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    Guns Rule finished!

    Posted by
    Sunday, May 20th, 2012 5:44 pm

    It’s done!! You can now blast away at monsters with an infinite number of randomly generated guns to your heart’s content. (The guns can do some pretty interesting things, if I say so myself).

    Can you beat my highscore?

         Guns Rule      



    Post-mortem for Legend of Kalevala (based on LD #19 entry)

    Posted by (twitter: @ditdahgames)
    Friday, July 15th, 2011 6:42 pm

    Hi, ChainedLupine here.

    I never did a post-mortem for my Ludum Dare #19 entry, called Introspect.  So, instead, I finished the game, published it, and only six months later did I write a post mortem.  Wow, am I lazy or what?

    I wanted to share the news that my wimpy little Ludum Dare entry was brutally stripped to pieces and then slowly re-assembled over five months into a full featured game.  It was released not too long ago on Kongregate.com and quickly shot to #3rd of the highest rated top new games!  Just a week after release, it received badges and is now sporting nearly 200,000 plays!  (It actually has 10x as many plays as that, but if you want to know why I don’t count those, then check out my blog post linked below.)

    So for those who might want to hear some advice from someone who managed to turn a shoddy Ludum Dare entry into something playable and successful, I recommend you check out the entirety of my post below.  I cover everything from the Ludum Dare version all the way up to the final released copy, and then some of the post-release problems I had.

    Click here to play Legend of Kalevala!


    Click here to read the Legend of Kalevala Post Mortem!

    To everyone who puts in their valuable free time to working on Ludum Dare, a much hearty thank you for inspiring people like me.  And to those who participate:  Let’s keep having fun and mak’n games!

    You can also check out the review for Legend of Kalevala on Jayisgames.com.

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