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Patch 1.01 Notes – Rosebud & Lets Play

Posted by (twitter: @cynicalmonkey)
Monday, December 14th, 2015 2:55 pm

Okay so I have updated the game slightly but not in a meaningful way that I think is against the spirit of Ludum Dare but feel free to make up your own mind on this one. I have left the source the same though

1- Framerate – some lazy programming on my part had made it a game that was tuned to the FR of my laptop but on better machines was unplayable. switching out Update for Fixed Update has solved this.

2- Acid rain – a number of people had complained that the green & yellow drops were to similar and hard to tell apart. I have darkened the sprite and added a skull & cross bones symbol which took all of 15 seconds to make. This is purely cosmetic and changed only to assist the player. I do not think it fundamentally alters the game.

Screenshot 2015-12-13 19.48.20

example of previous green & yellow


new Darker acid drop

3- Difficulty – despite a number of comments I have not changed the difficulty. some people had said they disliked that the branches could present you with an undodgable scenario but I have left that in. In my heart that was the game I was making, it wasn’t supposed to always be 100% fair, its not a puzzle game and isn’t supposed to be infinitely playable. The difficulty ramps up until the Maths generates something you can’t beat, and the game ends. That was by design and changing that would be more than a simple patch, it would require new mechanics and that would not be in my mind in the spirit of Ludum Dare.


So yeah feel free to judge for yourself if you think those changes break the spirit of LD but I feel I can sleep okay tonight.


In other news someone has played my game, streamed it and uploaded to you tube (thanks Dave), so if you want to try before you buy here you go.

Favourite quote “I can move Up & Down!? This changes everything”

Compo Submission Complete – Rosebud (Growing)

Posted by (twitter: @cynicalmonkey)
Sunday, December 13th, 2015 3:16 pm

What do you do for a 48 hr game jam when you will also be looking after your kids at the same time?

Keep it simple!

Screenshot 2015-12-13 19.48.20

Rosebud is using the Growing theme and you play as a flower,a rose to be more precise. Surrounded by giant trees your only wish is to see the sun but to do that you are going have to weave your way through the thick prickly branches of the trees surrounding you. Your only help comes in the form of the rain and drops of sun falling through the canopy & a helpful Bumble Bee or 2, but watch out for the Acid rain as it will not help your progress.

aciddrop beedrop raindrop sundrop

I knew I wanted to keep things simple so I decided to take a basic Shmup control scheme and remove the shooting, I guess that makes this just a Mup then. Once I had built the controls I designed a basic leveling mechanic to allow the rose to grow not only in length but to blossom as a flower.


I purposely kept the art on the simple side as I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to invest and as I mentioned in a previous post my intention was not to blow anyone away but I wanted to have a submission so I could play and rate other peoples games. The theme was not one that inspired greatly (just a little but more than the other one) but that said i actually really like the game. Plus the option to polish it up at a later date is always there.

Screenshot 2015-12-13 19.49.22

When I entered LD33 I submitted a game without sound and despite not selecting audio as criteria to be scored in I received a great deal of feed back about the lack of sound so I wanted to not make that mistake again. If like me you aren’t musically gifted I would recommend to website its a really easy to use Chiptune site and I did all the games audio with it (for better or worse).


So please play, rate and comment on my game, I live for feedback! 

But while I have your attention please check out the non LD game I am working on right now which I am working towards a January release. Its called Mechonomic Boom and you can see a quick playthrough here. Its a management game of the Kairosoft elk (Game Dev Story et al). Where you are running a Mech factory in a 80’s cartoon inspired future and you get to build Mechs to your own design and rent or sell them. It is a 1 man made game and is something I am really passionate about and took some time away from this weekend to jam with you all.


If you are interested in it please follow me on twitter for updates about it, you can find me @cynicalmonkey and any help spreading the word is always appreciated. Or if you prefer CynicalMonkey99 onTwitch, please follow & subscribe.


but for now I am off to play and rate some of your games, might even stream some of the games I play, so if you are already finished drop me a comment and I might play/stream yours. I will also play and rate anyone who does the same for me so make sure to leave a comment on Rosebud after playing and I will get to yours. Although if you get past level 10 keep quiet about what happens in the comments, that’s a suprise.


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