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First game, first gamejam!

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Monday, August 29th, 2016 3:56 am

We are a young brother and sister team.  This is our first game together, and we made it using Scratch, which we have been using since one of us joined our local Code Club.  We were invited to participate in Ludum Dare 36 by local game developers SoGoodStudios and SizeableGames who made us feel really welcome and helped us by testing our game and giving us feedback.

Our game is called Roman Defence.  We were talking about the ancient technology theme and decided to do a game using Roman weaponry and gladiators, but it ended up being about a lone Roman soldier defending their town from ferocious animals (who escaped while being shipped to the Colosseum!) using only spears.  Hundreds of spears..  We came up with the basic idea on Saturday afternoon and over the rest of the weekend one of us did all the programming into Scratch while the other made all of the sprites etc.  We used the Pixel Art and PixiTracker apps on Android for the sprites and music and converted the Scratch file to a Flash game using

We tried to make Roman Defence seem authentically retro, with very simple gameplay and pixel art sprites, and a soundtrack that stays with you afterwards for all the wrong reasons.  There is only one level, it starts off slow and gets faster.  The conclusion is sadly inescapable (the herd of beasts always win!) but you get to take as many as possible with you.  You are helped by a power up in the form of Pompeiian bread, which allows you to use the Super Spears superpower for every thirty seconds you survive the onslaught.


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