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Hackfield: The NetField Update – early plans & concepts

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Saturday, September 14th, 2013 1:43 pm

After the great inspiration I got from Hackfield, I started to plan a bigger sequel. There are only some simple feature ideas, but I hope you like even this one (even though these are just plans)!


2041. Years before, the biggest panicwave in humanity’s history have spread all over the world. After this event – that is known as the Anubis Incident – the United Nations have remade the architecture of the Internet by completely changing the security system of the New Age Protocol.

Needless to say, that it makes recovering way longer – but finally, they could implement their final plan: reorganizing the whole internet. Now it’s called  „The NetField”, where computers are available only through governmental nodes.

Surveillance of people have reached a level we’ve never seen before. The NetField is fully censored and controlled; everyone who uses it is not able to get informations that is not allowed by the governments of the world. They try to cover it with the depiction of a perfect world (Utopia, as they call), but the truth is that the gap between working people and leaders is increasing.

Resistance expected that the Anubis Incident may help to take over the world and starting everything over – but the Center was quicker. With an unkown power that makes governments stronger, security forces could save and conquer almost the whole computer network of NAP.

The resistance couldn’t escape this time. A lot of them are already dead. However, Hackfield have survived the chaos, and stayed up-to-date until the born of the NetField. It dissapeared then…

…until now.

Planned features:

– hub of computers

Hackfield acts like a special browser that allows you to manage inside the main architecture of the server you are connecting with. By this, closed connections are available, and even though it’s a bit harder, you can contact with computers that are not connected to the NetField – indirectly, every computers are available through the NetField, since the incredible amount of WiFi systems.

– specialized targets

The computer name generator of the original Hackfield is on a great way of being fixed and improved. To make it sense, all kinds of computers are gonna be custom. Every computers are going to have different memory map size, difficulty, variety of used tools and custom access-ports, files, softwares etc. on them.

– manipulation of the world

Change variables in access-ports to make people pay attention in real life for your actions! Close doors, turn connecting systems on and off, change text of monitors, send messages throughout real life, and so on – but be careful, before you are becoming disconnected!

– microprocessors

Low-level systems? Low-level operations! Use the WiFi system that covers the whole world to your own advantage! Hack WiFi stations, check the list of available devices, and manipulate smartphones and cars!

– thousands of records and e-news

Don’t forget: this is a living world! While the hours and days you’re spending on the NetField, event happening around the world. Follow them through various news portal, or read the historical event that happened since and before the Anubis Incident!


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Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 7:07 pm

Oh guys ! I’m thrill with joy and excitement when I see all the comments on my game page.
As I said in previous posts, It’s my first game and I really appreciate all your review and suggestion. Know that I fell in love with Dusty in the past days while I was giving him life. So I’ve decided to put him on a longer journey.

For the LD version of the game, I use Multimedia Fusion 2. Even if I have little experiences with the software, it show some limits to do what I really wanted to do (like an online version, add particles effect and some tweeks on the gameplay). But figuring that out don’t make a programmer of me, so let’s try another Drag’n’drop gamemaker software. Two choices Game Maker or Construct 2… Construct 2 it is !

Why ?
Simply because I want to, since the LD ends. And some of you seems to appreciate the game, enough to wish it was longer, and so do I. Let’s make it happen!
Know that it could take some times since I have no experiences with Construct 2. Plus, I only have the trial version (since I can’t afford the pro one yet, one day maybe, would be cool if I notice I like it a lot). I’ve began setting up the basics but there is still some “meh” point (but I’ll sort it out). Construct 2 seems to have strong bases and export to html5 (wich is great for online game, but not so on potecting my sprite… do I need to protect them ?).

First screenshot !

Thanks again for everything. Such a blast, I think it’s the first time I ever feel that way.

If you haven’t played the LD version, here it is : Dusty’s Adventure

Thanks !!! Ten thousand times ! Thank you !


EDIT : Bonus, the Timelapse of the past week end 😉

Dusty’s Adventure – Timelapse



Almost forgot that part. So…

Good part :
– Release somthing (it wasn’t so sure during the last 5 hours).
– Did some animation, and I’m really proud of the Spider.
– Did a character and a narrative line to go with it.
– Sounds and Music came out not so bad after all.

Bad part :
– Too much time pass on making the animations and arts, forgot to think about levels. My game is really short, it’s not even a game.
– Almost eat and drink nothing during this time.
– MMF2 is really frustrating in his conception.

Bottom line, I draw, animate, make stuff since… well… forever. But this Ludum Dare was not just a competition but a real challenge. Just because even if Ido a lot, I never show anything. With the LD, I had to release it and it was a first. Most of all, it’s one of the first time that I’m proud of something. Maybe that gives a bad image of me, but, I’m just proud of it even with the bugs and shortness of it.

Pixelman 3

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Saturday, April 19th, 2008 7:22 am

Woot! I’ve made some good progress on my game. Its a 2D platformer (how inventive, eh?). Unfortunately, its really hard not inserting all my ideas in, since the theme is “Minimalist”. Anyway here’s a screenie of my prog:

pixelman 3 screenshot

And believe it or not, everything you see on there is in one file! Now that’s minimal 😉

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