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Highlights I Played (LD 36)

Posted by (twitter: @BrianAMacIntosh)
Tuesday, September 20th, 2016 3:42 pm

Here are some games that I happened to come across this jam that I think are worth a play!


A clever and amusing “hacking” simulator.  Reasonably short, and features a number of fun custom puzzles.

sOS Screenshot

Stone Age Clicker

This is a terribly addicting rate-management sim with glorious pixel art.  If you’re anything like me you won’t stop playing it until you win, and maybe not even then (I played for 3 hours).

Stone Age Clicker screenshot

Contraband Crate

This is a clever and very satisfying quick-play highscore game where you have to pack wildly-shaped artifacts into boxes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  The gameplay is smooth and the art’s not bad, either.

Contraband Crate screenshot

The Last Blacksmith

A play-til-you-die game that looks good and is just a solid experience all around.  Moment-to-moment gameplay is just satisfying.

The Last Blacksmith screenshot


Of course, I also think you should play our game, I am the Destroyer, if you’re a fan of those humorous old-school point-and-click adventures.  But I’m biased.

I am the Destroyer screenshot

Funky Knight

A game with a great sense of humor and a fun interpretation of the theme. You can find here.

Funky Knight

You Are a Skunk

A simple and beautiful game, which uses the theme very well. Try it here.

Smoking Kills

A game about penguins who try to kill all humans, do I have to say more. Try this one here.


Leaf Blower

A a game that proves that simple is often the best solution. Try it here.

You can of course also try my game here. Here you also can leave a comment on my Post Compo version, which hopefully has made the game much better.


12 Recommendations to Get Higher Rates

Posted by (twitter: @dekart1234)
Saturday, December 13th, 2014 6:01 am

After reviewing multiple games in a short time frame you start to notice certain common patterns. Some games are much easier to test and much more interesting to play while others require much more effort to grasp the idea, which inevitably affects how you rate a game.

In this post I’ll try to describe basic things that you should remember when developing your game for the jam and submitting it for review. Probably these recommendations will help new participants to get better ranks in the future jams, as well as experienced participants to improve their submissions. I’ll use it as my own checklist for my next jam.

Avoid long-standing splash screens and stories

Your reviewers have only a minute or two to test your game, they want to review as many games as possible to get rates for their own games. After few games with nice splash screens you start thinking “Oh, come on, give me the game!” and it spoils the initial impression.

If a splash screen or a story is a must – make sure to make it possible to skip it.


5 + 1 games of greatness

Posted by (twitter: @ZepCap)
Saturday, September 13th, 2014 6:31 pm

After powering through around 20 games in the last couple of hours, I finally got to 100 played games, so now its my turn to recommend some of them!

Go play and rate them before it’s too late! They’re all compo entries.

Planetary Replan

The best multiplayer game that I tried this jam (out of 3). Pull a friend over to your computer, and have a quick strategic battle.

I always think that it’s the good kind of ballsy to make a multiplayer game for Ludum Dare, since you sacrifice amount of people who will play your game, in order to create what you feel like making.

13 minutes of light

A gripping story with a unique sense of interaction and player influence. I sat at the edge of my seat playing through this, truly hoping that it would end well with my help – and it did, and I was extremely relieved. Go have your own experience:


Clashing Galaxies

Strategic warfare in jam-style at its best. When minimalism gives you a sense of grandiosity:


No doubt the most innovative game I tried this Ludum Dare. It’s that kind of idea that I  had during my brainstorm, but dismissed because I told myself I wouldn’t be able to make a well designed game out of it. Managore managed to do just that, now go wreck your brain:


My favorite game out of the 100, a brilliantly simple puzzler, with beautiful, ensnaring visuals, surprisingly varied gameplay, and a soundscape that sounds like a lush, robotic rainforest. I will return to this many times more, I expect.

And lastly, my own game, Twist and Weave, a minimalist chain-simulator with true challenge and movements as smooth as a newborn’s buttock. I’ll love you forever if you rate and comment it 😀


Thank you everyone for being awesome and making games that I can enjoy squeezing into my spare time. See you next Ludum Darre!

Last minute recommendations

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Sunday, May 19th, 2013 10:33 pm

Just 19 and a half hours left until voting ends, here are a few games I thought were pretty cool and definitely worthwhile checking out!

Super Clutter Blaster 2013 – Homletmoo



The Parasite – jahlgren



Tiny Runner – Jarcas Studios




Square Heart Flower – JonathonG




My own game is lingering just a few ratings off a hundred, please go give it a rating to bump it closer to that century milestone if you’ve got a moment ^^

Terminally Ill

Some games I really liked

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Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 11:46 am

Fractured REMIX + Rad Game Roundup

Posted by (twitter: @Phantom_Green)
Monday, May 6th, 2013 2:30 pm

While playing through the games for Ludum Dare 26, I found an awesome little puzzler called Fractured by dalbinblue. The game features a really rad song that I decided to remix (with dalbinblue’s permission, of course). Check it out on Soundcloud!

Fractured REMIX by SonnyBone

Also, check out this collection of 15 of my favorite Ludum Dare 26 games… the RAD GAME ROUNDUP for LD26!


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