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I’m in (+Chronolapse problems and entry ratings)

Posted by (twitter: @Zazanxors)
Thursday, December 4th, 2014 4:31 pm

Woah Ludum Dare great fun videogames stream development tools tools workflow timelapse snowman potato etc etc.

Let’s get to the point.

I’ll probably be joining the compo, and will switch to the jam if I need more time. Tools:

  • C# – Language. Obviously superior.
  • Unity3D – Game Engine. Due to the awesome folks over at Unity giving away ~1,000 free codes for a month of Pro, this just gets even better.
  • MonoDevelop – IDE. Unity’s one weakness. I can’t afford the Visual Studio plugin, so I’m stuck with this.
  • Paint.NET – 2D Graphics. Besides the fact that it’s awesome and free, I have the most experience with this.
  • BFXR & Freesound – SFX.
  • BeepBox – Music.
  • Open Broadcasting Software – Streaming [Twitch]

As for a timelapse, I’ll be using Chronolapse, assuming it works. It keeps telling me it doesn’t have write permission, even though I’ve given full permissions to everything for the target folder, and ran Chronolapse as administrator. If anyone has a solution, please comment!

Hoping to do better than last time. Ratings weren’t good, and I procrastinated posting them, so here:

Someone told me my music was good. I still don't believe they were right.

Someone told me my music was good. I still don’t believe they were right.

Learned a ton about Unity platformers though, which led me to fix the super annoying “I’m stuck on this tile wtf” bug and optimize collisions at the same time. It even got me to start a Github project to make Unity assets intended for creating platformer games, which I’ll be using if I create a platformer this time around.

Anyways,  theme dare post wordpress vote potatosalad hope ludum snowman and good luck!

Villager – #339th overall

Posted by (twitter: @Zazanxors)
Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 3:28 pm

Not much to say here, other than the fact that I’m proud of the outcome. I’m currently working more on the post-compo version of Villager, as I’ve gotten a ton of useful feedback off it’s release. Thanks to everyone who played the game!

Full ratings:

Did best in Mood (#230) and worst in Graphics (#673)

LD Needs Optional Rating Categories

Posted by (twitter: @Jishenaz)
Thursday, January 9th, 2014 11:31 am

I was looking at the ratings for my game.



Don’t get me wrong; I’m not disappointed with these numbers at all, considering how simple my game is. However, I’m surprised by a few of these numbers, especially Humor.

Given I am 776th place in Humor, that makes my game “more humorous” than over half of the entries in Ludum Dare 28 (assuming over 2000+ entries). But my game has no humor in it at all; it was not an intended focus.

So one of my questions is: how did my game rate so high in Humor when it didn’t have any? My other question is: would it be possible in the future for Ludum Dare to have certain categories, like Humor, be optional? Like for example, I want to be able to disable Humor for any game I make that doesn’t have any humor in it. Same with audio, etc.

2nd LD = Bronze in Audio! Thanks!

Posted by (twitter: @JarcasStudios)
Friday, September 20th, 2013 1:19 pm


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who took the time to play and rate my game!

My previous entry (LD26) was a decent game but was rated very poorly in audio because I ran out of time and didn’t get around to adding any at all. I actually managed to score a 1.31 in Audio that time. I guess there were actually some reviewers out there who felt that silence was worth more than a 1. heh.

Anyway, I knew I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have a repeat of my audio performance this time for LD27. I wanted to make something where the audio was central to the experience of the game. So, I got all crazy and ended up deciding to make a music game with some original music that I’d record over the weekend.

I knew I’d do better in Audio this time around… but I still didn’t have a full complement of sounds – no UI sounds or anything – just 30 seconds of original music. I definitely didn’t expect to get 3rd place in Audio across all Jam entries, and I’m not entirely sure that I deserve it, but I appreciate it all the same!

Anyway, this has been a great 2nd Ludum Dare for me. I’m very happy with how everything turned out and am looking forward to the next one!

Hackfield final rating

Posted by (twitter: @KatamoriENG)
Wednesday, September 18th, 2013 2:31 pm

Here we are! LD27 has ended. It was a great first-time event for me, so congratulations everyone, and thanks for rating, commenting either below my game of below my post – and of course, thanks for entertaining me on twitter while working!

However, I’m a bit disappointed with my final result. I know, I know, it’s fairly good for  a first-timer, but I thought Hackfield was better.

#227 Mood – 3.23

Okay, well…I have to admit that this is a kinda great result! Even though I expected at least 3.5, this is nice! I was almost sure that I’m gonna be the best in this category. I did what I could to do it the possible best, so that’s why I expected at least 3.5.

#343 Innovation – 3.27

It’s easy to understand. I mean, Hackfield in gameplay aspects is not more than a simple 2D “find-the exit” game, with some extra features. All those extras come to Mood.

#459 Theme – 3.28

In fact, this is the highest point rating in the list. Obviously, since the theme was involved in the game – but nothing special. I mean, there might be quite a lot of games that changes only the playground after 10 secs.

#466 Humor – 2.40

For what?! Why don’t you select “N/A” in cases where you can’t rate an aspect of a game?! Move on.

#569 Overall – 3.04

Well THIS was almost shocking! Maybe the fact that Hackfield works only on fullscreen and 1280×1024 resolution made this score so low. It’s still kinda low, though. Being better than 1600 games overall is not that hard, as we are thinking about the amount of mediocre/low-quality entried. By this, I want to say that most of unique and well-made game have got a better rating than Hackfield, and it makes me similar to some not-as-well-made games. And it makes me a sad panda…

#626 Graphics – 2.77

Well, yeah. I didn’t work much on it. Also, tiles are confusing. So it’s kinda fair, even though graphics was literally downvoted.

#666 Audio – 2.33

Siniter placement! Also, lowest score. What would you give for five 8bit-esque sound effect that were added in the final 30 minutes?

#879 Fun – 2.52

Okay, and it was the actually heartbraking rate. Last placed aspect of Hackfield is fun?! Does it mean that for most people (out of 51 at least) found it boring, or at least not fun…the nightmare of the developer. But I deserved it partially, since some aspects of the game is truly hard. Especially security level 6 that even I couldn’t complete yet!


I’m a bit disappointed, but making Hackfield was definitely a great experience (even when I was close to heart attack beacuse of the combination of immortal bugs and stress) and I can see why I deserved such ratings. Can’t wait for December, to create another game for LD#28!

See ya,


PS.: I think I should really start to work on Hackfield: The NetField Update…

Final ratings

Posted by (twitter: @CuberToy)
Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 10:44 am

So here is my ratings

CuberToy RatingsI’m very pleased with it, I knew what was my weakness so I’m not surprised. Last (and first) time I entered an LD, the 23rd, I was 26th on Graphics, and even if I really think to have done a better job this time, the competition was really stronger. So congratulation everyone ! I’m ready to do the next one and try do be better.

Never played it ? Here it is :

Only 1.5 Days Left to Rate Games…. Play These Games!

Posted by (twitter: @ericdpitts)
Saturday, May 12th, 2012 8:49 am

The title says it all!  Here are some more of the many amazing games I’ve had the privilege of playing thanks to Ludum Dare.  Go and show them some love, we’ve only got until tomorrow night at 9!


Necro Gaia – lazybraingames

A really fun take on tower defense with a great visual style and sound design.  This game only has 7 ratings at the time of writing, it needs some love!  You won’t regret it.


Space Cabin - trylle

The first thing that struck me about this game is its great visual style.  It’s such a pretty game.  As for the game play, it is a visual adventure game that relies heavily on classic text-based adventure game mechanics.  I love this combination, it makes for a very fun and fresh feeling game.


Shrunkit - MagnesiumNinja

A really fun puzzle-platformer with an interesting mechanic.  The puzzles are well thought out and the shrinking/growing mechanic is fun to play with.  With some more polish, work, and lengthening, this would be a game I’d want to buy.  You should definitely go give it a play.


ascii world - dwrensha

ascii world is definitely an interesting game.  I don’t want to spoil the discovery element of this game; I think that’s what makes it so interesting.  Give it a go, it’s pretty short and you can play it in your browser.


Curse of Grimwood – digital_sorceress

A neat little action-rpg that feels extremely polished for the given timeframe.  Definitely worth a go.


Quantum Entanglementicefallgames

Quantum Entanglement is a really well designed puzzle game.  The puzzles feel well thought out and the mechanics at play are interesting and fun to mess around with.



That’s all for now!  Please continue to spread the love around the community and rate more games everyone!  And as others have said, it’s always nice to leave a comment saying what you liked/didn’t like about the game and offer some constructive criticism when you rate a game.  It’s how we all can help each other to grow as game developers, and I think it’s what makes the Ludum Dare community so special.

5 Awesome Ludum Dare Entries!

Posted by (twitter: @ericdpitts)
Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 6:08 pm

Now that I’ve reached the 75 ratings milestone, I thought I’d bring to light just a few of the great entries I’ve come across in my journey for the gold!  These will likely be lesser known entries with fewer ratings, so go give them some love!


Get The FROG Off My World!! - by CitrusPunchSamurai

Get The FROG Off My World

This game made me smile.  It’s a really simple game, but it’s presented very well.  Also, the catchy tune will get stuck in your head for quite some time after playing it!


Bottlecolonies – by tcstyle


A little strategy/puzzle game with a really great, distinct visual style.  Awesome presentation.


Tiny Planet - by CherryNukaCola

The music in this game combined with the euphoric explosions as you send stars off  into the galaxy was very relaxing.   Really nice, simple art style to this one as well.


Darkness Creeping - by AD-Edge

The intro to this game pulled me in, and the creepy atmosphere and interesting little creature-controlling mechanic kept me playing.  It’s a 3D first person puzzler of sorts.  Very impressive for 48 hours.


Interstellar Moai Ranger – by Shifty

This is a super-fun on-rails shooter in the same vein as games such as Space Harrier.  Very nice art style, music, and sound effects.


These are just a few of the great games I’ve gotten to play as a result of this amazing community.  Great job everyone!

Getting More Ratings

Posted by (twitter: @BlackBulletIV)
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012 12:23 am

I’ve made a blog post on my website giving a few short tips on maximising your rating opportunity. For your convenience, I’ve reposted it hear, but you can find the original here:

I thought I’d share a few quick tips on getting more ratings, which I’ve picked up in my experience with Ludum Dare. Please note, I’m not putting this down as fact or anything, but merely expressing my own opinion.

Rating Games

Yeah, this one’s kind of obvious by now I’d say. Your “coolness level” increases by one per game you rate, and the cooler you are, the higher chance you have of getting rated. Games are picked for people to rate both by how high the author’s coolness is, and how low the number of ratings are.


Making your game web-based should get you more ratings; users of all operating systems will be able to play it, and web games are far more convenient for the rater. The rater doesn’t have to wait for a download, or far worse, install various things in order to run the game.

If making a web game isn’t a good option, then make the game cross-platform. There’s a considerable percentage of people out there using Mac and Linux based machines who would greatly appreciate it.

Finally, never just hand the rater the source code and tell them to run/compile it. That’s just bad. Also, try to avoid requiring libraries/frameworks to be installed prior to running the game, especially ones that aren’t all that common.


While rating games, try to leave constructive comments behind for the author. Not only is this helpful, but it can potentially lead others to your game. This is because people can click on your name in the comment you posted and be taken straight to your game page. It’s a nice side effect to being cool.


And that’s it. Hopefully it was somewhat useful. In summary:

  • Rate other’s games
  • Make your game for the web
  • Leave comments while rating games
  • Be cool :)

Late night Love!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Friday, April 27th, 2012 11:32 am

Weekend! Time to play a lot of games :-) Besides the normal 10, I also played some extra games from people that commented in my game or posts, and there are some very very neat games I want to talk about in this post!

BTW, I have been trying to rate always 5 high coolness games, and 5 low ratings games — but it is coming to a point that most of the games with 0 comments are incomplete games/tech models. Maybe I will drop the “lowest rates” games altogether from my next run…

Anyway, to the games:

Wild West World
— Today I played a bunch of games that interpreted “tiny world” as a circular playing area – this is a dizzy dizzy platform shooter where you are a sheriff that needs to clean town. Beware not to shoot civilians! The game can use a bit more polish, but it is quite a lot of fun.

The good ship Higgs Boson
— heh, if you don’t pay too close attention to the name, this is an awesome puzzle game. You control a default platforming hero, but you also control the gravity that he is into. So during the game you can make any of the four directions to be “down”. There is a lot of untapped potential in this idea.

Curse of Grimwood
— An action adventure game that is really really pretty. The bad path finding of your companions may make you mad from time to time (Damn, guys, try to get one at a time through that gap!), but the game is still quite fun.

Boxed — This game is quite unfinished, but it uses a mechanic that is unique enough to warrant mention — you play inside two boxes, and you can transfer from one box-area to the other. In each box area, the other box exists – and depending on what you do to the box, that box area is modified when you get there. Some amazing puzzles can come out of this.

1 Seed
— In this game you have to terraform the entire star system, by bringing seeds from lush planets to barren ones. Trees grow procedurally, gravitational physics are in place, and the game in general has a large, innovative score.

D.A.H. — Yay! Another “Kill everything and don’t think much about it” kind of game. You are a dinosaur in a planet, tasked to destroy cities and eat people. Each person you eat, you get bigger and bigger, until you are bigger than the planet itself. Very very fun.

Spaceship Planet Merge — another innovative game, your goal is to make your planet collide with other planets in the same star system. The game is still quite simple and easy, but this idea has a lot of promise in it. Also, the music is good and the sprites are cute.

Have a nice weekend everyone, I hope you like these games!

Rate ALL the things — Final!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012 9:56 am

Or should I say, rate 25% of all the things?

The last two days I’ve been trudging through the list of least rated games, rating and giving feedback as often as possible. More often than not, though, I had to go through dozens of “engine tests”. PROTIP: If you can’t dedicate the whole weekend for the LD48 because of family events, girl/boyfriends, finals, broken toenails, kittens; there will always be another one! Please think of the reviewers as well :-P

I did find a few gems, like:

A Realization (in 13 acts) — A puzzle platformer. Feels very finished, with great mood provided by very appropriate music, background and effects. The progression of level design and backdrops takes you through an engaging story. I can’t believe this game has only been rated 10 times: give it a try!

And with this, I reach the 25% milestone. I’ve played some amazing games in these days (see my previous posts) and was surprised by how much can be done in just 48 hours.

As a self reward, I’ll go rate some of the popular games and those suggested by others here. I guess I can’t stop :-P

Drop a comment below if you want me to take a look at your game. I promise to give you some constructive criticism.

Rate ALL the things — Part 6!

Posted by (twitter: @caranha)
Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 8:52 am

After a healthy break over the weekend, it is time to rate a few more games. This time I’m highlighting games with low number of votes, but bring something interesting to the table. Go rate them!

Alone .. Developer — I’m glad someone had this idea and actually went through and made it happen! This is a game about controlling a lone programmer as he tries to make a game in 48 hours. Sounds familiar? You have to manage his food/stamina/productivity levels through a wholly unhealthy sleep cycle. The bad endings are hilariously extreme. Unfortunately, the game does not have a good ending.

Diggy Dig — This is a very cute game about a naked dwarf miner. You dig away the dirt with your mouse, and try to grab the treasure. Beware not to paint yourself into a corner! I like games with novel mechanics like this one. But you also can’t win this one yet. Also: kitten power!

Alone with Zzzobmies! — This was the first LD22 game that made me actually scared! Great mood, even though problems with collision detection make the game a bit frustrating. Kill those creepy zombies with bricks! Oh, and this game DOES have an ending.

Squido does not like being alone — An addictive arcade, you have to control squido as he tries to make friends… unfortunately, sharks and zoidberg will kill your friends all the time, and you have to make MORE friends. Maybe a bit on the tragic side, but a very fun game — how many squid friends can you keep at the same time?

Alone in the Clouds — A very beautiful puzzle platform. You have to go to the end of the stage by managing your limited “superjumps”. In normal mode you can recharge your superjumps infinitely. In hardcore you can’t, and things get really difficult. Beautiful background and transitions + robot in a balloon. There is an ending, and a side door near the end that I didn’t manage to open.

Rating and commenting on every game is hard work. My hats off to those who have already rated more than 30% of the games! At my current rate, I don’t think I can make the 25% treshold, but I hope the devs enjoy my commentaries to their games. If you liked this review, make sure to check my journal for a few more.

Happy new year everyone!

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