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You Only Get One Planet – Postmortem

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Tuesday, December 17th, 2013 9:43 am

In this Ludum Dare, a lot of things went terribly wrong for us :\

You Only Get One Planet (Screenshot)

We’re a team of two, so we were going for the 72 hour jam. Before we even started thinking about a game idea, one of our computers stopped booting Windows (it’s a MacBook and we tried to make a third partition with no success), so we were left with one computer.

We started making the game (it also took us ages to come up with an idea) on the working computer and about 40 hours in, we were stuck on some geometry/math problems that we couldn’t solve. So we deleted almost everything we had and implemented the Nape physics engine (it was the first time we ever used a physics engine in general :O)

Because we were running out of time we focused on the very core features of our game (You Only Get One Planet is about aliens and it doesn’t have UFOs). We managed to have a somewhat polished version of our game with about a couple of hours left. We started taking screenshots for the submission only to realize that one Starling extension we use was causing the game to not work at all in the browser. We almost cried.

Finally, we submitted the very broken version of our game, posted about our problem in the Starling forum and went to bed.

Today, one of the extension’s developers provided a workaround to our problem. We finally have a working version up! It was without a doubt a very disappointing (and exhausting) Ludum Dare experience for us. We didn’t enjoy it at all :(

At least our problems are solved now :)

Update 0x01 – Empty box

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Friday, August 24th, 2012 11:52 pm

I’ve started coding on the game. What I have now is basically just the setup: Empty window, working code base to continue on.

Once the menu is done there will be another, more exciting, update… Probably with screenshots.

For now I’ll be away for a while. Not the best timing to make games, since there’s other stuff that needs to be done.

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