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100 titles rated! and my real post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @crippledgames)
Thursday, May 10th, 2012 7:34 am

So today I’ve finally reached 100 titles rated, and out of all of that I’ve picked my 10 favorite games.

(in no particular order)

the most humorous game so far is:

To What a Mountain?, not much gameplay but a very funny game.


the most innovative games:

Phobius, the melting mechanic is  very nice.

Tiny Tim and Big Bill, playing 2 characters that rely on each-other, great idea

Recluse, probably the most original idea with the window control, I’ve never seen this done before.


The games I spent the most time on:

Tiny World, Big War, there’s no end to this game but it’s pretty addicting.

Tiny Domination, RTS, time consuming, addicting fun.

Electron Cloud, funny gameplay, socially awkward atom.

Greed Wars, I think I played this game for 4 hours or so, very fun and polished.


The most relaxing polished games:

Another Kind of World, nice pace, fun, great graphics.

Zephyr, addicting, calm, very nice graphics.


all these games are great and if you haven’t played them yet please go and try them out.



In Delusion 

So it didn’t come out nearly as good as I thought it would, not because the ideas were bad, but because I didn’t have enough time to put them all together.

This was my first ludum dare so I wanted to try something I’ve never done before and thought, “Why not make a game from scratch?” this way I would learn new things and test my quick thinking abilities. Unfortunately my ideas for the game were almost completely incompatible with the way I was making it. What I did when the theme got announced was sit down and think for a bit. I wrote down a list of ideas that immediately came to my head and then when the list was complete, I crossed them all off.

I wanted to make something original, so instead of using an idea that first popped into my head I did the opposite. Anything that first popped into my head I didn’t do, because those are probably the same ideas that are popping into everyone else’s head.

The funny thing is all of the ideas that I wrote down/thought of were used. Every time I played a game that was on my list I chuckled a bit because I was surprised  how many people came up with the same ideas.

Anyway that was the big reason I wasn’t able to finish in time, after writing a list of what  not to do and after coding some base game logic I started writing down new things and came up with a rough outline for in delusion then I wrote a more detailed outline. At this point I was designing a heavily story based game for my first “2 day game engine”. Those ideas definitely do not fit together.


What went right:

Almost nothing, the only things that somewhat came through were the mood and the graphics.


What went wrong:

I had to redo collisions 3 times because I kept getting sidetracked writing story.

1 slide was unintentionally  being skipped at the end(Bill’s slide).

the slide idea was a last minute idea to broadly fit together as much as possible because I didn’t get to finish pretty much the last 75% of the game.

the inventory system randomly decided not to work properly after I put the slides in at the end.


What I learned:

Don’t expect a huge story to fit in a tiny “game engine” in 2 days.

Being original is good, but don’t get too carried away.


What’s next:

Right now I’m making my own flash engine and a remake of In Delusion is going to be the first game I make with it. This time I’ll put everything I planned in it and then some.


if you haven’t played my game yet, you can play it here

5 Awesome Ludum Dare Entries!

Posted by (twitter: @ericdpitts)
Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 6:08 pm

Now that I’ve reached the 75 ratings milestone, I thought I’d bring to light just a few of the great entries I’ve come across in my journey for the gold!  These will likely be lesser known entries with fewer ratings, so go give them some love!


Get The FROG Off My World!! – by CitrusPunchSamurai

Get The FROG Off My World

This game made me smile.  It’s a really simple game, but it’s presented very well.  Also, the catchy tune will get stuck in your head for quite some time after playing it!


Bottlecolonies – by tcstyle


A little strategy/puzzle game with a really great, distinct visual style.  Awesome presentation.


Tiny Planet – by CherryNukaCola

The music in this game combined with the euphoric explosions as you send stars off  into the galaxy was very relaxing.   Really nice, simple art style to this one as well.


Darkness Creeping – by AD-Edge

The intro to this game pulled me in, and the creepy atmosphere and interesting little creature-controlling mechanic kept me playing.  It’s a 3D first person puzzler of sorts.  Very impressive for 48 hours.


Interstellar Moai Ranger – by Shifty

This is a super-fun on-rails shooter in the same vein as games such as Space Harrier.  Very nice art style, music, and sound effects.


These are just a few of the great games I’ve gotten to play as a result of this amazing community.  Great job everyone!

Who’s Awesome:

Posted by
Sunday, May 6th, 2012 9:02 pm

I’ve played 100 games, and now I’m doing a post on my favs. (I’ll update it if I find more really good games.)

Here, in roughly the order I found them in, are my favourite games from this LD:

Tiny Stomp:   Nice simple 3d graphics, including stomp marks. You stomp on tiny creatures, trying not to trip over your feet or puncture yourself. Very fun, addicting, and easy to pick up! Like the sound fx too.       link
Invasion of Tiny World: A  good core mechanic that the game revolves around, creative, lots of destruction, great graphics, great audio, an all around winner!   link   
Fracuum: Awesome! Lots of gameplay, and the zooming thing gives you a sense of the world like  few other games do! Best level design.  link
Asylum:  Beautiful! A good story AND a great way of telling it that takes advantage of various game elements, just like a videogame story should.  This game is awesome. link 
Obsolecence: Most polished entry! Also has a really good sense of mood.  link
subAtomic: Most funny!  link
Planet Zoob: Best audio!  link
Tiny Worlds (the one with all the blue and orange): Gameplay isn’t the best…but it has the most stick-in-your-head music by far!  link
 Moon Base: Third most unique mechanic!    link
Tiny Computer People: Innovative, and relaxing to play! A very cool idea.    link
Pow! Pow! Pow! Best graphical style! Very nice-looking!  link
Diety: For simple all-around enjoyability.  link
Pioneer: Very replayable!      link  
Dave Is In A Fish Tank: For high replayability, and being the game i played MORE than any other entry!     link    
Casal Navity: Best readme introduction! (Although unfortunately I couldn’t play it…letdown!)      link
Going Rogue: For the music, and the great fun I had discovering different ways of causing havoc. Also because it’s a LD entry with random generation!      link     
Stellar Nurse: Very unique mechanic, fun,  good graphics, good music, all around winner! Second most unique mechanic.    linkety link
Super Ant Surfer Hero (or some such): Lots of gameplay, feels polished, and the ant is really cool! Deserves mentioning just for the ant companion. Feels very complete.   link
Evolve: Best combination of simple fun, relaxing to play, awesome graphics, and humour. Lots of games had those, but this one really brought them all together nicely.  link
Path O Invasion: Best bacteria game!  link 
Bipolar: Best pychosis game! Really zany. REALLY zany.   link to gender switching madness
Michael Is Myopic: Best unique mechanic! It’s everything a good core mechanic should be. link
Overpopulous: Best animated intro! link 

It’s A Tab: Most innovative take on theme. Play it. You’ll see what I mean.  link  

Walker: Gnarly! Very cool idea, great execution.  another link  

TinyTanic: Pure awesomeness!   link 

If your game is on the list..come and play mine!

In honor of 151 ratings, here are some hidden gems

Posted by (twitter: @RecursiveFrog)
Sunday, May 6th, 2012 9:48 am

I’ve decided that for the rest of the rating period that I’m going to wander through two sections of the site to find games to rate:

1. Least Ratings
2. The full gallery of 1400 games, paging through them all

Doing so I found a these things to be true :

1. There are occasionally some really interesting games sitting in the Least Rated pile that are there only because the creator came, built, posted, and abandoned the site.
2. There are some really interesting games sitting in the middle that had just enough Coolness at one point to get attention but that have not been promoted much since

So in honor of the mushy middle, where great ideas get lost in the shuffle, here are a few that you probably won’t ever hear about from anyone else :


Obsolecense — By quickfingers

The gameplay is very simple. The graphics are hauntingly beautiful. The music is poigniant. Humankind has pillaged all the resource-rich planets in the universe until nothing is left but the small, “worthless” planets that had been overlooked for millenia. Unfortunately, they’re all that’s left now. Colonize these tiny worlds and watch as humanity tears their resources asunder to build up industry and housing, but don’t dally as you have only a short amount of time to find the next planet that might sustain you for a few more centuries.


Game With a Fantastic Title — batzerk

On a lighter note, this game was sitting on the “Least Rated” page with only 4 votes when I found it. Again, very simple gameplay, but it’s a real gem in the rough. Hit the platforms to compose a tune and watch the happy particles and listen to the happy tunes. It’ll brighten your day.


HMS Imahara — SLiV

This is the first game I’ve found where there is no audio and yet I still gave the Audio 4 stars. Why? Because the complete and utter silence adds to the tension presented in this minimalist boardgame simulation. The “tiny world” theme was well represented here by making the entirety of the “known” world be just your tiny space ship. The graphics are basic but the story is so well laid out that they let your imagination really take over. Can you get all six crew members to the escape pods? Keep your crew alive amidst the rapidly depleting oxygen supply and the hungry aliens.


stack::tracer() — nihilocrat

A very short, but very inventive puzzle game with a code-based idiom of pushing and popping stack frames with “functions”. There’s so much potential here. Keep an eye on this space and encourage nihilocrat to keep going post-compo!


Catamari Meowacy– SethR

From the first comment : “LOL. This might be the Citizen Kane of gaming that we’ve all been waiting for.”

This game is remarkable for having sticky controls, badly drawn graphics, fuzzy voiceovers, an overall feeling of being a bad acid trip, and the single greatest villain I’ve seen in 151 games in this Ludum Dare.

Zorlax is watching you shower.

Zorlax needs to be a recurring character.

More picks (I’m at 336, btw)

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Saturday, May 5th, 2012 3:01 am

Here are some more awesome games. Enjoy.



Beautiful twin-stick-shooter/adventure on several spherical workls.


Angle Isle

Everything is 45°! Also, you’re a bird. Lovely platformer.


Cruel Space

Twin-stick-shooter on multiple planets with leveling-up-mechanics. Beautiful presentation.



Ferry people around town without causing too much collateral damage. Or destroy the city, should you get pissed off.


Trucking the Universe

Rednecks in space. Also, one-button-controlled.



Defend the freedom with 80s action-heroes. Laugh-out-loud funny.


Inside my Radio

Rhythm-bases platformer. It’s beautiful, and sounds great.




300 games down. 902 to go. Here are some picks.

Posted by (twitter: @IcarusTyler)
Thursday, May 3rd, 2012 12:56 am

Hey guys,

Here are some games that I found to be interesting, compiled for your enjoyment.


Atom Planet

A lovely little 2d-sandbox starring a dinosaur. What else do you want.


The Tiny World of Fiorella

Incredibly polished and beautiful dungeon-crawler. It’s positively Zelda-esque (or was that Isaac-ular?)



Oh Boy, oh boy

You rotate a planet trying to land asteroids, plants and wildlife in such a way that they survive, and cultivate an own environment.


Beef War

It’s tower-defense with beef. Also, insane.


Life in a Jar

You control a colony of sentient cubes, build stuff and assign jobs. A lot of parallels to My Little Planetoid.


Enjoy :)


A lot of great games have gotten a lot of attention here on LD but some other games that are equally impressive have received comparatively little buzz. I’m here to help bring some of these less-known gems to the surface:

Dwindling Worlds

A sensory overload of epic proportions, this game is all about sound, color, and moving your mouse in just the right way as to make the worlds grow. The narration offers clues on how to clear each stage. The visual effects are wondrous and magical.


Speaking of excellent narration, the storyteller in ZUNZANDA is an incredible touch. The game may be a bit slow at times, but whether you finish or not you’ll be happy you started. This one really stuck out early and I have remembered it since based on the strength of the script and the narration alone.


While the combat in the game is random and brutal, the game can be beaten. The idea that the world shifts like a rubix cube as you traverse the top plane is a really interesting concept that could have been explored in greater depth, but that still deserves some spotlight regardless.

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