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Playing and being played

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 8:46 pm

Well, this was my first game jam.
And I want to share a bit of this experience with you.

I meant this IS my first game jam. Playing other people’s game and seeing people’s reaction to mine happens to be the best part of it.


I always feel uncomfortable sharing something I do. Because there is infinite possibilities of doing things better. And I love creating but I’m not a specialist in anything, I just love the entierty of it.

Having a deadline and a theme is great for me. It allows me to work more efficiently. Well, I could have easily done my game in time for Compo submission if I didn’t sleep a lot and do other stuff… but anyway I kinda like the urgence and the intense focus.

The Jam

So, ShapeShift! At first, I thought of squares, triangles and circles (and maybe a cross…) But then I thought too many people would think of that. I guessed a lot of people would do a hero with transforming powers, so I looked for interesting angles for the theme. After looking at ancient stories of Mythology and all the uses of metamorphosis in art through the ages on wikipedia, I told myself: Maybe the story of a dog who has been transformed into a man? Or a character that could switch between male and female?

I liked those weird ideas, but it was ambitious. I knew I had to keep it simple. Especially since I’m doing this on my own. And I never really finished a game…

After a looong family dinner on saturday night, 20 hours had passed. I had to make a decision. I set up for squares, triangles and circles. But what’s the gameplay? I thought first of a rythm game. The shapes would shrink and you would click on them when they reach the center of the screen. But for my placeholder geometric assets I choose black, white and red as colors. That made me think of Seven Nation Army’s video clip from The White Stripes(although ther is no square). So I had to make the shapes grow from the center instead of shrinking from outside. I just liked the mood it made.

Ok, but then what’s the gameplay again? It could still be a rythm game, you would look at shape  on top of screen and see the incoming shapes. And click the good shape at the right moment . But… Putting stuff above the screen was really annoying since the visual effects were making you look at the center. So, I had to put the information to the center. And again, it had to be simple. So the gameplay changed from being a rythm game to a reflex game. And I felt it matched to the arcade style of the game. You have an instant visual reward when you do a good input, you die instantly with a bad one. You restart instanly with another input.

That was working, so I made new shapes to be a bit more pretty. Then I implemented the scoring system and started a health bar. diminishing increasingly through time, that you can refill with your good answers. This would make the gameplay or else there would be no challenge… But the first real bugs occurred. Bad shapes started popping where they shouldn’t. And then an atrocious visual bug that was destroying the mood… The gameplay wasn’t there, the visual was corrupted. And there where only 24h hours left, if I inteded to submit in time for the Jam. After multiple breaks and code rewriting I decided to sleep on it.

It wasn’t looking good the next day and I started thinking: well, maybe next ludum dare I’ll try again… But I finally managed to make the game work. And guess what… the visual bug had dissapeared too! There are some small pleasures in life! After this quite overwhelming moment, I focused on adjusting the gameplay and trying to add stuff to make it cooler. I was loosing myself and then a voice in my head said: Only 4 hours man! I spent half of it repeating square, circle and triangle in my mic to get the good sound… And did a quick beat using premade tools in one hour. Then render the game, setting the page making some screenshots. And we’re set!

In the end, I’m really happy I made something. It’s not perfect. A lot of things could have been done better. But it’s done and people can play it!

The After Jam

I could have got to sleep at 3Am but I stayed up and went to bed at 6. I had to see what other people had done.

I find the rating system really cool, encouraging people to play game and play the one that are least rated. I look up at other people’s game in a humble way, trying to look at the positive. And I find the people’s reaction to my game awesome. It’s encouragement to sharing and that’s why I write this.

Thanks everyone!

Trisquircle screenshot
My submission to ludum dare: Trisquircle  (yeah the title is quite original, I know!)
I didn’t put it anywhere so here are the tools I used:




Trisquircle – A simple Reflex Arcade Game

Posted by (twitter: @@LArtisteEnNous)
Monday, April 18th, 2016 9:44 pm

Hey everyone!

Here’s my first submission for a Ludum Dare : Trisquircle

It’s quite simple but I’m happy to show something playable! :)


Trisquircle Screenshot

Avoid Rage – Post Mortem

Posted by (twitter: @jackrugile)
Sunday, December 14th, 2014 3:32 am


Avoid Rage is a minimal reflex game where you must avoid enemies coming at you from opposing tracks. Control with arrow keys or WASD. M to mute.

Play Game



This was my first submitting to Ludum Dare. I tried and failed on two previous occasions. It felt so good just to complete something and make the deadline. That was my main goal when going into things, so I consider this a success.

I stuck to my original goal of keeping things simple and I didn’t stray from my initial idea the whole weekend. I wanted to explore so many different variations and routes, but I knew that would put me at risk for missing the deadline.

The Good

  • Simple Premise – The game only required two lines of instructions: The goal, and the controls. You can jump right in and play.
  • Rendering – I used HTML/CSS as the main renderer for this game, with all game logic written in JavaScript. I typically use canvas, but had experimented recently with animating via CSS properties for mini games. This worked out well because the animation was performant, I was able to code in a familiar setting (I am a front end developer full time), and I was able to make use of custom fonts without any headaches.



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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 5:53 pm

Play in yo browser here…

Yeah– I’m excited.. so far… OK.. the two largest ships fire these purple beam weapons.  The largest ship with the chance of firing 2 of them.. the second largest ship firing one.

I also have doubled the level length but that will change as well eventually.. I just wanted a larger amount of ships to fly through.

Also.. I made it so if your fleet touches any of the screen boundaries.. they asplode.  Ideally… this wouldn’t be the case.. but after fighting collision detection logic (it is complicated due to fleet coords/ tweening patterns etc..) there were so many ways to rig the system to get your ships to hide.. that I just made them asplode… :)

Anyway— Beam weapons give you a tiny bit of warning via visual clue.. think any robotech episode when they are firing the reflex weapon.. there is always that .35 of a second where you can get out of the colorful path before you are so many cinders.

So.. recap: running into screen boundaries.. capital ships.. or giant purple lasers will kill your little ships.. :)

Let me know if the effects are killing anyones computers yet.. i’ve done 0 optimizations.. (hey.. its LD)

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