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Reviewing LD entries

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 5:03 pm

After I submitted my entry about a monster in the deep, I had a good sleep, restored my mana bar and finally it’s time to check the other participants’ entries.

Since 2012 I’ve made 1500+ video reviews of indie games either as a community member of Russian-speaking community or as a game reviewer at FGL. That’s why I’ll not just rate the games, but will rather share 3-10 minutes of how a new player (me) would play these games.

Here are the videos for the first 8 games I’ve rated:

– Socks Monster
– Earth Pocalypse
– Area 50
– Delicious cortex
– Banana eater
– Pegakitty saves the world
– Chompy
– Sea monster

I search the games to rate and review:
– among the comments to my entry
– in my twitter feed
– among all the LD entries

View video on youtube

I hope you enjoy it!

Games I really enjoyed

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Thursday, May 7th, 2015 11:14 pm

I just wanted to commend the following games for taking a great amount of my time. These are all great games (albeit not all are complete), and I urge you to check them out. While you’re at it, you can try mine too. It might not be among the best, but if you’re into puzzle/action games, try and tell me what you think. (Please read descriptions).


To avoid rating spoilers, I have listed them alphabetically.

Click on the images to play the game!


A good tunnel is hard to dig

This puzzle game is mind-boggling. I repeated levels for more than 50 times because of that ‘i-will-definitely-do-it-this-time’ illusion. It’s hard but satisfying. Check it out!


 Corrugated Fidelity

I know very little about the stock market, but this (let me say) puzzle game felt solid. Interesting concept and nice production. This one was really fun.

CorrugatedFidelity-01Dead Pixel

One of those environment-constraints driven puzzle games that keeps you trying. While the gameplay is not long, it was nice.



I like when the games don’t frustrate you when you fail. In this game, you fail a lot – by a split second. But failure leads to practice, and practice makes perfect. And the game is really pushing you in that direction.


Forge Craft

I really liked this one. At first I thought it was that match-three style games, but it isn’t. The great thing about this game is that it starts easy, then it gets very hard. At some point, I didn’t even know where to look anymore – every piece of information is relevant and makes sense – but you really have to multitask. The game does not feature a gameover – so even if you are not doing very well, you can still reach the end goal.


Puppet Guardian

The way this games pushes your brain is fantastic. It requires thought but also action. You have to try this one.

PuppetGuardian 01Radiant Red

At first I didn’t know what to think, but when I understood the gameplay, I just couldn’t stop. Try to beat the extra level – the game developer said it’s too hard to finish – prove him wrong!


Tetris Smash

Very nice Tetris twist. Not much to say, except – GO ALREADY AND PLAY! (Well, for those of you that don’t like Tetris, I feel sorry) :p


X11 Gust Gunner

The amount of fun increases with amount of frustration you experience. The game is hard and it doesn’t help you that you need to repeat the whole level when you fail. But when you reach mastery (and you will, because you’ll be unable to quit), you will be proud.





Stain (this one is mine)

This is my first LD, so I wanted to experiment – so it happened that I experimented with colors. It is maybe a bit unbalanced, but I want your opinion anyway :) How would you make it better?






Noaksey’s Playlist and the Highlights so far

Posted by (twitter: @NoakseyV1)
Monday, April 27th, 2015 9:02 am

With almost 100 games registered so far and a bundle of them already covered

I have been busy making sure that these games are being covered of course with feedback and critiques too

Check out the games and my live game play highlights here

of course if you want me to cover your game please follow the link below :)


Noaksey’s First Live play – Tonight at 7PM GMT

Posted by (twitter: @NoakseyV1)
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015 6:42 am

Hey Guys,

Quick update for those looking to get their games reviewed and critiqued

Following my advert from the other day (found here)

Those that have registered will be being played tonight at 7pm GMT !

Want me to play your game? Follow this link to register your game

Register Me!

SO fair I have the following titles in my play list.

An Unconventional Weapon

One does not simply escape a roving pack of night dwelling demons. At least not without a Coleman lantern that I got at the swap meet last night. But that can be a bit too spooky for my blood. Thankfully we’ve got a part of fun and very goofy shooters to relax and drive us mad before bed time eh?

LiliLight by Carduus, Valmont, & LooPing

RGB by Conk (Simple and Tasty)

Bugged Out by Sebastian Lague, Daniel Snd, & Thiago Adamo


Got a spiffy game? Share away! Im going to be creating showcase videos throughout the voting period. So I’d love to add some more to the list. I’ll be trying to shuffle them in regularly.

You can also keep up to date with the latest episodes via the [Ludum Dare 31 Chupacabra Playlist]


Cheers All!

PlayandrateClick it. You know you want to. <3

I’m going to continue down my bottomless list of Ludum Dare games as I continue to rate and give feedback to you guys! Some of you have been very patient, watching and waiting as I try to give everyone equal consideration and attention. Props to you all! I’m glad this has become something you intrinsically value.

A lot of you have also been taking part in some amazing discussions about gameplay structure and development, and I am so incredibly happy that anyone who’s latched on to the stream has managed to walk away with new knowledge, passion and inspiration. The chat discussion has become just as valuable as the ratings and comments! I plan on trying to do this for as many voting days as I can, even if only for a handful of hours. If I haven’t rated and reviewed your game yet, don’t hesitate to jump into the stream, post me a link to your game in chat, and stick around to participate in the discussion!

TC_DL_MWDon’t forget to play, rate and comment on my LD entry — “A Fine White Line!”

Late Night Playing & Rating Moar LD Games!

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Friday, December 12th, 2014 11:38 pm


Late night gaming is the BEST gaming! Click here to come watch on Twitch!

I got a nice hot cup of tea and some comfy PJs on! Let’s get down to business!

I’m going to try to get through my current long list of games. You can go right ahead and link your game in chat — but I probably won’t get to it tonight! :)


Don’t forget to play, rate & comment on “A Fine White Line”!

How to prepare for #LDJam

Posted by (twitter: @strong99)
Tuesday, November 11th, 2014 1:56 am

It’s a question many have before a Ludum Dare. How do I prepare for it? What to do? Compete in Mini LDs? Stop right there! You should do something completely different first! Something different? Yes. Have you ever evaluated yourself after the previous Jam?

Why I’m referring to self-evaluation is because it’s a very good process in improving yourself. It’s hard to practice and improve yourself when you’re not exactly sure if it will help you to reach your goal. Just start writing down what you did and what the result was. And start grading how well that went. In my case most seemed to go smoothly but the result wasn’t as perfected as I thought it would be. Where did it go wrong? To find out what I did wrong I reviewed the entire process, half hour by half hour. An important fact I found was that after two hours of work my concentration and motivation dipped. Not because it was annoying and uninteresting work, but because it drains you. I already noticed that same thing in LD29 and had scheduled several small breaks of 10 minutes. The breaks did work but weren’t efficient enough.

Another thing you could find out by self-evaluation is which jobs took you more time than you expected. I do these evaluations a lot and I’ve improved a lot based on the results. But what I noticed is that while my games get better, I tend to forgot to build a nice ending. How often do they finish your game? Seeing my statistics only 16% plays that long. But its effect of a nice ending can be seen throughout the game. The ending of my last three LD games were quite hasted.

From my last self-evaluation on LD30 I wrote down these points to work on:

  • Regular breaks (to freshen up)
  • Ending a story (storytelling)
  • Analyse types of user feedback in games (for better feedback tricks)

So instead of practicing building entire games in the little spare time I have I’ve been working on planning and writing skills. Building a game is one thing, building an immersive world is another.

How do you prepare? And is this article useful for you? Share your story!

Follow my blog, our my special LD31 blog for more.

Without Comparison: “Any Moment” by Jakub Koziol

Posted by (twitter: @yr_property)
Sunday, August 31st, 2014 12:30 pm

[Warning: the following is mildly spoilerific, but personally I think it’s about as spoiler-filled as your average game review. So if you want to enter this game completely unaffected, go play it first.]

Any Moment is an entry that is completely different. As far as I can tell, it bears no resemblance to any other game this LD. I think the best way to describe it would be the ‘weirdest’ or the most ‘experimental’ game, rather than the most ‘innovative’ . A game that I struggle to find a comparison for.

How many of us just have to keep connected to social media? The restless checking for new emails and messages, and the serious impediment this can be on your creativity. Any Moment centres on this, and then branches out into the author’s submergence into depression. This is interesting and evocative by itself; however, what makes it so special as to be considered ‘without comparison’ is the way it approaches this subject. There is only ever one screen. There is only ever one method of interaction. There is only ever one path. Profound minimalism. How else do I describe it?

Well, okay, I can maybe do a bit better… It is an autobiographical conversation game where you listen to the author detail the aforementioned problems, spoken with the genuineness and austerity of unscripted, stream-of-consciousness speech (even though I suspect it was partially written). The only occasions at which the player interacts is when a question is posed, at which point the player can press the spacebar when they are ready to continue listening. For instance, at one point you are asked, “have you ever lost interest in something you really loved?” The audio pauses; a prompt arises waitingSpace for your to press enter. The player pauses, contemplating and reflecting until they are ready to move on. For me, this was a profound method of interaction, unlike any other this LD. It doesn’t require choices and consequences, but it still engages the player to an extent much greater than many other entries combined. As patronising as this may sound, it forces you to ‘think’, to involve yourself.

There is also an interesting overriding theme in the game: the desire to be listened to. In games we expect the player to be the ones listened to. The player is the one who inputs, and the game acts accordingly. In this case the opposite is true. So then, I hear some of you cry, why on earth is it a game? Well, the player sets the pacing. They choose when to progress, and they are being directly interacted with by the author — there isn’t even a fourth wall to break. And the player listens. For once we holster our expectations of power and listen. I feel that this is an important message, ever more potent as more and more gamers are demanding games tailored to the  player, rather than games directed and authored by, well, the author(s).

So, an autobiographical minimalist game with no agency that demands passiveness on the part of the player. Yet it works. Go figure.

On a sidenote: this is the kind of game that some people may consider to be “ruining the game industry” and causing its impending “demise”. So in the spirit of hyperbolic dystopianism, I recommend everyone enter the Ruin Jam 2014, a jam to celebrate games that “contribute to the downfall of video games”. Hopefully I’ll get the time to do my little bit in aid of the forthcoming apocalypse. (And thank you to Sunflower for bringing my attention to it.)

Also, this is the third ‘best of’ list I’ve written (well, in this case it’s more of a mini-feature). Please do check out my past two lists on the best romantic/erotic entries and the best sci-fi entries.


My LD29 game + gameplay/review video of it!

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Friday, May 2nd, 2014 2:20 pm

Hi Ludum Dare folks, so for the LD29 Compo I made a game called Alien Cyclope Miner on Mars. It’s my first game for a LD Compo, and so far I’ve got a lot of positive feedback which is great 😀

It’s some kind of Minecraft/Terraria/Starbound etc. inspired game, about mining, building and just getting resources.



I might make an update to the game where I add the features I didn’t make in time, and some other cool stuff such as:

– Enemies (feat. the famous Pepsi Consultant)

– Craftable weapons and tools

– More ores, and new blocks to build with

– Controls fixes, so that you don’t have to use mousewheel

– Other bug fixes


Another cool thing is that the very nice guy Caridorc made a little review/gameplay of my game and put it on YouTube 😀

Also check his game out 😀

Only two more reviews left to win!!

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Saturday, August 31st, 2013 9:07 am

Looks liked it turned into a fierce contest after all. Only two rank endings remain. That’s right folks, rank A and SS are still available. Beat the game and get the ranks and you will win a free in depth review!

Hurry up!


Win an in depth review!

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Saturday, August 31st, 2013 7:29 am

Here is your chance to get a free review of your game, right here on the blog. The review will be quite lengthy and focus on your entry, the progress you have made through the different Ludum Dare and what the future seems to hold for you and your game. You don’t wanna miss it!



So how do you win then, you ask? Easy, you simply beat my game. But there is a catch of course. There are nine different endings of my game. Simply post the ending rank you get in the comments, and the first comment of each rank wins a review. If, however, I am a not able to play your game out of technical reasons, the winner of that rank will be the next in line.

Good luck!

I’m doing Video Reviews!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Sunday, August 25th, 2013 11:47 pm

With more than 1500 games + work, I have given up the idea of playing even a significant part of these games. So, if we can’t go for quantity, we go for quality, right?

This LD, my plan is to do a Mini-LP of every game I rate! These videos will be recorded as I play each game the very first time, so all the bugs, surprises, emotions and annoyances will be there :-).

If you want to see my video reviews, just go to this Youtube playlist.

IF you want me to review your game, just leave a comment! I will do what I can (time restrictions pending).

100 game played!

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Friday, May 17th, 2013 8:23 am

3,5 days until the deadline, and I just played 100 games.

Here are my favourite games amongst ones I`ve played:

Best by mood:

The world is in your hand,

a compo entry by jacklehamster.


A game with fantastic mood and story. I was almost crying by the end. A simple and minimalistic yet fun and detailed game. And it has quests! The right game for fans of visual novels.


Best by humor:

Steve Can`t Zen,

a compo entry by DaanVanYperen.

A very witty game about fighting and meditation. Has much graphic contend, interesting and polished gameplay, and a very laughable story. Simple and easy to understand for everybody!


Best by audio:

Drug Hunt,

a jam entry by kill0u.

An atmosphere-based game about drugs. Consists of many minigames and only one button to complete them. Has a crazy yet appropriate soundtrack, which will make you feel the mood easily. It will keep you glued to the screen!


Best by graphics:

Gods Will Be Watching,

a jam entry by GreyShock.

A management game, where you try to survive on a planet, waiting for help to come. Has much details in graphics, sounds and storytelling. It makes you live through lives of characters.


Best by theme:

This is not a minimalist game,

a compo entry by Volute.

An RPG-like game, where you complete various quests in order to restore the world. It takes you to a trip though the game history!


Best by fun:

Mind the Gap,

a jam entry by shiprib.

A game about trains. The most minimalistic yet deep game, containing pure meaning, and nothing unnecessary. It`s packed with hours of fun!


Best by innovation:

Square Heart Flower,

a jam entry by JonathanG.

Unique graphics? Check! Original gameplay? Check! A game about communication, set in a minimalistic world. Experimentators will surely like it!


It was difficult to select a best game by overall. I have a lot of games worth be the best, but I need to choose one. Ok, let it be…


Best by overall:

Of Guards And Thieves,

a jam entry by cominu.

A multiplayer game, which is rare. Very polished. Balanced, interesting and original. Has great graphics and audio. That`s the winner in my list! I see a lot of potential here. I hope it will be extended and become a great game, but even now it`s great. It`s difficult to assemble a team though, so if you need a player, you can call me.

Some last minute recommendations

Posted by (twitter: @kyynkolo)
Friday, May 17th, 2013 6:17 am

Heyah! I was hoping to go through at least 10% of the entries, but my rating-o-meter is currently sitting at 203 and I’m thoroughly pooped! Hopefully you guys have some mettle left in you, there’s still some time to spread the love around. I compiled a short list of lovely games with somewhat low amount of ratings. See if you can find some gems that you haven’t run into yet!


Pink Haze / SUSTAIN / Bayou


Princess Chardonnay in Bomb Kingdom / VIB / Minimize This!


Maze of Argus / STL RNNR / 9


World of Minimalism / Small Tale / Kipple


L’Hypnose / Cage’s Ghost / The Ethereal Stage

Still looking for more entries to rate? Check my other recommendation post, or take a peek at my entry!

Yet another highlight post about great games – Part 2 !

Posted by (twitter: @EggDestroyer)
Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 1:40 pm

10 days ago, I posted a little highlight of my favourites entries to celebrate my 50 first games played – you can find it HERE.

Now, I reached 100 games, which means it’s time for another highlight for the 50 latest ones. Once again, this is based on my own jugement, and doesn’t mean the games I’m not mentioning “suck” : they just didn’t hook me up as much as those ones. Also, no particular order. Let’s do this !


Aduno – Jam

Minimalize junk forever ! Aduno is a clever puzzle game reminding me some childhood educational games about logic, except more challenging and fun, like some sort of “extra light Space chem”. What struck me is the very polished animations, looking IMO sort of “professionnal” without ruining the game nice style.


Unfurl – Jam

Zen atmosphere, scroll theme, simple rules yet great complexity : Unfurl faced the theme “full power” without betting on minimal graphism. Unfurl scrolls to create lines of shapes, but do it right, as unfurled scrolls will hide bottom ones. This underrated game twisted my mind quite hard despite apparent simplicity – the zen atmosphere almost mocked me !

The team even created a fake traditional game to give presence to the tutoria, which was fun and unexpected.


Drug hunt – Jam

I’m usually not fond of “wtf-game throwing random images and you and call it a day” as it’s often a lack of actual effort to come up with something well thought. One could argue about my point of view and go one step further on the meaning of art, but for now I’ll just praise Drug Hunt’s successful blend of “what the hell ?” factor and actual, well thought features.

This game is basically a suit of thematic mini-games depending on which drug you take. It’s very fast paced yet clear enough for most of games (not EVERY game tho) to bring an actual perceptive challenge. And of course, the atmosphere is nuts, yet “well thought nuts”, rendering the experience IMO even more enjoyable.


Tessitron – Jam

Which seemed to be your average rythm game turned into a creative blend of Guitar hero (well, Frets on fire here) and a rail shooter. I almost felt like playing Rez in some parts. The whold experience, mix of an electro trip and a frantic rail shooting quest for the Evil Boss, is remarkably well put together, despite the somewhat awkward connection between letters, colors and enemies. Minimal 3D trip at its finest, but including satisfying pacing and challenge : deal !


Root Route ! – Jam

This may be my favourite entry of 100. Everything in this game feels “right. The gameplay is simple, effective, includes ressource management, yet it’s a NON-RUNNER-one-button-game (okey, well, it’s some sort of vertical, super twisted runner-like). This kind of minimalism allows some liberty on graphic design, which happens to be very well crafted, feeling both nostalgic and polished, yet very coherent with the music & sfx, which happen to be very enjoyable and setting a soothing mood.

But the most impressive feature, which perfectly makes up for the few imperfections (high difficulty curve, no previous zoom which would be handy to plan the level ahead, hitbox somewhat difficult to guess), is the amount of appealing details : clear interface, the flower blooming more or less depending of the scoring, the zoom back on top when the level is finished and the general feeling of constructing something different each time.


Some extra games I liked very much as well (-> look at them, really, they are great) :

Street of rave – It’s not only the name : this game is great fun, to play, to watch and to complete ! Make people dance, avoid angry cops : what’s not to like ?

Mind the gap – Minimal, symbolic subway simulation. Downright excellent, great atmosphere (very soothing), playable for hours : totally worth playing !

Escape the minimalism – May seem like a basic platformer, but really has an interesting mood with variating epileptic rainbows, very powerful.

Metahotel – An interesting puzzle game blending AI management, logic and reflexes with elegant graphism.

Less is more? – Everybody is talking about that one and I can see why. Mesmerizing puzzle game twisting Mondrian with style.

QbQbQb – “Orbital match 3”, great in every field with very impressive polish and mood.

Rainbow rocket – The most interesting way to pilot a rocket ! So very hard to handle but great potential and excellent experience.

Bezier challenge – Will ring a bell to every “maths nerd” for a reason : very peculiar concept and design, which makes the game fun to play.

Aranmi – The sole idea of making a game based on a rake and sand is amazing enough, but succeding it is even better. Relaxing yet challenging RAKE game !

A simple circle – Smart puzzle game with smart scoring system : this game proves that simple doesn’t mean stupid or meaningless.



That’s it. Also, feel to take a look at my own entry (which includes a cute circle and a creepy voice) : YAHG.


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