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Choosing a Programming Language for Ludum Dare

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Sunday, November 30th, 2014 8:11 am

Last time I did the Ludum Dare, it was a complete failure because I could not get it to compile on Windows. This was mostly due to working on Mac and using C++. This is usually not a problem but I was using libraries that could not get to link on Windows.


This time (if I do get the chance to do it), is to use a different language. I was wondering which language would be a better choice to use:

  • Java
  • Dart
  • Haxe

All 3 languages will work on most platforms (natively or web) but I can decide which one to use.

If I was to use Java, it would use LWJGL (version 3 now!!!) and try get it to work in an applet. This however I would be using plain OpenGL (not WebGL).

If I was to use Dart or Haxe, I would compile it to Javascript/HTML5 and use WebGL. I don’t know if this would be good as I don’t know how many people can support WebGL (especially within the Ludum community). Also cannot decide upon Dart or Haxe. I’ve messed around with both languages for awhile now and I like them both very much. I like the fact that Haxe can compile to virtually anything but Dart seems to be closer to Javascript which is easier for the web. Of these two, I’m probably swaying towards Haxe but only ever so slightly.


So out of the 3, which would be the best option?

  • Java -> Applet/App with OpenGL
  • Dart/Haxe -> JS  with WebGL




Hi everyone

****I posted new questions about compilers and editors in the comments please read them :) ****

I am an experienced programmer and know a few languages.

I want to start making games with a windows 7 computer for any operating system (linux, Mac and Windows).

I do not know which is the best coding language to use for that that is free But has a good compiler and runs well. I also do not want to use software like gamemaker or construct. Something like c++ or java or love2D so please take that into consideration!

Also what libraries would I need for 2D games for now to make it with.

Thanks so much for your help in advance! I really want to become some kind of game devloper so this is key.

Hope you all are having fun in the ludum dare! Expect me to be ready for the next one!

Hope my questions make sense!

Please comment!



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