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Super Battle Cycle Results

Posted by (twitter: @mattlawrdev)
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017 5:35 pm

Here’s the ranks and ratings for Super Battle Cycle, my entry!


Click for LD page

Wonderful! They’re the best ranks I’ve gotten in any entry. I think I will continue developing the game to eventually sell it… I hope it goes well, I’ve never tried selling a game before.

It would have been nice to get top 100 in Overall, but I’m satisfied with hitting top 100 in two other categories 😀 Congrats to the winners.


Great Ludum Dare, guys. Thanks everyone for playing, keep updated on future plans for the game on GameJolt and Twitter!

Morph Space ratings are in!

Posted by (twitter: @Zazanxors)
Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 1:49 am

RatingsOverall very happy with the outcome. This is actually the highest rating for Graphics I’ve ever received, so it’s quite uplifting!

Not done with the game yet, though. I’m currently working on polishing and adding to it, and while I can’t say how far it’ll go yet, I’m currently looking at the possibility of releasing an early post-compo polish update by this Friday.

Big thanks to everyone who streamed and played my game – your feedback was immensely helpful! Additional thanks to everyone who dropped by or submitted their game for my Twitch streams; community like this is what makes these special, and you guys amaze me with each event. Keep being awesome!


Ludum Dare 35 Results

Posted by (twitter: @gamepopper)
Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 2:55 pm

The results are online and I’m confident in saying I have improved once again!

As you can see, not only have I achieved the 100% Coolness ranking for the second time, but in all but one of the categories I have managed to reach the top 500! Compare this to Ludum Dare 34 where I only had one category in the top 500 (but then again, I didn’t do much effort and only allowed voting on four categories), and Ludum Dare 33 where despite having a better ranking in audio and fun, four out of the eight categories failed to reach the top 500.

So in a way, I’ve improved overall. I’m still aiming to get a category in the top 100 though, I was so close last year.

You can play my LD35 entry here on!

First LD Results – Wow!

Monday, January 4th, 2016 11:04 pm

Wow! I’m so surprised by this. I went in with the mindset that I would be happy just to complete this, and I’d be amazed if I made it in the top 50%. As my first Ludum Dare I was not expecting much, so I was so surprised when I logged in to see this:


I’m so incredibly happy with these results! I know they’re not all that amazing but they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside so that’s more than enough for me.

Thank you to everyone who played and rated my game! Thank you to everyone who participated for creating so many wonderful games! And a huge thank you to PoV for keeping Ludum dare running!

I had a fantastic time with this and I can’t wait for the next one.

Aim for weird, get #26 mood!

Posted by (twitter: @Local_Minimum)
Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 3:54 pm

For several categories, and in general, I think this is by far my best result in LD.


So lets tease it apart and get into that post-mortem mood.

#26 Mood

I wanted to learn the Camera Effects now available to everyone in Unity, and I think I did throw in about half of them.
At the same time! Crazy me. Actually, it might have been a bit too crazy since there were several reports of people getting nausea from playing.
There was an obvious attempt to scare and discomfort without using violence (at least not against other entities), but making players ill was more than I wanted.

There is something about mood, when it comes from strange and trippy-land. I thought it wouldn’t do to explain much to the player. It was important that the player got to discover. That is a big part of the mood. So when the game doesn’t follow all game-convensions it becomes very hard to ease the player the right way.

One nifty thing I partially succeeded with in regards to this was how the game starts.

Skärmklipp 2015-05-12 22.02.49

The player is locked inside a small room (lower left) with a strong visual queue, the first partial goal. The door only opened after that goal was achieved.
However, the position of where the player started in combination with the size of the trigger meant players happened to get the unlock without understanding they’ve solved the first part.
Even worse, upon completing a part wild-with-crazy-ideas-me though it good to reset players (using exactly the same visuals as for “death”), which meant players didn’t even understand that they were progressing.

#68 Audio

This actually makes me more happy about the community than anything. The game doesn’t have music. All it has is some random sounds (thanks squeaky boards in my floor), and me attempting some voice acting. I think that should say something to others, like me, that don’t really have the talent to make tunes. There are great tools to procedurally generate music, but not all games will do better with those songs.

#165 Innovation

I expect you get some from the fact that it is a strange game.
I think having a rubber chicken that you hit yourself with is a rather novel weapon.

But in general, I’m actually quite happy that I managed to keep the game logic so conventional.
Except, maybe, having health drain fast with movement.
And a bit uncommon with the “weapon”. It is a typical, unlimited use melee weapon, but you are the one being hit. So while it makes you calm/gives you health, it also makes health drain faster when you start to move again.

#169 Graphics

I’m not very good at keeping a style, and very new to 3D models.
So, I did crazy number of models:

Skärmklipp 2015-04-22 21.50.24

And stuck to two and a half colors (Grey, yello, and a splash of red)

I’ve also been playing some Borderlands, and I really wanted that toony-outline style (not visible here, but play the game and you’ll see! ^^ ).

#296 Overall | #659 Humor | #728 Fun

I think this points to general communications issues in the game.
People not progressing fast enough, the game should really never take more than 3 minutes to play.
The feedback on what are the partial targets, that the player progressed, where to go if you don’t find the target. It all needed to be better.

Though it seems scary, it is actually more of a fun game if you ask me. But it is only fun if it doesn’t take too long and you must reach the end.

#785 Theme

This is just wrong. OK, I was very unhappy with the theme because of its center around violence. But I was wrong there. It was a good theme. A great diversity of games were made.
I still think some either can’t let go of weapons needing to hurt others. Or that unconventional must be in the mechanics somehow. It would make me sad if that’s the case.
So lets hope the blame is on me, because maybe just noticing there’s a rubber chicken isn’t enough to say it’s good theme-wise (though I don’t really see why not), but if people didn’t really understand what it was doing… then it is on me. It should have been clearer what the chicken did.


And as it happens, I think I’ve made a version of the game that actually addresses amost all the issues, so if you are in the mood… give it a try:

Where’s Manno?

Me, I can’t wait for the next LD! I’m so happy and proud. Next I’ll do something even stranger. That’s a promise! (And please excuse my sloppy language in this post)

Cell #327 – results

Posted by (twitter: @AurelDev)
Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 4:41 am

Cell #327 Results

Well this LD was pretty cool. Thank you, everyone who voted and / or provided valuable feedback :)

My results, compared to my LD30 entry, are better in every single category, except for innovation. I kind of expected this game to be considered at least somewhat innovative, as far as LD games go – I haven’t seen too many point ‘n clicks. (Resizing your browser window, on the other hand, … eh.)

Anyway, bitter feelings aside, just like with every single LD entry ever, I want to finish it one day! And I probably never will. But here’s to hoping. :) I am, however, working on someone else’s Post-LD game. Wish us luck!

Looking forward to the next LD!

(mirror of this blog post)

Noice results here!

Posted by (twitter: @SixtenKastalje)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 7:04 pm

Thank you everyone, it has been a great Ludum Dare!

My results were far better than the other two LDs I’ve participated in. #111 in Theme and #193 in Innovation, that’s awesome and just gives me motivation to aim for the top 100 next time!


As I participated in the jam this time, without a team and made all stuff myself as if it were for the compo, I think these results are pretty good. I made some nice stats below, comparing how I did my previous LDs:


Stat 1: Fixed Ranking

Top percent calculated as #Ranking divided by total entries for each LD compo/jam.

Stats ranking LD31 SK16 Games



Stat 2: Score

Just the raw score – 1 to 5 stars.

Stats score LD31 SK16 Games



Oh! And you can play my game here:

Old Game on an Old Screen

SK16Games_LD31 thumbnail Game Jolt

– See you all in April! (hopefully)

Ludum Dare Results Comparison

Posted by (twitter: @gamepopper)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 6:29 am

So the results are in! So awesome to see the final scores and see what games got in overall, and see where everyone else’s results are on the rankings. Since this is my third successful Ludum Dare, I thought I’d try a little comparing to see how much I did better (or worse) at this point. Then for future Ludum Dare entries I can then add in those results and probably build a chart to see my progress.

The Results

Ludum Dare 27 (Ten Seconds) – 10 Second Paper Flight

Ludum Dare 29 (Beneath the Surface) – Under Maintenance

Ludum Dare 31 (Entire Game on One Screen) – Glow Drop

My Comments

So while the ranking don’t appear to have changed, the average score for most categories has improved. The only category to have gone down considerably over the three LDs was Humor, although in fairness since my game wasn’t intended to have humour so I could’ve omitted the category. I’m also one of the people that got 100% coolness which is an awesome surprise, it means I’m (technically) listed on the results page. At the moment I’m balancing University work and turning Glow Drop into an Android and Windows Phone release as Glow Drop DX. So hopefully you might see more from me in the future?

Thanks for Ludum Dare!


Posted by (twitter: @fullmontis)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 4:29 am

Whoa, the third most exciting moment of every Ludum Dare has come! Lo and behold, the ratings! Let’s see how my humble game did this year.

Coolness 62%
#36 Mood(Jam) 4.00
#201 Theme(Jam) 3.89
#223 Audio(Jam) 3.38
#285 Overall(Jam) 3.47
#416 Innovation(Jam) 3.17
#562 Fun(Jam) 2.97
#566 Graphics(Jam) 3.14

Alright, this looks like a good ludum dare. My main focus on mood paid out, since I’ve finally broke the 4 star barrier in a category. This is enough to celebrate! Next time though I should focus more on fun cause it seems like a sticking point of mine.

Here is a little graph of my 2 year progress.


results fullmontis


I’m really happy of the progress I made. It looks like there has been a steady improvement. My purpose for the next ludum dare is to break more into the 4 star section, and hopefully if I don’t waste my time stupidly like usual maybe I can too!

I want to thank everyone involved in this Ludum Dare, admins, creators and players. THANK YOU! This is getting better and better every time. Can’t wait for April!






Existential Post-mortem

Posted by (twitter: @Zazanxors)
Tuesday, December 30th, 2014 12:20 am

So this was my third Ludum Dare, and I have to say I had a blast. Making Existential has been a load of fun. I learned a bunch and ate a lot of pizza in the process.

I’m not going to summarize each day in this postmortem however, as I’ve already done that in both of my progress posts for the respective days.



I’m happy with this overall. Originally I expected higher ratings, but in hindsight I understand why I got what I did (except for Audio – I’m getting way too high a score for that) – I had taken a project that was a little bit big for Ludum Dare and this resulted in me having to focus almost entirely on gameplay only. Almost no polish was able to be done, and as a result my ratings suffer. Besides that, I wasn’t able to make the theme have that large of an effect on the player, and so it was difficult to notice.

What went good

  • Unity 4.6 UI system. I love it so much.
  • Eating, getting sleep, etc
  • Gameplay. Seeing as I focused mostly on this, I think I actually did it pretty decently.
  • SharpDevelop. Magicolo suggested it as an alternative to MonoDevelop and it’s a huuuge improvement.

What went bad

  • Graphics. Since I focused on gameplay so much, I didn’t have much time to improve them.
  • Audio. Same reason as above – no time.
  • Project Scope. It wasn’t terrible, and I was able to do it, but as I’ve said it’s because of this I wasn’t able to polish the game.

So what now?

I’m planning on finishing up the game, hopefully by the end of the week. I plan for it to be my first ‘real’ project as a game developer, and am planning to release it for free on, GameJolt and Kongregate. I also plan to in the process improve the scripts I’ve made for making platformers.

Anyways, that’s all. Have a good day, and see you next Ludum Dare (oh hey that rhymed).

I’m in (+Chronolapse problems and entry ratings)

Posted by (twitter: @Zazanxors)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 4:31 pm

Woah Ludum Dare great fun videogames stream development tools tools workflow timelapse snowman potato etc etc.

Let’s get to the point.

I’ll probably be joining the compo, and will switch to the jam if I need more time. Tools:

  • C# – Language. Obviously superior.
  • Unity3D – Game Engine. Due to the awesome folks over at Unity giving away ~1,000 free codes for a month of Pro, this just gets even better.
  • MonoDevelop – IDE. Unity’s one weakness. I can’t afford the Visual Studio plugin, so I’m stuck with this.
  • Paint.NET – 2D Graphics. Besides the fact that it’s awesome and free, I have the most experience with this.
  • BFXR & Freesound – SFX.
  • BeepBox – Music.
  • Open Broadcasting Software – Streaming [Twitch]

As for a timelapse, I’ll be using Chronolapse, assuming it works. It keeps telling me it doesn’t have write permission, even though I’ve given full permissions to everything for the target folder, and ran Chronolapse as administrator. If anyone has a solution, please comment!

Hoping to do better than last time. Ratings weren’t good, and I procrastinated posting them, so here:

Someone told me my music was good. I still don't believe they were right.

Someone told me my music was good. I still don’t believe they were right.

Learned a ton about Unity platformers though, which led me to fix the super annoying “I’m stuck on this tile wtf” bug and optimize collisions at the same time. It even got me to start a Github project to make Unity assets intended for creating platformer games, which I’ll be using if I create a platformer this time around.

Anyways,  theme dare post wordpress vote potatosalad hope ludum snowman and good luck!

My Ludum Dare Progress

Posted by (twitter: @TomboFry)
Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 6:20 am

Since I started taking part in Ludum Dare last April, I’ve had loads of fun. What surprises me more is that I do fairly well in each competition as well. Everyone loves graphs, so I made a graph with all the results from each compo I’ve taken part in. The first thing I notice is the “theme” and “innovation” categories. Either I’m obviously not that good at interpreting the theme, or people don’t understand my interpretation of it 😉

Yeah, I know, all my games so far have been 2D platformers… I’ve started learning Unity, so hopefully that will change. There are so many more things you can do with a 3rd dimension! With that being said, it blows my mind to think that I’ve always come in the top 5-10% of games overall.


I know the ratings are over, but if you want to play my Ludum Dare game, feel free to click here!:

Flesh Hunter

LD28 Result Breakdown (One Jump)

Posted by (twitter: @xanjos)
Saturday, January 11th, 2014 5:37 pm

So it’s almost been a week since the results for LD28 were out and even I though I did worse than last time, I thought I might do a quick breakdown of my results for my game One Jump and see where I went wrong:


Coolness 100%
#101 Theme 3.66
#641 Humor 1.93
#703 Audio 1.89
#746 Innovation 2.50
#768 Fun 2.44
#898 Overall 2.46
#899 Mood 1.98
#963 Graphics 1.74

Strongest Category – Theme: The one that almost made it to top 100. Didn’t really enjoy the theme for this Ludum Dare but I’m glad people thought my game fitted it somewhat well.

Weakest Category – Graphics: I’m very bad at drawing things but I’m going to try and make an improvement for the next Dare.

Even though I’ve done two entries so far, here’s a little chart comparing how I did last time:


Overall, despite this entry being the first to be submitted for the compo (The last one was for the jam), there’s probably a lot of stuff I really need to improve on such as graphics. I will still keep aiming to submit my entries in the time for the compo but will consider submitting for the jam if it needs that extra polish.

Finally, thank you to everyone who rated my game and gave nice comments about it as well as useful constructive criticism.

See you in April for Ludum Dare 29!!

Terminally Ill – Aftermath

Posted by
Saturday, June 1st, 2013 8:25 am

Hey guys, this post is a little late in coming, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone who commented on and rated my game, I was very happy (not to mention surprised) with my overall result of #102, maybe I’ll break the top 100 next time! I was also extremely pleased with my placing of 24 for mood, since I did try quite hard to build up some sort of atmosphere.

Overall a very enjoyable first experience, I can’t wait to give it another bash in August – see you guys then!

Screen Shot 2013-06-01 at 5.18.20 PM

Also, The IGP made a video of my game on youtube, check it out :)

Somewhat Detailed Analysis of my LD26 Results (Only One Shot)

Posted by (twitter: @xanjos)
Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 5:01 pm

So the results for LD26 are out and I must say, despite some of the obvious faults my game had, I was pleasantly surprised with what I got so without any further ado, here are the results for my entry, Only One Shot:


Coolness 100%
#67 Theme(Jam) 3.92
#83 Innovation(Jam) 3.58
#239 Audio(Jam) 3.00
#245 Fun(Jam) 2.98
#281 Overall(Jam) 3.11
#350 Humor(Jam) 1.85
#365 Mood(Jam) 2.66
#464 Graphics(Jam) 2.47

Anyway, according to bvanschooten’s percentile maths, I’m actually in the top 14th percentile for Theme and top 17th percentile for Innovation out of all rated Jam games.

Strongest Category – Theme: Minimalism was probably an easy theme to interpret so no problems here.

True Strongest Category – Innovation: Now this one I can definitely be proud of as a lot of the positive comments on my game were to do with the core mechanic of my game.

Weakest Category – Humour: Wait, what? My game hardly has any humour 0_O

True Weakest Category – Graphics: I’ve probably said this before so many times during the rating period but I’m more of a coder than an artist and I can’t even draw to save my own life but regarding the theme, I just sorta lucked out.

Category which took me by Surprise – Audio: Apparently bfxr and a few randomly placed squares in Otomata somehow managed to get me a 3 in Audio.

Category I nearly managed to break through – Fun: Was only 0.02 away from 3 stars and possibly making top 100 for fun.

Overall, I would say not too shabby for my first Ludum Dare. I’ll try and possibly make some time over the weekend as I’m pretty busy at work during the weekdays but I might start on working on an improved, fleshed out, post-compo version of my game.

Finally, a big thank you to everyone who rated my game and gave nice comments about it and to everyone who submitted an entry of course.

See you in August for Ludum Dare 27 😀

Namcap — Timelapse, Scores and PostMortem

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 6:05 am

Voting is over, Results are out, and it is time for some introspection. LD25 was a really, really good LD for me, so take a sit and let me tell you all about it… whether you want it or not! Mwahah!

Play Namcap!


After two pretty terrible LDs I knew, when I put the keyboard down, that this time it had been different. I had a pretty decent idea from the get go. And even if I had troubles with parts of the execution, I was able to sneak in a lot more polish than in previous LDs. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here are the scores (LD22 positions are multiplied from 891 to 1400 entries).

Category LD22* LD23 LD24 LD25
Overall #344 (2.95) #524 (2.81) #504 (2.73) #142 (3.42)
Theme #765 (2.25) #231 (3.41) #209 (3.32) #24 (4.13)
Fun #285 (2.78) #674 (2.36) #553 (2.45) #200 (3.19)
Innovation #329 (2.80) #451 (2.89) #253 (3.14) #220 (3.17)
Graphics #482 (2.73) #563 (2.64) #677 (2.05) #263 (3.19)
Audio #490 (2.31) #246 (2.94) N/A #194 (2.94)
Humor #395 (2.10) #307 (2.49) #142 (2.89) #161 (3.14)
Mood #738 (1.95) #492 (2.60) #562 (2.25) #205 (3.09)

I’m pretty happy about theme. This high score means that I was able to pass the image of my game to the players. There were quite a few “reverse-x” games in this LD — but the thing about reverse-games is that, for you to feel like the villain of the original game, the reverse game must be as close to the original as possible. This was one of my design guidelines – score, gameplay, graphics, whenever I was able, I tried to mimic the original Pacman.

Graphics and Audio are as expected. Not super high, but higher than my previous entries. I feel more confident with my toolchain, and I’m happy with the result. It is worth noting that although Audio was my lowest score, it was not my lowest placement. This shows how audio making is one of the largest barriers in this competition.

I was expecting Fun to be a bit lower, since many people complained about the controls, and the AI frankly sucked. But I guess when people “like” the game, all the scores go a bit higher together. That also goes for humor – I have no idea why I got a 3.14 score, since I did not include anything humorous in my game.

I would love if anyone who voted in my game could comment on the “mood” score. I usually rate mood based on the “consistent feel” of the game (which mine wasn’t quite there), and the “not done by my nephew” factor (does not feel TOO amateurish – decent opening, transitions, desktop behavior, etc).

Post Mortem


LD23 and LD24 were two failures for me. In both cases I had quite pretentious ideas that didn’t live to their full potential. So even before the theme was decided I decided that I would go with a simple action game, probably a shooter. As the LD approached, the idea of making a QiX game was growing in me.

When the theme was announced, I quickly decided to make a “reverse-classical-game”, and sat down to think which classical games would be a)realistic to make and b)fun to play. Pacman and QiX were at the top of my shortlist. In the end, I decided to go with Pacman because since QiX is a really old game, I was afraid many people wouldn’t “get” it.

Sorry pal, maybe next time.

Making the game

This is the fourth time that I make a game using the JAVA + SLICK2D combo. Even though I hadn’t programmed in a while, I was still familiar enough with the basic API, which helped. I’m starting to feel some limitations on the SLICK2D library though. If I did this for a living, I would probably start to look for a new library about now, but I want to get a bit better at short game jams before worrying about that. I would probably get more bang for my book by learning how to properly compose simple songs, or getting a more consistent graphics style.

Development was pretty straight. I managed to add some bells and whistles such as transitions, pauses, high scores, etc. I wasted a LOT of time on the Pacman AI. My BASIC idea about how the Pacman AI should work was wrong, and instead of realizing that I should redo it from scratch, I tried many different small adjustments to it. All in all I lost a lot of time here that could have been spent on other things.

Another thing that was bad in the development is that I couldn’t get people to playtest my entry. Playtest is SUPER important. Many of the comments from the reviewers mentioned that it was hard keeping track of which ghost was selected with which number. Many simple solutions were suggested. This is the kind of stuff that a little play testing by someone other than me would have caught quite quickly.

Positives and Negatives

The good:

  • I was familiar with Slick2d, and that made a lot of stuff faster. Even if I didn’t know how to do something, I knew where to look.
  • I started using Inkscape a lot, which is good for non-pixel drawing (such as the game board).
  • “If it is not moving on the screen, it can be drawn on the background”
  • I started to get used to mixing sound effects in BFXR, for some cooler results than using single samples.
  • Simple fade-out transition: draw a blank square on the screen and mess with transparency
  • The simpler your game idea is, the more time you have to refine it!

The bad:

  • I should have written cleaner code. My code was so messy that it was hard to add simple things such as a difficulty progression based on changing pacman’s speed/power length.
  • I’m starting to get tired of autotracker’s music. People who have never heard it like it, but it gets old really fast.
  • Using Angelfont in a Linux environment is really hard – I will have to find some other library to use/package fonts in my game.
  • It seems that java applets are unreliable in Ubuntu. I can’t even play my old java applet entries anymore in any of my ubuntu boxes :-(.
  • Not getting anyone to playtest my game was REALLY bad.
  • I lost a lot of time banging my head against pacman’s AI, when I should have done something simpler (Greedy search?).


This time I added the title music of my game to the time lapse! It is so much better than a silent timelapse!

Namcap Timelapse!

Curse of Goats

Finally, a little bit of a rant. I think the goat thing went overboard this LD. I saw too many games where goats were pushed in, without thought. I think this is because the optional theme was put in the announcements this time (unlike kittens in LD22, which was mostly a thing spread through word of blogpost). Since it shared the same space as the official theme, many people might have thought it was also obligatory or something. While I love silliness a lot more than the average people, forced jokes get bad real quick. I suggest that the joke theme is not supported officially in LD26.

Anyway, see you all in LD23!

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