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First night update!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2016 8:55 am

Yesterday was a good night! i worked on pixel art and game design.

I kind of want to make a “dreamy” game (no named yet). Here are some images about the process.


example01 example02 example03 TEST01 TEST02MONOLITH TEST03_MONOLITH


My plan is to make a little exploration/puzzle game. I hope to finish on time!

Sector 9 Post Mortem

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Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 9:20 pm

Hi all!

I made a game using Haxe and HaxeFlixel. I used the “two buttons” theme, play the game here:

This was my first Ludum Dare and my first game jam as well (I’ve been developing games for about 6 months). I had a lot of fun! I am really proud of being able to finish on time. Thanks a lot to everybody who participates in LD. Reading games’ source code, and seeing all the art of previous LD jams has taught me a lot!

Anyway, here’s my post-mortem:

Software Used

Haxe and Haxeflixel
Intellij IDEA + haxe plugin for development
Photoshop PyxelEdit and Tiled for graphics
Cubase + Komplete for music

What went wrong

Main theme disconnect and mood/humor issues

I found it really hard to connect initial intro story to the game itself. The plot was sad (end of humanity), but the gameplay side of the game, specially the hero running animation were more on the fun side. I had the same issue with music. The music I made was good for the initial title screens and intro, but it didn’t fit with the game itself. This forced me to ditch the main theme music which I spent on hours and throw in something quickly in 20 minutes.

Doing “mood” music composing practice sessions will help get rid of the issue.

It took me forever to get the initial art right

I wasn’t able to come up with good art on the first day. Everything I’d make I would hate, colors were completely wrong. I really fought through it until I came up with something decent. If I had to say what was the turning point on graphics, I’d say it was using references, specially for color. I found a couple of examples I liked (which I wish I had to share, same goes for the first day art), and used the color palette in PyxelEdit. Also it really got easier once I got the main background done. After that, I had a couple of really productive hours making objects for the game.

If I used references from the beginning, I could’ve spent more time designing levels.

Not enough time to play test game difficulty

On the last couple of hours I rushed game level design and I ended up with a last level that was way too hard. I know these games are supposed to be hard, but it’s just too damn hard lol! I made the last part of the game intentionally hard, so it’s really my fault. I’ll aim for easier levels on my next compo.

Also, my game is made for long play sessions. Most people who play LD games are other developers who are in a rush to try other games. So next time, I should design a game that doesn’t last more than 5-10 minutes. That way people will have the satisfaction of finishing the game, which will help increase the fun score.

What went right

 I was ready 

I didn’t have any project setup problems. I got everything up and running super fast. Haxe and haxeflixel are great!

I kept it simple

I had a number of ideas for the compo. I almost chose a much more complicated idea. Sticking to a simple idea was a great choice that allowed me to spend time on what’s the hardest for me: art.

I wasn’t distracted

Life happens to everybody, and I was lucky enough I give a lot of time to the game, and had pretty much no distractions at all.

Overall it was a great experience. Next time I’ll make sure I track my progress. Now that I am finished, I wish I had builds foe the game at different times of the compo, same thing goes for the art.

My Twitter:

You are the monster theme. progress#2

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Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 10:40 pm

you have been sent to the earth to accomplish an important mission. here you are a monster, people hates you, but in your planet you’re a normal dude. so … it can be difficult.


-intro cutscenes: completed.

-firsts gameplay scenes: completed.

and… have to do a lot of work still (i’m not an artist, so make art take me a lot of time).

tomorrow: MUSIC and SOUNDS DAY 😀 (if i finish the code stuff tonight).

title: i have a couple of ideas but nothing defined yet.



We’re in!

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Friday, August 22nd, 2014 7:30 pm

I’m tensei, and I’ll be taking point with my group under ‘Cubed Studios’. Which consists of Hirei, Krozy, CrimsonParadox, Miu, and myself. We’ll be making a shmup of sorts.
The game itself will be based on phaser and nodewebkit.

The tools we’ll mainly be using are:

  • PyxelEdit
  • Brackets
  • generator-node-webkit
  • Photoshop
  • Google Docs/MS Word

Everything coming up Millhouse

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Friday, April 26th, 2013 8:34 am

This is an experiment for me as it’s my first compo. My first Ludum. Pretty much my first time ever putting these tools together and hoping that I get a working product in the end.

I need to challenge myself, as I haven’t had a glimpse of construction for a long time. In light of recent events in the love department, I figured what a better time then any. As I try and figure out who the hell I am as a single entity, I can try and learn some great tool sets. Some great quick problem solving. And code!

I am a first year New Media/Web Design student at BCIT in Vancouver and only just started playing with some of these code tools. I am thinking of just using CraftStudio and PyxelEdit for my project. It’s going to be a rough and bumpy ride, but I’ve got a great friend (my brother) walking me along this path. He’s done the compo before so he is quick to ease my worry as well as fuel my fear.

Never before have I contemplated that I could even be capable of this kind of thing. I’m a writer, and that’s all I thought I could muster. This weekend is going to be REALLY fun. I look forward to getting to chat with some of you and playing your game!



please, no potato.

My First _____ Ever (EDIT: With Setup)

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 5:23 pm

I always see lots of game competition online and never really paid attention to it but now i think it’s about a good time for me to try this out. This is my first ever anything. It’s not say I don’t have any interest in game development but i do! I was just  afraid of trying but I want this to be my first and not last experience! Very excited to see what others come up with too!

My current tools that I will use for the competition are:

Construct2 – HTML5 Game Creation. I think this is the first piece of software I bought that was game related after Game Maker.

Browser(s): Chrome + Firefox for testing the game out.

Pyxel Edit – For teh pixels ;P

FL Studio – For the music and SFX


I hope with the time I’m given that I’ll be able to have something that works! lol


EDIT: It needed more pictures.


Not much to see here.

Not much to see here.


Ahhhhhh! ExciteD!


I’m in!

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2012 9:24 pm

Hi! I’ve entered a few Ludum Dares before (none this year due to illness and deadlines, ugh) and this time last year I made Blue Moon, one of my most well received games in general.

I’m going to use the following tools, and aiming for the compo. But it is the end of the year, when burnout is high and holidays creep ever closer, so perhaps I might go for the jam this time.

  • Flixel
  • IntelliJ IDE
  • DAME for level editing if I really, really have to
  • SAI for illustrations
  • PyxelEdit/Photoshop, the former I don’t know as well and the latter I do
  • Sunvox for music
  • BFXR for sound

That covers everything, I think! See you then!

PyxelEdit free during Ludum Dare 23

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Friday, April 13th, 2012 4:55 am

I have released the current build of my pixel art tool PyxelEdit for use during Ludum Dare 23.

It has some special features that might come in handy for making pixel art and tiles.

Get it here:

A screenshot:

Here’s a video showing some of it’s features:

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