minimal number of travels.

    Delta Spaceline

    To do so, you control a ship with 6 slots (right sidebar) that you can fill with merchandizes and passengers.

    Hovering a planet shows you the exchange rate of the 4 types of merchandize (food, metal, weapon, crystal). It should help you making money by buying goods at a cheap price (the current planet market is shown in the left sidebar), then selling them at a better price on planets where the demand is higher.

    In addition to goods trading, carrying passengers can help you optimize your moves by filling the empty cargo slots. Passengers pay their journey and take off your ship as soon as they reach their destination.

    Counting on you guys for feedback, even negative…

    I hope you’ll enjoy!

    Planetoid Pilgrim – POSTMORTEM: Space Exploration and Morality Experiment

    Posted by
    Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 5:14 am


    Hello, everyone! I’m Shaquille Stoutamire (Defacid/Acid) and I had a lot of fun with Ludum Dare this year! I’m really excited that, even though I still had a lot going on, I managed to finish my entry! It’s not as fleshed out as I wanted it to be, but I submitted it in time… with a whole minute to spare!


    – Randomly generated worlds with terrain and plantlife variations

    – Pretty decent gravity and rocket physics (there are definitely bugs, but it’s relatively solid)

    – Basis to a leveling system


    – Fleshing out the level system to actually DO something

    – Adding outposts and environmental interactions like gathering resources and using them to survive

    – Spending too much time on the planet generation: I had already build a similar system before, funnily enough for a previous Ludum Dare, but I ran into an error didn’t want to look at it or use that code base – when I do a game jam, I like to work from scratch in the engine/IDE that I’m using. Next time, even if I’m not going to copy and paste, I’ll at least look. :P

    – Actually fleshing out the morality element. Right now, the player themselves has to ask the question of “Why am I killing these little guys?” when experience doesn’t change anything about the gameplay. But I wanted to actually add something of value to the mix like planets losing color saturation when you kill enemies, but you get something in return so you have to weigh whether or not it’s worth it to kill these defenseless little guys.

    – Clearing my schedule for the event. It was unavoidable (school, watching my son, my car broke down haha) but it still definitely hurt my game. I lost AT LEAST 24 hours due to obligations and 8 to sleeping. So I ended up with about 12 or so game dev hours at the maximum. :(

    I’m going to port my game to HTML5 within the next day so that more people will play it! But within the next 20 days, I’m going to play as many other compo entries as possible! I will make sure to play and rate every game of every person who rates and comments on my game.


    Posted by
    Tuesday, August 26th, 2014 11:10 am

    Click To Play

    Cosmic Conga Title

    Cosmic Conga Screenshot

    Cosmic Conga is a fast paced strategy game that may… or may not be, balanced :P

    Most of the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive (thanks everyone!) with the one exception of a psychotically insane AI difficulty.

    Fancy a challenge? Try and beat the original LD submission Play [Web]

    Sick of that stupid AI? Try our brand spanking new ‘balanced’ version Play Balanced [Web]

    I stress ‘balanced’ as I’ve spent so much time testing this build I’m not entirely sure what constitutes ‘difficult’ anymore :P

    Thanks to everyone who helps make Ludum Dare possible,

    And congrats to everyone who submitted, the entries keep getting better every time.


    Click To Play

    telecaster – exploration space game

    Posted by
    Monday, August 25th, 2014 8:39 pm


    Telecaster is a game where you click Planets to Telecast to them in your Ship. Once abroad, various local effects occur that affect your mission. The goal is to acquire as many resources as possible in your exploration of all castable planets. 

    Written in ImpactJS using an old template (Hence why this is a Jam) 

    EDIT: (8-24-14 1:50pm PST) Way more to do, way more planets, better sprites, tons of kind-of-instructive text! 
    You take your crew on an epic voyage through the telecaster, embarking on strange new worlds and frequently being sought out by the local wildlife. You are are a voyage to get as many Crystals as possible, they are required by your civilization to survive. If your crew dies, your fuel runs out, or your hull gets destroyed: You and your people lose. Winning is simply a trade off between the long sought out Crystals and the precious (but expendable) lives of your crew. Post screenshots of your high score with a brief bio of your Captain for a chance to be included in the next round of new planets! 


    And also a reddit link!


    Space Battle SoundCloud

    Posted by (twitter: @quaIiaa)
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014 3:20 pm
    Song: Space Battle

    Song: Space Battle

    Explore space!

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014 6:37 am

    That’s how our space exploration idle game looks like at the moment. You will be able to manage ressource and population production, research space travel and discover new stuff!

    Space Exploration Idle Game

    Progress at start of Day 2

    Posted by
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014 4:38 am
    So, I finished day one, got some sleep (okay, maybe a lot of sleep), and now I’m ready for Day 2.
    I’m really basically done already, now it’s just time for polish (can’t have missiles just popping from one place to another and call it ‘teleporting’), more effects, and so on. Also need to build a UI for the win/lose screen, the intro and title screen.

    Going to space!

    Posted by (twitter: @@MechanicMoon)
    Sunday, August 24th, 2014 2:42 am

    Greetings from Mechanic Moon Studio!

    We are now working on a brand new project for this #LD30. Our temporal title is “Star Tycoons” and with this game we want to create a space simulator centered on planetary commerce.
    Sounds awesome isn’t it? Let´s get into business!

    Players will take control of one of the two main corporations who rules one planet with the purpose of monopolize the passanger and cargo transport market. In order to do so, players will conquer moons and establish trade routes between them. Did I mention that there is a huge neutral space station in the middle?

    If you want to win this game you will have the chance of hiring transport spaceships to trade three different resources. Remember that laws of offer and supply will apply here, do your best to make your colony prosper or perish!


    Our develop Schedule is the following:

    -Saturday: In one hand main graphic design was made but on the other hand we achieve a big leap in coding and GIU. For example, we already have emerging and moving windows on the main screen.

    -Sunday: It´s time to create the path between planets and moons as well as the planetary development issues such as trade ports and satellites. In a second step we will implement the resource trade system. Lastly (and hopefully) we will develop the enemy corporation AI system.

    – Monday: Dynamic and random events so you cannot expect what is coming next. And if our brains didn’t melt it would be the time to test and implement several of the past tasks as well as implementation of final art and sounds/music to the game.

    Stay tuned for more information about our Project. We are really thrilled about this! Space, were going to the space!

    Space Trading Game

    Posted by (twitter: @https://twitter.com/damrem)
    Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 7:07 pm

    Screenshot at halftime

    I decided to take part in LD30 a bit late, but here it goes… I am making a space trading game using Haxeflixel under Flash Develop.

    My main issue now is the inventory management, that I did not forethink enough, so I will have to refactor things towards more mapping. I feel like haxe enums and typedef would be useful here, but 2 days are not enough to play with those… Since I got stuck tonight, did work on the GFX and the UI.

    I guess I won’t be able to make the original plan, which was to have several ships to manage, to transport people as well as goods, and to defend against space pirates…But got to cut things off! At least, I hope I’ll have time to add some more merchandizes and GFX.

    Good night to all, and rest well before day #2!

    I’m Back!, And Starting a new project(NEED YOUR IDEAS!!!!)

    Posted by (twitter: @JammyJames123)
    Thursday, July 31st, 2014 2:07 am

    Hi guys and gals, I am back. After my extremely long time away from game dev xD. But yeah, I am working on a new game. Called Space Life(Don’t know if that is already taken but I don’t think it is) it is a 2D clone of 0x10c( “nought to the ten c” ) which “Was” a project notch was working on before he scrapped it and said he would rather work on small games. Although, it has the communtities touch to it. It is set very far into the future. Too many numbers for my brain to remember xD.

    But yeah, I was thinking if you guys could give me any ideas on the game-play. Remember this game is set in the future, so please don’t add anything like “Wooden Slingshot” xD. Also, the game is a RPG(Role-Playing game). Just to keep that in mind. So the game will vary in classes, races, skills, vehicles, weapons, personalities, planets ETC. The game also features an on-board computer(Like notches D-CPU, only that it is more futuristic and no-way features any of notches storyline ETC). So here is a thing of things you guys could possibly add to it:

    • Races(E.G. Humanoid, other “Off-world” species)
    • Classes(E.G. Smuggler, Soldier, Civilian,  rogue, pilot, what ever you can think of :P)
    • Planets(E.G.I plan having a lot of these, so every type of player can “Fit” into the game)
    • Random Encounters(E.G. Ship failures, Smuggler raids on your ship, going into a black hole)
    • Currencies(Different types for different planets)
    • Languages(For different races/species)
    • Weapons(Guns, Ranged, Melee(Any type of weapon))
    • Background stories of Characters and planets
    • Types of Music people listen to in the world
    • Food
    • Drink
    • Dating system(E.G. Calendars, time keeping(How is this done on different planets?)
    • Anything else you would like to add

    Remember, I want the game to be everyone’s idea. You guys can shape the world, add things, remove things ETC. Just no bad things…



    The help is REALLY appreciated :D :D :D

    -James(The guy’s post you wasted like 3 mins of your life on)

    P.S. You can also mail me at [email protected] if you have any further queries or things you would like to add.

    Games I liked so far!

    Posted by (twitter: @@fox_in_soxx)
    Sunday, May 4th, 2014 12:32 pm

    It’s hard to belive, but it’s not even a week after we finished our work on Losing it and moved on with our lives. Bud even after the three days of development, Ludum Dare didn’t end for me. Quite the opposite. I started checking different games from other creators and damn… There are really many great game developers.

    I saddens me, that I will never be able to try all of the 2497 entries, but I can just hope, that the community really chooses the best among the bests.

    So till now, I tried and played more than 50 entries. I know that’s nothing compared to other users, but taking in account my busy life, it’s more than I expected. And I thought it would be nice to choose few of the games I enjoyed the most and let other people know about these little masterpieces. It’s easy for a really well made game to get lost in the sea of other entries, so I took my time and decided to introduce you to a handful of creations I enjoyed: (Not in particular order)

    1. A happy place

    – More of an atmospheric experience than a classic form of a game, but if you don’t mind these kind of projects, you can’t go wrong with A happy place. This, again, is something I would describe as illustration of interactive art, but I let you decide on this matter.



    – Short, fun and impressively polished. This 3D experince puts you in the role of a sculptor, who tries to carve an alephant from a stone cube. The truth is, you are not really carving into the stone, but rather trying to get rid of the stone parts covering the elephant. But watch out. You can’t hit the sculpture itself, so your destruction can become a bit tricky. Extremely fun!


    3. Planet Corp

    – I have no idea how the guys managed to finish a game so polished, but Planet Corp is fun, pretty and even well designed. It doesn’t come with any amazingly innovative ideas, but enhances old concepts and makes them fresh. Definitely a nice entry.


    4. Ridiculous Glitchez

    – It’s hard to get into the gameplay at the beginning, but once you get used to it, you are rewarded with fun and catchy mechanics. I admit, I am very fond of shiny and chaotic effects, but if they don’t hurt your eyes, you will enjoy a very appealing experience. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely worth a try!


    5. Yojimbrawl!

    Grab a friend and try this crazy 2-player fighter. A combination of classic fighter genre and a little bit of Nidhogg makes this game a unique title. Multiplayer entries get easily lost in the heap, but this one is worth your time.


    So, thanks for checking this list and give those cool games a try! They totally deserve it!

    Space: It’s So Hot Right Now

    Posted by (twitter: @franklinwebber)
    Sunday, January 5th, 2014 10:52 am

    Space is so hot right now. I recently purchased a NASA shirt from Target, the movie Gravity came out, I was playing through Strike Suit Zero and Lady Gaga is talking about performing in space. All of this inspired me to compose a few tracks with Space in mind.

    Planet Landing


    The album is a single continuous song with a slow, atmospheric start that transitions into tension filled tracks and others with driving beats. All of the music is free to use in your games with attribution. And if you do use a song: message me (@franklinwebber); I would love to see your work.



    During the long car rides, to see relatives, I drew 32×32 images to accompany each of the tracks. It was great fun. My first foray into the world of pixel art.

    Captain at His Chair

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