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Technology in use

Posted by (twitter: @DarkCisum)
Saturday, December 10th, 2016 6:03 am

Here’s a list of things I’m be using for the 37th Ludum Dare Jam! I’ll make sure to keep updating this list during the jam.


Programming Tools

  • C++ – The language
  • CLion – JetBrains’ C++ IDE
  • CMake – Meta build system
  • MinGW-w64 – Compiler


Audio Tools

  • Bfxr – Sound effects generator
  • REAPER – Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
  • cgMusic – Music generator
  • Synth1 – Free VST synthesizer

Image Tools

Other Tools

  • cmder – Awesome command line replacement
  • Git – The version control system

Streaming Tools

[ctrl+c “I’m in”] [ctrl+v] I’m in

Posted by (twitter: @YWainczak)
Thursday, December 10th, 2015 9:42 am

So I guess I’m in for like the 7th time or something. I’m starting to feel old haha. It’s still unclear what exactly I’ll be doing, as I may do the jam with one of my friends. If I go solo, I’ll be tinkering with:

Engine: Game Maker: Studio

Graphics: paint.NET

Sounds: sfxr & Mario Paint (Not kidding, using it to create basic tracks to then convert to a midi file. Then I’m going to throw said midi through some programs and sound fonts to hopefully make decent music!)

Anyways I hope you all have a wonderful dare! Remember to vote for two buttons!

What’s that button for ? o_O

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Thursday, April 24th, 2014 6:07 am

With my friend, we will participate in 72 hour edition of Ludum Dare for the first time.
We’re really excited and curious of theme 😀

What we will be using :
Code : C#/XNA (with our own framework)
Graphics : GIMP
Sounds and Music : FL Studio and SFXR

Except “Ludum Dare’ing”, we’ll be learning Haskell for our studies 😀

We will be also streaming at Twitch.

Good luck everyone and have fun 😀

I’m in, y’all

Posted by (twitter: @ngscheurich)
Friday, August 23rd, 2013 9:03 am

Really, really going to try and finish something this time around. I’ll be using Unity as my engine, and Photoshop in the event that I find time to make some decent art assets. For sound effects I’ll fire up sfxr. If I get around to music, I’ll either pull out the acoustic guitar and record something into GarageBand or make something in FamiTracker.

gl hf

IECSFXR – Three new ways to use sfxr

Posted by (twitter: @Ragzouken)
Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 9:07 am

For my masters project at The University Of  Bristol I am investigating the use of interactive evolutionary computation for generating videogame sound effects. My works are based on the familiar SFXR sound generator by DrPetter, using the flash version AS3FXR by Tom Vian.

Ludum Darites are the target audience of this program so it’d be great if you guys would give the programs a try, and fill out my questionnaire too!

The interfaces are:

  • sweepsfxr – a minimal interface for randomly searching the soundspace.
  • evosfxr – an evolutionary approach that asks the user to select the most promising sounds and help recombine them.
  • studiosfxr – a user directed interface for crossing and mutating sounds, and testing them out in dummy games.

Hope you guys find the programs useful!


In, as usual…

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Thursday, December 13th, 2012 11:19 pm

Hi LD25!

This time I don’t have any new hardware to learn and I’m not really interested in HTML5 games – right now – and I don’t want to mess with Angie – it would produce a lot of bugs and code mess. However in the last weeks I used Processing a lot so that will be my tool for sure.

code: Processing
gfx: Gimp2
sound: sfxr, musagi – never done any sound before though…

I’ll reuse code from my previous game GotEL if needed – not likely though. You can find it at

I’ll certainly try to use my NES Framework  – for Processing – made during the CharityGameJam. Sadly no game was made based on it then but it developed more since so if you want then feel free to download the latest version here: YouTube video of it. Read the description for updates!

I wish lots of fun and plentygood experiences for the weekend!

p.s: My internet connection having problems in the past weeks and my PC does wierd things so I’ll may not be overly social during this jam. :(

Come at me bros!

Monday, December 10th, 2012 10:44 am

This will be my first Ludum Dare, but no worries. I’ll be using HaxePunk with Haxe NME so I can port my game effortlessly, and it will be quickly prototyped. This should be fun, however I will only have around 18 hours of game-making time. I’ll be tweeting as I make it at @tophattedcoder.


  • Language: Haxe
  • Framework/Libraries: HaxePunk and Haxe NME
  • IDE: MonoDevelop
  • Graphics: GNU Image Manipulation Program, Inkscape and mtPaint
  • Audio: Sfxr (isn’t WINE the greatest?)


  • Experience.
  • Something to show off about.
  • Make revised version of game, sell it on major game marketplaces.

So, yeah, I’m in.

Posted by (twitter: @feyleafgames)
Friday, August 24th, 2012 4:51 pm


I didn’t forget, just procrastinated. I want to consider myself a veteran at Ludum Dare, as this will be my 5th entry.

Hooray for Number Five!

Let’s just say I’ve graduated from complete newb to novice, and now am just above novice. I don’t make games professionally (yet), more of a hobbyist developer. It’s something I completely love to do, create little fantasies in code and allow people to see them and interact with them.

Ludum Dare is my way of looking back at previous projects, gauging how my skills have improved, enjoying the ride, and letting the community know that I exist. So anyway, there are tools I have used before, and I’m gonna list them:

  • language: C++ in MSVC 2008 Express
  • library: SFML 1.6
  • audio: SFXR, Audacity, PXTone
  • ear candy:
  • health: good food, smoothies, coffee, some light exercise, and a decent amount of sleep (but seriously not too much)

Everyone, have a blast, and best wishes for your projects.


I’m in I guess!

Posted by (twitter: @rye761)
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 9:06 am

Hey, noob here. New to ludum, and to game making in general. For now I’m using a program I got about a month ago at DigiPen.  It’s called ProjectFUN and is essentially a “Unity 2D” that uses C++. By next LD though, my goal is to be working with LWJGL and Java to make the game from scratch. I’ll also likely use Bfxr or sfxr for sound. The goal for now is to finish in 48h. Anyway, that’s about all for me!

In with a different feel…

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Thursday, August 23rd, 2012 6:40 am


So this is the 4th time for me. I am excited but not like in previous attempts. I don’t have a new platform to learn during the LD so maybe I’ll concentrate on making a game this time… 😀

I think I’ll go with Processing and use Gimp and sfxr as before. Today and tomorrow afternoon I’ll refresh my Processing knowledge maybe sleep an hour or two and jump in!

Good luck everyone, make lots of good ideas come to life!

Generic I’m In Post

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Monday, August 20th, 2012 1:30 am

Good day! I’ll be using Stencyl for my game, which allows people to use others’ creations. So yeah, I’m doing Jam. Sfxr’ll be used for sound effects (if needed), and Newgrounds Audio is used for music.

I’m wondering if my real life/ time zone difference will wreak havoc. Hopefully not.

Rediculosis Final

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Thursday, April 26th, 2012 5:41 am

I added some bits and bobs to my entry version of the game. I’m done with it for now, but maybe in the distant future I’ll come back to it and make a much better version.

main changes:

– added sound and music

– added pause, sound and music toggle

– changed level layouts to be more interesting

– changed speed of the game to generally to play faster

You can download it for Windows from here:

I can’t wait to know if I’m in…

Posted by (twitter: @RawBits)
Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 6:36 am

Hi LD#22!

Tonight maybe I can talk to my boss and get to know if I’m in this round or not. My work here at the university is done from my part and if my boss say that I don’t need to be here next week, then I can tell my fater to help me move back home on friday or saturday. So I can make something in the short amound of time I’ll have.


BattleToys for time critical developing:

Gimp, sfxr, Processing and if it’ll have sound, than some freeware tracker.


Oh brother I can’t wait for my boss… XD

Setup For Ludum Dare 22!

Posted by (twitter: @RobProductions)
Monday, December 12th, 2011 4:47 pm

With the start of LD #22 in less then a week now, I’m getting my tools set up! I’ll most likely be using

  • Unity 3d Indie (Experience: 1 1/2 years) : Mostly Javascript as the language
  • Possibly Blender 3D (Experience: 1 1/2 years)
  • Garageband (Experience: 2 years)
  • CFXR (Experience: 1/2 year) : The BEST program for sound EVER
  • Pixlr (Experience: 1 year) : Online substitute for Photoshop :p
  • Unity Forums (Experience: 1/2 year) : The best weapon in my arsenal! My Page

Without a doubt I’ll be using Unity’s Standard Assets Source Code as no man can code without it!!! Also, I may use some of assets from Unity’s example packages such as: Lens Flares and The First Person Demo (demo is removed for some reason, I guess it’s obsolete)

Good luck to all, hope Notch doesn’t completely own us!

What i’ll be using

Posted by (twitter: @colincapurso)
Monday, December 12th, 2011 6:18 am
  • Language: Javascript / HTML5 Canvas
  • Art: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop
  • Audio: If there is audio, i’ll be using sfxr and any modifications to that with Audacity
  • Base Code / Libraries:
    Asset Manager from the Google I/O presentation for pre-loading images.
    My base template
  • Screenshots: I’ll set up to take periodic screenshots, a word of warning though, I can’t guarantee it will be completely SFW 😛

Graphics Levelled up!

Posted by (twitter: @frimkron)
Sunday, August 21st, 2011 1:21 pm

Excellent. I’ve replaced all my placeholder graphics now:

And it looks a damn sight prettier. I will now move on to sounds effects and then music. I don’t think I’ve ever managed to leave time for music during LD before, so this is a momentous occasion indeed. I’m going to hit sfxr for some placeholders and then see if I can record some sounds that don’t all sound like me hitting the mic on the desk…

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