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Raining Shards – Progress – Near the end of day 2

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Sunday, April 28th, 2013 1:18 pm

Progress has been pretty good today!

We’re nearing the end of day 2 of the jam, and the game is basically playable. The potato Easter-egg isn’t completed yet, but other than that (and bugs) the game is finished!

Game will definitely be finished in time!

Test build:


(if the 64-bit version doesn’t work, try the 32-bit version.)

Feel free to post your high scores in the comments! 😀


Raining Shards (Hallelujah!) Progress (Day 1)

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Saturday, April 27th, 2013 3:49 pm

Surprisingly, this game is going a lot smoother than I expected it to so far.

Raining Shards is a game being made by Team OCLU, specifically Derek, Mike, and I for the Ludum Dare Jam #26. It is a game where “A bunch of random shit was mashed together in order to make a somewhat coherent idea.” -Derek… But seriously, it is a game that is a combination of Asteroids and Breakout (sort-of, but not really) where a cannon in the center of the screen shoots at asteroids that, when shot, break into shards. You control a ‘basket’ at the bottom of the screen, which you collect the shards with. Collecting shards earns you points. You can also get power-ups, such as Potato (secret), Larger basket, Time-warp (slo-mo for all but the basket) and 2x points. The objective is to get the highest score possible, until some currently unknown event happens that ends the game.

So far, I’m having trouble getting the asteroids to spawn shards successfully when they are destroyed – they are initialized, but for some reason they don’t really exist according to the for loop (they are obviously null, because inside the for loop in question it checks if a shard exists, and if so, draws it. They aren’t drawing :c)

How the game looks so far:

Raining Shards (Hallelujah!)

Raining Shards (Hallelujah!)

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