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Abduction complete

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 4:16 pm


My first time completing a Ludum Jam entry. Written in Java using Slick2d. Unfortunately I have stuff to be doing at the submission time, so I’ll stop here and submit this a bit early.

Just to copypaste my description: Abduction is an arcade “upgrade-em-up” in which you control an alien UFO and abduct humans for research. Each round lasts 30 seconds, during which you must abduct as many humans as possible. In between rounds, you upgrade your ship and unlock powerful special weapons to challenge the increasingly harder waves of enemies. An average player should be able to unlock everything in 15-20 minutes.

Check it out here:

Or on GitHub:

It was a real blast, and I’m looking forward to playing all the games.


Declaration of Ludumpendence

Posted by of LoneStranger Designs (twitter: @lnstrngr)
Friday, December 5th, 2014 12:38 pm

I’m in.

I’m in.

I will most likely be working with lwjgl, Slick2D and MarteEngine. I have not been as disciplined in my game programming hobby over the past few years as I would have liked, but I have had some LD successes using FlashPunk, and Java. This time I am going back to Java to re-strengthen my skills and the MarteEngine seemed like a good fit, at least for now. It’s not nearly as complete as FlashPunk was, and development on it stopped three years ago, but Slick2D isn’t bad either and I can modify the MarteEngine stuff if I have to.

As usual, I’ll start with the idea of doing the Compo, and switch to the Jam if I feel that I need more time or assets. I am also toying with the idea of conscripting my six year old into service this weekend, perhaps with art or game ideas.

I’m not sure which theme I am most excited about. Entire Game on One Screen might be interesting, as would be Death is Useful. The snowman will likely fall far down, as most joke themes do, but I’m sure that won’t stop a lot of people using it as a sub-theme.

Now, I must finish some “day job work” so I can get on the early bus and be home in time for the theme reveal. Have fun everyone!

return “DONE!”;

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 6:39 pm








Finally done! Woah, such an awesome feeling I must say!

The game can be found here, Click Me

Tools I’ve used,

  • IntelliJ IDEA
  • Slick2D
  • bfxr
  • Audacity
  • Photoshop CS6
  • Pickle Editor

Plus, my game includes Potatoes (If not many!), so here is a seal of potato approval.
You’re totally free to use the Seal yourself!

Raining Shards – Progress – Near the end of day 2

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:18 pm

Progress has been pretty good today!

We’re nearing the end of day 2 of the jam, and the game is basically playable. The potato Easter-egg isn’t completed yet, but other than that (and bugs) the game is finished!

Game will definitely be finished in time!

Test build:


(if the 64-bit version doesn’t work, try the 32-bit version.)

Feel free to post your high scores in the comments! 😀


Getting the best out of it.

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:03 am

I’m getting to this point where I just don’t quite know what I at least should get done.

It’s very simple game but I want to get as much more details to it from now on.
As this is my first Jam and I want to get as much done as possible!

Programming have been decent – As I expected. Stuff works mostly as intended, but I would love to get more out of it.
It’s just that, I want to fix a lot of stuff but I haven’t got the time or knowledge to it. As I know I’ll take me long before I get more added.

So today I’ve mostly been working on media such as art and sound. Art is going nice, not just as much as I wanted. And sound is.. Yeh, I’ve no idea! Lots of bugs and can’t get proper consistent sound.

But yeah, here is two pictures for your pleasure! :-)

2013-04-28_11-45-22 2013-04-28_17-15-07

First playable version!

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 11:44 pm

I finally have a semi-stable playable version.

You can download it:

Wanna see the source?

The collision detection is horrendous and i’m not sure how i am going to fix it but besides that all i have left is:

  • More SoundFX
  • Music
  • More Levels
  • JEB_001’s diary entries that will appear in between levels
  • EndGame
  • A few bugs

Progress Update #2

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 9:45 pm



If you didn’t see my original post, it’s basically a twin stick shooter where you can receive bonuses and power-ups from whatever colour you ‘pick’ from under you (with stacked bonuses if you get an R/G/B mix).

Ran into a few obstacles yesterday – struggled with Slick2D’s gamepad support and thought about making it single player only. That’s pretty much fixed now, so it should have a 1P or 2P option (a simple AI is already coded). To top it all off I quickly developed a bad cold! I considered sleeping and pulling out of LD48 but… I’m determined!

Still to do:

Sound, music, menu/title screen, add the ability to shoot on the 360 controller and check for connected controllers (not sure how to do this yet!), perhaps make the visual style more interesting if I have time.

Raining Shards (Hallelujah!) Progress (Day 1)

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 3:49 pm

Surprisingly, this game is going a lot smoother than I expected it to so far.

Raining Shards is a game being made by Team OCLU, specifically Derek, Mike, and I for the Ludum Dare Jam #26. It is a game where “A bunch of random shit was mashed together in order to make a somewhat coherent idea.” -Derek… But seriously, it is a game that is a combination of Asteroids and Breakout (sort-of, but not really) where a cannon in the center of the screen shoots at asteroids that, when shot, break into shards. You control a ‘basket’ at the bottom of the screen, which you collect the shards with. Collecting shards earns you points. You can also get power-ups, such as Potato (secret), Larger basket, Time-warp (slo-mo for all but the basket) and 2x points. The objective is to get the highest score possible, until some currently unknown event happens that ends the game.

So far, I’m having trouble getting the asteroids to spawn shards successfully when they are destroyed – they are initialized, but for some reason they don’t really exist according to the for loop (they are obviously null, because inside the for loop in question it checks if a shard exists, and if so, draws it. They aren’t drawing :c)

How the game looks so far:

Raining Shards (Hallelujah!)

Raining Shards (Hallelujah!)

It may not be much.

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 2:54 pm

So this is my current state. Possible to peel Potatoes!

I’m having quite a hard time to make it fun but I’m just trying to finish things up to make sense at least.


First timer

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 5:58 am

This is my very first try on a Jam, been watching Ludum Dare Compo for a few times now as one of my friends participate in them.
I’ve been to the Danish, Game Development Camp, last summer which was excellent, but that is the closets I’ve been to such an event.

My tools,
Language: Java
Framework: Slick2D
IDE: IntelliJ IDEA
Sound: Audacity, bfxr. Going to record my own sound properly.

But hoping for the best!
Oh yeh, and here is my current progress of my desk (As I’ve been working for a few hours now. Just forgot to write this post)

A few post-it. Secondary screen for Livestream I'm watching and few other neat stuff.

A few post-it. Secondary screen for Livestream I’m watching and few other neat stuff.

Sleeping Kitten!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 2:11 am

With just 16 more hours to go, the game is finally progressing at a nice rate. If I was this productive in the beginning of the dare, I would have a very very cool game by now.

Anyway, I worked on object factories, which will allow me to place many objects with small variations anywhere I like, which will allow me to make my level. No level editor, but I will probably only add one level anyway. I have worked on 5 total food sources, their sprites and behaviors. I added 4 of then in this snapshot, the last is a secret for the final version of the game :-). I also added a nice sleeping animation for the cat.

Don't wake up the kitten! (you can hover near him when he sleeps)

BTW, sometimes the cat does not enter/stays in the fighting animation when he gets the ant/faerie. I have no idea why this happens, but I won’t spend much time debugging it just yet.

Here is the fat jar, for the brave!

The sound of the Jungle!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 10:35 pm

In the last 4 hours, I managed to accomplish quite a few things:

  • Added a “pounce” behavior to the cat. The pussy can kill you now, beware!
  • Smoothed the Cat’s movement a bit*
  • Added a Sound handler and a few sounds

Since my previous LD game had no sound, I can now say that this game is already 1000 better than the previous one (ha ha ha). Well, things are coming along, now I just need to add food variation, the human, generic objects, game data, and we should be good to go. (Well, then I have to add a game level as well — oh my!)

Anyway, here is the jar, in the same place as it has always been.

* PS: For some reason, when the cat is running, it shows two sprites in consecutive positions….. does anyone know how to get rid of this “ghost” sprite?

First Prototype!

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Saturday, April 21st, 2012 7:03 am

13 hours into the dare, it took me WAY too long to post the first prototype :-(

What happened is: I wanted to improve on my LD22 game, so I started to think too much about how to implement a non-tiled top down navigation engine. Result: I panicked a little and lost a lot of time. After a while, I realized that the extra features that I want to add in this game are already a ton of extra work, and trying new data structures now would be waaay more than I could bite. KISS.

Anyway, here is the first prototype! You can move around, you can do a few things, and, most importantly, you can DIE.

First snapshot of my LD23 game. Don't let the queen starve!

You can control your ant-like-winged-faerie with the arrow keys, and press “space” to interact with the environment. Right now you can only interact with the ladder, the anthill, the fruity bush and the queen. You can also pause pressing ESC.

Here is a fat jar for you.

Now for dinner, and then to add a moving enemy!

I’m in for the first time!

Posted by (twitter: @davidllanos22)
Wednesday, April 18th, 2012 10:04 am

Hi, I’ve been following LD during the last year and  I’d always thought: wow, one day I’ll join, this is so amazing! I’d always liked games, but also create music and art, so game making is the perfect combination for me!:D  Since I started to get interested  about game programming I’ve tested a lot of engines and languages but finally I came up with java and I liked it a lot. I’ve been programming since the beginning of this year and I think I’m ready, let’s do this!


  • Language: Java
  • IDE: Eclipse
  • Library: Slick2D
  • Art: Paint.NET
  • Sounds: BFXR
  • Music: LSDJ or/and Ableton Live


Good luck everybody! And the most important thing: HAVE FUN!

I’m all warmed up now! :-D

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Sunday, April 15th, 2012 7:48 am

Yay, finished my warm-up game, and managed to refresh my mind about the basics of setting up a new game with Java + Slick2D.

You can see my entry here. It is a simple horizontal scrolling shooter, but I managed to remind myself of all the basics, like loading sprites, moving them, having multiple states for menu, game modes, pausing, game over, etc; loading and playing sounds, and some basic event and collision handling.

For some reason, my web applet is not working on my linux boxes – may be a problem with 32/64 bit libraries, I don’t know, and I can’t see any debugging messages :-( The fat jar works fine though. Any other linux-ers who could try my applet would be very appreciated! (applet works fine on windows).

Also, can anyone suggest me a program/tutorial/example about how to make music for a game? That was my weakest point last LD, and I would love to improve that this time around.

See you next week! 😀

Second Ludum Dare, Go!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Saturday, April 14th, 2012 7:58 am

Wow, next week already? Awesome.

To be quite honest, I mostly slacked since my last LD :-( I had these huge plans, see: improve my game, write a text window library, create a small “evolutionary garden”. And all of that got lost in the shuffle :-( That is what happens when you don’t have deadlines.

<3 LD48

Well, so for this LD I will try to get right what I got wrong last time. I will use Slick2D again, but now I won't have to learn the library from zero :-). I have written a small todo list, and tomorrow I will go through it for the warm-up, to make sure that all is working kinda all right for the dare.

Also, I am in a new apartment, and with a much improved setup if compared to last time:

My work setup for LD23

The down side is that now I’m on the GMT+9 timezone, which means the LD will start 10AM on saturday, and end on 10AM on sunday – so I won’t get much in term of last time additions… but at least I will begin with full speed on the first day.

Also, on LD22 I managed to get 10th place community due to my reviews. So I got a reputation to uphold!!! :-) It will be quite a bit harder this time, since now I got a full time job, so I won’t be able to dedicate entire days for reviewing, but I will see what I can do.

GL HF everyone!

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