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Saturday, April 18th, 2015 7:50 am


Initially, we gonna show an introduction of our random initial character in his(her) daily basis. During the middle of the day, while working, he(she) will receive a message in facebook:

“The apocalypse has started! The first object  in your right is gonna be your weapon!

Share this message with at least 10 of your friends and avoid been attacked!”

In this moment, we are going t ogive the player the opportunity to really share tihis message by facebook, if he do – the game ends (he avoided it hahahaha) – if he don’t, than the apocalypse really begins. When this happens, the characther will need to use the first object in his right (“An Unconventional Weapon”) as a weapon, to defend himself.



To end “your” apocalypse, you’ll need to share the message with 10 friends during the game. In each stage he’s going to have the opportunity to share the message (which is going to be like an invitation the play our game) with only one of his friends, since something always happens that makes the character run to the next stage.



This will be an action game in isometric-view.

The ideia is that the character uses objects from his daily-baisis as weapons: brooms, stapler, notebooks, a cat (?!) – which will be randomnized everytime that the game is reinitialized (other possibly feature is to use the facebook’s API to get some informations on our logged players and, with that, we’re going to try to generate itens related).

We’re going to try to do, at least, 4 random initial scenes, that will going to be, always, followed by: streets, some comerce and the boss fight. In each one of these, the player will need to find  his “hidden friend” in the map to pass him the message – when he does it in game and in facebook, some in game bonus will appear.

There are going to be three types of waepons: contact, long range and special. The character can equip one item and other in his backpack, sometimes, will be possible to merge both and form an special one.



With the apocalypse starting, who else could be your enemies if not some zombies?



  • Common(Green): Most frequently enemy in the game. Balance – life 10/ speed 5 / damage 2.
  • Fast(Red): 10% of the commons. Balance – life 8/ speed 10 / damage 1.
  • Slow(Blue): 5% of the commons. Balance – life 15/ speed 3 / damage 4.



  • Speeder: Really fast! Kill it before he reaches you! Balance – life 10/ speed 12 / damage 3.
  • Tanker: Really tough! He will not fall until he tastes your brain! Balance – life 15/ speed 4 / damage 6.



MEELE: Broom, ruler, umbrella, pillow, notebook…

DISTANCE: Box with chocolates, cat, sheets, fishing net, television control, box full of (sharped) pencils…

SPECIAL: Mace, box of nails…

RECOVER ITENS: Soda, sandwiches, chocolate bars, coofe, energy drinks…



INITIAL: Home, office, market, metro, game jam;

STREETS: Random format;

STORE: Conventional store; restaurant;




First thing done hahahaha

It’s settled! We’re in! #LD27

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Saturday, August 24th, 2013 10:00 am

My name is Luiz de Prá (aka RawArkanis). I’m grouping with Marcos (Koga SilverDragon), Daniel Miranda (danielmulti), Gessica de Souza (Geeh), Olga (Flan) and Eduardo (Lurils) for the jam.
This is my first participation, but some of my friend are a little more experienced with the LD.

PlatformDesktop, Web
Language: C#
The team:
RawArkanis –  dev – at PUCPR
Koga SilverDragon – dev – at PUCPR
danielmulti – art – at PUCPR
Flan –  art – from her home (Curitiba)
Geeh – art – from her home (São Paulo)
Lurils – art – from his home (Curitiba)
Engine: Unity3D
IDE: VisualStudio 2010
Art: Photoshop, Sketch
Sound: ?
Music: ?

That’s all for now, folks./

Good luck,

We’re in :D LD 27!

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Friday, August 23rd, 2013 6:34 pm

This is it! My name is Elison Rissatto. Let’s go, my second participation in the event. Now the deal is a completed game! I’m here in PUCPR University!

Platform: Android

Language: Java (just code, no ready engines)

The team so far is (some PUCPR University guys):
rissatto –  dev
giancarlo – dev
daniel – art


Art: ?
Sound: ?
Music: ?

Good luck to everyone, and sorry for my poor English (BR BR HUEHUEHUE),


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