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Insurrection, Day 2

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013 9:40 pm


So the second day of MiniLD #44 draws to a close, and I have made some good progress today.

First, I added a lot of art to the game, though it is still pretty fugly.  I also tested out an equally fugly random music system I had lying around somewhere.  We’ll see what comes of that.

On the gameplay side, I implemented combat and an enemy faction, space stations, and the fundamentals for resources (no spending or gathering yet, just numbers, functions for changing those numbers, and interface elements), and the fundamentals for collision detection, though for now the only meaningful uses of that are 1) tracking where shots fall, and 2) scanning for nearby enemies.

Tomorrow, my goals are to get trade routes, production, and resource collection up and running, and maybe implement some rudimentary enemy AI (i.e. enemy player AI, not enemy ship AI, which already exists).  If I have the time, implementing placeholder sounds for things like weapons fire and ship explosions might be nice, as well as implementing the graphics for ship explosions.

Good night, and see you all tomorrow!

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This is madness!

This is MiniLD #44!

The goal is to make an RTS game in 7 days, and I love RTS games.  Not to mention we are allowed to use pre-existing code, and have 7 days, so unlike a normal Ludum Dare I actually have a hope in Hell of getting something done.

Once I get up tomorrow, my 7-Day RTS odyssey will begin!  I hope to blog a little about my progress each day, though it’s hard to say whether or not I’ll have the time.  I will also be cross-posting on my personal blog.

I will be using some code I wrote previously for handling importing graphical assets and moving sprites around, as well as some code for playing sounds and for generating Voronoi diagrams. My first order of business, tomorrow, will be pulling that code together into a seamless whole for use as the base of my game.

My Game

Insurrection, a space-themed RTS game about taking down an Empire while managing public approval of your rebellion.

My Tools

C++, using the SFML library
Code::Blocks as my IDE
Paint.Net for the game’s art
…LMMS for sound?… we’ll see.

So starting tomorrow morning, it’s full steam ahead!  See you on the other side!  Good luck everybody, and have fun!

IceBreaker mini pre-sleep post-mortem

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:29 pm
when I was a kid this sort of image was like crack.  it's so laughable now.  stupid kid.

when I was a kid this sort of image was like crack. it’s so laughable now. stupid kid.

--- I - C - E ---- B - R - E - A - K - E - R --- 

(When I get up I’ll do a post-sleep post-pre-mortem-post-mortem, some of this will just be taking some of the prolix and manic text out of my submission page – yay sleep dep!)

That was a lot of fun! (but it’s not over yet..)  I somehow wrote just shy of 3,000 lines of code in 48hrs.  It’s almost certainly 90% ugly horribleness, and I’m not a fan of LOC as a metric of productivity – but it still feels pretty cool.  (If I printed it all out it would take about 46 A4 pages).

Unfortunately, quantity of code does not equal a finished game.  About halfway in (after some sleep) I lost a lot of time to vascilating between confusion at the code I’d added before passing out (that guy was craaaazy) and feeling generally dumb.  But eventually I got it nailed down and was grateful to discover that, whilst I had lost track of what I was doing – the more responsibly-minded part of me had sent me down a tunnel with no wrong turns.  Not to say I didn’t bump my head a few times, slip over in miscellany or mistaken inanimate objects for long-lost lovers..

 What went wrong / right

that one’s for the morrow I think, sorry – they’re my favourite part too.


Tools Used


It may not be much right now, but I think after I’ve checked the rules I may enter the Jam so I can see it closer to a working game.

I’ll be uploading post-compo editions to the entry’s page as I go (in about 8 hours or so)



(this is just copied over from the submission page to reduce clutter, tl;dr: rambling…)

circa T+05 mins
began writing submission
circa T+20 mins
I’m having a few unanticipated issues with publishing; the .swf
seems to work fine in the standalone Flash player, but not
even remotely in a browser.
I’ve got 20 minutes or so of submission hour to work it out, but
here’s the swf for the time being (same link under “Windows” unfortunately)
circa T+56 mins
Okay, got it to publish. Seems to have odd framerate issues.
Will use my last 3 mins to see if I can suss it out.

Game balancing

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 10:19 am


I’ve spent the last 2-3 hours balancing the game, which is actually a lot of fun. It’s actually an reward in itself to get to play and tweak your creation. And I invented a few new game mechanics too while I was at it. The game is more of less done, though I’m considering adding music maybe? We’ll see.

Also, I managed to get both the Java Applet-version and the HTML5-version up and running, so that was nice. I never take for granted that GWT actually works and compiles my stuff into something useful. It’s still black box magic to me.


I’m in, first time LDer

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Friday, December 14th, 2012 8:26 pm

So, my idea is pretty cool so far, still have some stuff to flesh out. So, you know when you play any classic RPG, and you have to go around the world and eventually you find out the bad guy is the cause of all your frustrations and has been from the beginning? Well, I want to make an RTSque (is that a word??) game, where you build an evil base, recruit minions, have them help create your evil plot, then you figure out who the hero is and send minions to thwart the hero. More than likely the hero will survive your lackeys and eventually come to your evil base to beat you! Making it possible to win, but very difficult!

Should be pretty simple to make (I believe, I’ve been wrong about project sizes before XDD) so I’ll get to making!

Making it in Game Maker using Phoenix Lighting engine and some other tools (will be outlined in the contents). Ohh yea, this is for the longer Jam, not the compo.

A screenshot at last..

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 2:08 am

Ok, here is my first screenshot. I have been wrestling a lot with the underlying code, so things have been a bit slow. Plus I have to re-familiarize myself with a number of graphics tools.

First screenshot
The premise of this game is that you have a flying island high above a windswept planet. On your island you must gather the precious gas resource and defeat your rivals for control over it all. You have the choice of whether to build gas gathering buildings, defensive turrets (pictured), offensive missiles, or stability buildings.

The chain reaction is that when your island is hit with missiles neighboring areas begin to weaken. If there is too much weight on a weakened area from your buildings, whole parts of your island may crumble.

Ok, time for some shuteye and then the final push!

A Perfect Swarm

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Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 5:04 pm

Ludum Dare 8 was my second ‘short term’ game programming contest, and my first solo. The theme was ‘swarms.’ I was bound and determined to do an RTS game this time, since my partners in team compos always want to do something actiony. I think I actually wanted robots or magnets or something like that.

I thought it would be nifty if instead of directly building units, you had to attract units with various buildings. So you start with a base and 1 swarm. There are resource buildings (Apple, Flower, and Metal) that you can hover over that will give you various resources. You also have a base. You can build either Apple or Nectar huts in your base. These increase your attraction rates for food or nectar. (It was originally going to be food and sex, if you read the code. I guess bees have sex with flowers or something.) Once bugs are attracted to your base, you can add them to existing swarms, or break them off into new swarms. You can also build Radar to increase your attraction range, or buildings to increase the power or speed of your bugs.

Initially this was going to be swarm vs. swarm warfare, but I ran out of time pretty quickly. (I’ll go into my mistakes below.) So instead the computer just sent a specified number of waves with a specified strength at you at regular periods, and you needed to have swarms built up and ready to fight when they came.

Obviously one of my largest problems was art. As you can tell from my screenshot, It’s ugly. Really really ugly. All the art in the game was ‘placeholder’ art that I was going to go back and fix. That never happened. Secondly, I panicked at about 30 hours. I barely had an engine, and the deadline was closing in. I actually ‘gave up.’ I came back to it, and finished up later. Thirdly I didn’t have a good plan. I know I wanted an RTS, but I didn’t have a good execution plan. I also bit off WAY more then I could chew back then.

My tips for beginners are:

  1. Make a plan – Seriously, take that first hour, and may out some code to get rid of the urge. THen take the next hour or two, and make a task list. What code does your idea need? Divide it up into tasks. As you go along, check things off that you’ve put in.
  2. Take breaks – This is always a newbie mistake too, but, make sure you take regular breaks. 48 hours, even with a couple of sleep periods, is plenty of time to get something done.
  3. Start Small – It’s much easier to add to a simple game then it is to try and cram in everything a more complex game needs.

A Perfect Swarm


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Monday, November 26th, 2007 12:08 pm

Battery was my entry to LD9. The theme was “Build the level you play”. Initially, the open voting hinted at a clear winner of the theme “battery”, for which Hamumu found the best explanation: Battery is a place where bats are hatched. Now, when I woke up the morning of the LD, first thing was I checked the theme, and it mysteriously had shifted. So, I decided to make an RTS where you start with nothing, then have to build up the battery you play.Battery

The title screen.


An in-game shot. Basically, you can order bats to dig (build the level you play), and in the new cave room build different structures for hatching worker and soldier bats and providing food to them. At fixed intervals, a wave of most horrific enemies will attack the battery – so you better have enough soldiers by then.

Gnome Guard

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 11:22 am

Gnome Guard was my entry to LD1 – theme guardian. In the game, you are confronted with a horde of small gnome children, and have to safely guard them home after school.

Gnome Guard

The title screen

Gnome Guard

The gnomes will run towards the green pillar, and avoid the red pillar.

Gnome Guard

But only if they feel like it.

The original download is mirrored here – no idea if the game itself still works: download link

Save The Hut

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 11:16 am

Save The Hut was my very first entry into the world of ‘make a game in a low amount of hours’ compos. It was all about The Hut, and how to Save it from the hut-hungry alien invaders. The player had to make sure The Hut survived for a certain amount of time. To achieve this, stuff could be built, but there was a limit set by the amount of credits available. It played as a mix of RTS and puzzle.


Featuring 10 levels, 8 bit palette graphics awesomeness, developed for DOS using Allegro and DJGPP, it placed about 14th. Its shortcomings seemed to be that people had trouble figuring it out, had real trouble passing level 3 (The Holy Cactuses, which was pretty hard), had trouble running DOS games, and also found ‘hold out for X seconds’ extremely annoying (because it sucks to fail at ‘2 seconds left’ and have to replay the level).

You can download a newer, slightly improved version (for Windows) of Save The Hut as a .zip archive, or as an installer. Or, you could get the old compo version (for DOS).

Castle Smash

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Monday, November 26th, 2007 10:47 am

LD48 #0 was a 24-hour competition with the theme “Indirect Interaction”. To celebrate that, I created Castle Smash, an RTS game where you have no control over your units. You just make buildings to create them, and decide where to build bridges. Their “AI” tells them what to do. Yes, it’s a lot like Majesty, which I had not even heard of at the time. This is a 2-player (at the same computer) game, with no single player option at all.

Castle Smash


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Monday, November 26th, 2007 9:16 am

Galcon cleaned up pretty well in the compo. Here are links to my post-mortem and history. Truth be told, I’ve been making versions of this game for about 15 years now. But this version almost didn’t happen – during the theme voting for this contest I was leading a large group of people to back a different theme from swarms – I had in mind to make an Adventure Game. But since swarms won, I figured I’d try re-making Galcon again for lack of a better thing to do.

On the tech side I realized I needed to up my production going beyond what can be done with pygame. I used pyplus and swig to build C extensions for my game so that I could do some cool graphic and swarming techniques not possible within python. However this caused some trouble, I was able to submit my linux source of the game for the deadline, but due to the craziness of python extensions for windows it took me another full day of work to get it ported to windows.


After the compo I made a shareware version of the game:




Check it out.

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