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I failed, didn’t I?

Posted by (twitter: @RA_Siewart)
Monday, April 23rd, 2012 3:00 pm

Well, I posted an entry, but still think I failed. Ok, maybe not to the LD standards (I made a game), but it feels like a failure.

But why did I fail?

I  like to blame the tools. Like everyone does. But I’m right, partly. Why? Because I didn’t practice all tools enough. LMMS crashed, Blender was annoying, why can’t I rotate this CharacterController and what the hell is a *.3ga file? All because of the same reason: I didn’t practice them, or try them out at all.

But I also feel happy, because it was nice to push myself to make a game in such a short time. Usually when I make something, not a necessarily a game, I usually get a “better” idea I want to make and start focusing on that. Then a week later… well, you know, we all have this problem sometimes, right?

This time I made something that I can expand to something and enjoy doing so. And while doing that I hopefully make something other people might like to play. I was also able to spend some time in making a Shader, and make something that actually works. I improved my skills in a few tools; mostly Blender and LMMS, but also some Unity functions.  I also wrote most code myself, without using default assets like platform character controllers.

So why do I dislike my entry and what do I like?


  • The game only has one boring short hard-to-understand game element
  • The drawing style is inconsistent
  • No music
  • Only two sound effects
  • Some things are obviously rushed (even within a game jame)


  • I like the atmosphere
  • I have awesome game elements (I will add later)
  • I have an awesome story line (I will add later)

In my next post I will add some comments about why I like/dislike my entry

Oh, and if you are still wondering what I’m talking about:

My Failed Entry

Or play it


Posted by (twitter: @RA_Siewart)
Saturday, April 21st, 2012 5:26 pm


I didn’t do as much work as I hoped I would do. I struggled with Unity’s annoying physics for a few hours, then a few hours more.

I also didn’t know how to do things in Blender (the way I usually do them in 3DSMax), but I was not tempted to go to the dark side (they have cookies, you know). So I guess that’s a good thing.

On the bright side, modifying a shader wasn’t as hard as I expected, even though I have never really done that before.

Then I did some more struggling with Unity’s physics.

But that’s probably the price for making a 2D game in a 3D engine, without any real support for upside down physics.

Oh, wait, somewhere in between I watched the news, apparently our government officially failed today, well who didn’t see that coming, from the start. Bad thing is, it will (continue to) cost the Dutch society a few million euro per day. But this is not the place to discuss political matters, is it? My apologies.

Tomorrow I will have to do all the art: graphics, music and sound effects. Design some additional levels, including some storytelling and finish the game. I should also add a nice license, probably a GPL for the code an some Creative Commons lisence for the art.

If there is some time left I will also do a post about the design choices I made.

Sorry, no teasing screenshot for you. There is not really anything to see yet.

Well, I’ll go to bed now, probably for 6 hours, and then do the more relaxed part of making a game tomorrow.

Good Luck in finishing your entries, dear opponents!

Let’s do this!

Posted by (twitter: @RA_Siewart)
Tuesday, April 17th, 2012 11:56 am

This will be my first game jam, and hopefully also my first non-mod, non-prototype game.

This Week

  1. Warming up, which will essentially be testing out tools and techniques I don’t have enough experience with.
  2. Speeding up my laptop
  3. Some university related stuff
  4. Cooking (healthy) food for 48 hours
  5. Explaining my girlfriend why I’m doing this (and not going out with her)

My Tools

  • Building: Unity
    I’ve been using Unity for 2 years now, and I still like it. Luckily I have a Pro version that I can use, which has some nice new features like pathfinding, an awesome particle system tool and of course dynamic lightning. Not sure if I will use any of those, but it’s good to have.
  • Coding: MonoDevelop
    Unity comes with MonoDevelop, Unity is partly integrated with it, the auto-complete is nice and I’m used to it, so I will be using it to code my C# scripts.
  • Music: LMMS
    Sound, and therefore music, is the only thing I have no experience with, so I will have to practice it a lot before I start. I also have to find some nice VSTs which I can use. I do know something about music so I hope I can produce something worthy.
  • Sound: Audacity
    When I have to do something with sound, which rarely happens, I use Audacity. I will probably be recording sounds with my smartphone and/or laptop microphones, and I know how to remove things like noise with this tool. Also editing and looping sound works pretty nice with this free tool.
  • Graphics:Photoshop
    I love Photoshop, I have been using it from time to time in the past 10 years, I’m far from a pro but I know my way around in it. And, most importantly, it works really awesome with my Wacom.
  • Modelling: Blender
    I usually use 3ds Max for 3D modelling, but I only have a student license for this, so I use Blender as substitute. Since the new interface I no longer really hate it, but I do not have a numpad on my laptop… Anyway, I want to try to make a 2D game, so I won’t use it extensively. Otherwise I will have to fall back to good ol’ 3ds Max.
  • Motivation: Spotify
    I always work with music on. (Unless I’m doing hard mathematics) I usually listen to a few styles, sorted by requirement: For creativity: death metal, progressive metal and prog. rock. For speed: drum ‘n bass, deadmau5 (yes, that’s a genre) and industrial. For inspiration: minimal classical music. And for relaxation: Eddie Vedder, Foo Fighters, Muse, or any of my other favourite bands, that no longer need attention (because I know every single tone).
  • Communication: Twitter – This Blog
    I never tweet, but I would love to give updates and give answers to questions. (Not that I would know why you would do that.) Follow: “@Siewart_”. I will be posting some blog posts as well, because the process of creating a game is awesome, inspirational and informative. (It’s also nice to look back when you are done)
  • Timelapse: Chronolapse
    Everyone seems to do it, so I will do it as well. Also: I love timelapses :).

My hardware:

  • My old HP Elitebook 8530w (Dual-Core 2.8Ghz, 4GB, Quadro FX770M);
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 (Ice Cream Sandvich);
  • Wacom Intuos 3;
  • A random mouse;
  • Hopefully a keyboard

For my warm-up a theme generator gave me a (cliché-ish) theme: Post-Apocalyptic Steam Punk. But I vowed to use it so I will.

Basic idea: A 2D sidescroller where you have to use nuclear waste to mutate plants, animals and NPCs in order to solve puzzles involving steam engines. Don’t know if I have enough time for something like this, but I want to go through the whole process once so I might make one short level, without tutorial. I will post it when it’s done, if it’s done.

One last thing
One last thing: Good luck and above all, have fun, my dear opponents!

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