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Well, that’s a bust = v =)\”

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Monday, August 24th, 2015 7:49 am

I wound up being too busy to really get anything done XD

And now I have to work today, souuu…. XD


Oh well. I can always make my game outside of the Dare o w o)

And hey, now that I know this exists, maybe I can make sure to have my schedule free next time! XD



Free Game Jam Menu Template in Unity 5

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Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 2:53 pm

After my participation in LD32 (my first!) I experienced the pain of having limited time to work on making some cool mechanics, art and audio, only to realize at the last minute that I didn’t have time for basic functionality like a menu, pause screen and music and sound options.  Since I would like to be able to use these things myself in the next jam I decided to make a template package that’s publicly available for everyone to use, and since in between making jam games I work at Unity as part of the online content team (we make the tutorials for the Unity learn site)  we decided to publish it as an Official Unity Thing™.

See below for a download link and a list of functionality built in. The package has a read me file inside with setup instructions and I’ve done a live training for our live training series which walks through setup and also how the scripts work.


You can download it from the Unity Asset Store here, for free


Main Menu
-Placeholder title image and title text
-Start Button
– Options Button
– Quit Button
– Fade to black (or any color assigned to FadeImage) when transitioning out of main menu to main scene

Options Panel
-Music Volume
-Sound Effects Volume
-Back Button

Pause Panel
-Music Volume
-Sound Effects Volume
– Resume Button
– Quit Button

– Change or loop music clips when starting game
-Music pre-routed to Audio Mixer, connected to UI

Other functionality:

-Can be used either with single scene or multi-scene games.

I Gave Up

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Saturday, December 6th, 2014 6:47 pm


I chose to use UE4 and, having never built anything with it before, I got very frustrated with the whole thing and quit.

I knew from the start it was going to be difficult learning a new tool under the pressure conditions of Ludum Dare, but I didn’t really feel like using Unity again, so I ignored mt better judgment (I event tweeted about hubris before the compo started!)

But good news! The tantrum sleep I got has renewed my determination and, even though I still don’t know how to do what I want to do, I realize I still got two hole days to make whatever I manage to make and it doesn’t matter as long as I learn something and don’t quit again.

Jam on!

[LD30] The end.

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Sunday, August 24th, 2014 11:49 am

Ok, tough decision, I decided to forfeit and abandon this Ludum Dare.

Here’s what I had :

The story was that a person had an accident and, once in the water, try to get out of the car. When he wakes up, he can hear his own voice on the radio. The goal is to get all the item necessary to escape, switching from both world (both parallel earth, different dimensions) to get them. Three to make some kind of oxygen tank, and the others to break the glass. At the end, you would be able to get out… only if you undo the security belt… and only one of them would escape.

As I said in my previous post, missing the crafting, dialogue, abbility to swith cursor to “look” etc… I can’t deliver something good enough. Plus it’s missing sounds and tons of other stuff I’ve planned to do. I had enough and it’s no longer fun or anything, just painfull. And if it’s painfull, ther’s no point in doing it any longer.

It was my third LD, quitting is a first.

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