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Self-taught game design: let’s learn it together!

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Monday, January 4th, 2016 8:48 pm

It seems that years have passed, but it was about one month ago that we developed the first prototype of Deep Hunt for Ludum Dare 34. We were four guys with one dream: develop our first video game even having little or no knowledge in game design, software development, graphic design, project management or marketing.

Yay! Our first game!


We had 72 hours to start studying these topics, come up with an idea and make it playable:

and we did it (play ludum dare version in here), we made our procedural dungeon with sonar-based orientation game!




Deep Hunt 4Deep Hunt Feedback

red pill studioAfter this crazy weekend filled by online tutorials and coffee, you can imagine how motivated we got when the game was submitted and the positive feedback came. It was the kick-start we needed to start the Red Pill Gamedev.
Our mission? Not only become professional game developers, but also share our learning with those who have the same passion for game design. I’ll make sure to post in my blog every single new information we discover during this journey and make it an useful tool for those who wish to develop new skills with us. I’ll try to make your path easier than it was for me and assure we evolve together.

Our first goal? Polish Deep Hunt, our first project, to a publishing-level.

deep hunt 3deep hunt 2

Our progress so far? After one month dealing with our jobs and social lives, we found enough time to finish the Alpha version. Now, depending on the feedback, we will put some improvements in practice: skill-tree upgrades, new enemies, new behaviors, improved graphics, conversion to Unity, better mobile version and more.


You can play our post-ludum-dare Alpha version on your browser for free!

What about you? How did you start in Game Development? Comment on our blog and read more articles about Game Design, Production, Programming, and more: How I came to be a game maker


Mmap mini maps is now a Ludum Deal

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Thursday, August 21st, 2014 6:11 pm

Hey everyone.  Do you use GameMaker Studio?  Do you need a really good mini map add-on for your 2D game?  One that can simulate a radar or sonar as well as a basic map?

My first Marketplace asset, mmap mini maps, is on sale for Ludum Dare 30 weekend.  Regularly $4.99, now just $1.99.  Sale price is good now through Sunday.

To see what it’s like, I have a live HTML5 demo which shows off some of its power and flexibility.

It’s beautifully coded, fully commented and documented, totally configurable, powerful, and flexible.  Even if you don’t have a use for a mini map in your project, it’s worth buying just to have a look at the source code.

mmap mini maps

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