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Taking Automated Screenshots Header

Ohai there! Since I am planning to record a timelapse of my gamedev for the upcoming LD#33, I thought it would be nice to take a series of screenshots for creating a nice timelapse animation afterwards. I went ahead and did some testing and ran into problems with multi-monitor setups, especially when one monitor has a different pixel density (dpi) than the other(s). This little post is my solution to the problem and provide every Windows user (even on single-screen setups) with a free solution to take screenshots at a set interval.

Compare Your Results to Your Past Performance

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 1:42 pm

I made a quick and dirty userscript that displays a “Performance” graph on all user pages. For example, mine looks like this:


The script can be found here.

To install in Chrome, download the script, go to Tools | Extensions, and drag the downloaded script into the page. To install in Firefox, use Greasemonkey. To install in other browsers, do something else.

Let me know how it works for you guys.

Time-lapse in OS X

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 3:26 pm

I want to create a timelapse video with screenshots showing what I’m doing during. I’m on OS X and made this script to help me do that: screencapture.rb

You pass a directory as argument, that directory is created and every 5 seconds a screenshot is saved there. The script can be killed and when running it again with the same directory, it will continue saving screenshots, in another “session” folder.


My thoughts on the rating process + small Python script

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Thursday, September 8th, 2011 12:00 pm

Rating entries is a damn hard job. I know many of you think very little about rating or even openly hate it, but IMHO this seems to also be an important part of LD. Especially commenting on people’s entries, giving some feedback to the community, some constructive criticism. And yet, I can still see many users with 0% coolness. There are 427 (71.29%) people with coolness under average of 3.523% and 190 of them didn’t rate any games… Why is that? I know everybody has a life and so on, but come on! You CAN rate at least 6 games or so! I mean, I’m not expecting everyone to leave their lives and rate games, but honestly – if someone has found the time to participate in LD, he or she should also participate in the voting (or at least commenting) process, even if just a little.

I spent on this more than a few days already, just trying to rate as many games as I can, because for a few days I’m not going to rate anything, as I’m gonna be without internet access (sounds horrible, I know).

A few days ago I was pretty bored and wrote a small program in Python to analyze stuff and help me pick games to rate faster, as I find the webpage with entries a little lacking. And because I like numbers and plots, too. Since I noticed that many of LD participants still have coolness around zero, I figured I could share this thing – maybe it will mobilize some of them to give some feedback. Or will be useful in any other way.

So, feature-wise, the script parses LD webpage with your ratings and generates a html file looking like this:

Here are the links:


  • Login onto the Ludum Dare site, and go to the voting page with ALL entries (not the one with screenshots, the one with all your ratings):
  • Save source code of this webpage to file data.htm and save it in the same direcory as analyze script/ binary
  • Run the script (see README.TXT for more info anyway)
  • Analyzer data is saved to log.html in current directory. Open it with Firefox or something similar 😉
  • To refresh data stored in log.html, you need to repeat this process

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