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So, there’s a thing I always want to get across to people, and that’s the ability everyone has to create and pull themselves out of the boredom they always claim to have.

I’m going to try to get that message out (as non pretentious as possible) through my LD23 game. How does the theme play in? Well, the protagonist will be living in a “tiny world” – an isolated little town , brought there for some yet-to-be-determined events, boredom strikes, but he runs into an old friend (HOHOHO “small world!” okay that’s terrible, but yeah). In any case, you get to go through a few scenarios where user input draws certain pictures. So fun bitmap manipulation and the like, right? Right. You can live in a tiny world, physically, but that doesn’t matter. You can still find inspiration for things everywhere – yes, that’s the moral!  you should make something, basically, i don’t know. hm.


That’s my reason for making it, but I obviously don’t intend to get that across bluntly. In any case, I kind of want the game to just be an enjoyable to play game, and unique to each player’s playthrough (unique in that the drawings you generate will be based on your  input). beautiful things (well, the drawings may not be so beautiful) will come out of it.


I’m envisioning a very “warm” sound track…perhaps using that genesis soundfont I found yesterday??


as for the art style, i’m going to try something kind of possibly disastrous – a “sketch-like” aesthetic, drawing everything with the pencil tool in gimp. it might look crappy but i’ll try my best not to. you know, where every normal frame actually has 3 or 4 frames so the player looks like it’s sort of dynamic when standing?

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