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First-time LD: Soundtrack to “Fire Fight”

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Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 11:37 am

This was my first time doing music for LD and it was a blast. Will definitely be coming back. Full soundtrack is below.

The game is called “Fire Fight”. You beat up fire hydrants and boxes of puppies in order to collect “Fire Power” and assume your Demonic Form. There are two versions of every piece of music in the game: one version that plays during your Normal Form and one version that plays during your Demonic Form. Both versions are pretty over the top.

It took me all 3 days to do 8 minutes of music and SFX. I would have liked to have worked faster; I got asked to do more than one game and it would have been fun to do more than one. But I realized that this is pretty much as fast as I can work.

That being said, some people contacted me for music at the very last second; don’t wait until that late! Maybe I could have planned in advance how to do more than one game, if I had enough warning time.

Side note: I’d like to rate everybody’s game, but I guess I can’t vote since I wasn’t the one who posted our game… oh well. I’ll still be playing them.

“Fire Fight” is here:



Basic MP3 editor

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Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 10:40 am


If you’re like me and you’re running around like an idiot recording messages with your phone you might want to edit them a little bit. There’s a neat little site that can help:

Just thought I’d leave this here for those who want it.



Announcing jfxr: a tool to quickly make sound effects!

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Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 7:51 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, in time for the next Ludum Dare compo, I bring to you: jfxr! It’s a browser-based tool to quickly generate sound effects for your games.


Give it a try here – simply click the preset buttons on the left repeatedly to come up with new sounds. If you got something you like, fine-tune it with the many available options. Or if you know exactly what you’re going for, you can start from scratch, that is, the Default preset.

Jfxr should work in any recent version of Chrome and Firefox. Opera and MSIE users are out of luck because I can’t be bothered to test on those, and mobile devices might be a bit slow.

As you can probably tell, jfxr was heavily inspired by bfxr, but jfxr was designed to be more powerful yet more intuitive to use. It presents you with graphs of the most important parameters, so you can see what effects your edits have, and what modifications you need to do to achieve a particular result. I also find that jfxr’s randomized presets produce more useful output than bfxr’s.

I would love it if you would try it out! Please send any feedback my way via the issue tracker, or just comment on this post. Also, the source is fully open and should be fairly hackable (though I still need to clean it up a bit). Tip: you can easily share sound effects with others by clicking the Link button!

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