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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 3:22 pm

Well, I got my particle system in, next up is fire particles.

Shown here is a grateful settlement of jumping whatevers I’ll get to draw tomorrow.

See you in the morning!


Now we got houses!!!

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Sunday, December 13th, 2015 12:10 am

Houses are so awsome!! Dont u think?


Have na idea to improve it? Comment here 😉

Totes In!

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Friday, December 5th, 2014 6:44 pm

My wonderful wife Kristin and I will be participating in Ludum Dare as a team. She’ll be handling art and design and I’ll be focusing on the code. No definite plans for tools yet, but it looks like she’ll mostly be using Adobe Illustrator and I’ll either be using Unity or Brackets as an IDE with rendering via PixiJS.

Good luck everyone! #snowmanjam

It is done !

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Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 4:06 pm

Finished the bug hunting plus minor tweaking ( like volume control)

You can check my game in the list :

There is a secret level to be found ! Don’t hesitate to comment if you find it but don’t say how you get there so everyone can search for themselves.

The quality of the background vary from levels. I admit I am really not good at graphics :)

Snowroller Final

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 3:30 pm

Wow, “finished” the game with more than an hour left. Very simple gameplay, but at least playable in a couple of minutes (I hope!). Note: This version require that you have python and pyglet installed. Read the readme.txt! I will hopefully be able to make a py2ex’d version tomorrow.
The game can be downloaded here: Snowroller download (2nd try)

edit: Papper found a last minute bug that Ive fixed (within the time.) Now it is the final version (really!).

Snowroller Final

Log: Snowroller(?)

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 4:57 am

First screenshot. We can see snowballs beeing pushed away with a explosion (notice the great explosion animation) and that is all. Now I only have to put some gameplay in this game and it will rock! :) As I have used pyglet and pymunk for this game, the little code Ive written myself is almost nothing, but that will change now when I have to make it playable…

Screenshot of snowroller showing snow, snowballs and a cabin.

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