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Well, I may be able to do something..

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Saturday, April 18th, 2009 10:55 am

Between some friends coming over for dinner and taking care of the baby, I may be able to whip something together. We’ll see if I finish this.. this is the slowest progress I’ve ever had in an LD =)

I have the first gameplay test here – draw the walls in the lighter green area.

Movie Preview Generator

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Saturday, July 5th, 2008 12:00 pm

Well, I gave up on the actual contest. But lately I’ve really been having fun making generators (you know, web ‘games’ that randomly spit out some name like “Fluffyborg The Transient”), so I made another that sort of fits the theme! It’s not based on any particular movie, but it’s not hard to see elements of every Summer blockbuster in it. Here’s a ‘screenshot’:

In a world…

Where ice cream is optional…

ONE woman…

And a boy…

Must face the worst disaster the world has ever known.

A Spike Lee Joint.

Coming Summer 2038 to a holotheater near you.

The ‘download link’ is so go generate some previews of your own!  I’m marking this as my final entry, but I do hope to add more possibilities to it right up until the deadline.  Luckily, the link won’t be changing!  Ah, the magic of the web.

(Yes, I included both turnips and unicorns)

Chain Reaction: Detonator, not final!

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Sunday, December 16th, 2007 10:19 am

So this looks like my final game. My wife’s got that look so i doubt i’ll work on it anymore 😉

Link removed. The final can be found in my latest blog entry.

It’s not the most innovative but it has been fun. It sports 14 levels, sounds due to DrPetters awesome sound effect tool and ugly pixel art by myself truly.

Position bombs and use the chain reaction of exploding bombs to fulfill your goals:

Either bomb open all diamond devices or push all target balls (with an X) onto any goal area (or both).

Do not forget, that you can go back and reposition bombs for another attempt. And another. And another.

An editor is included, which lets you build your own nasty contraptions.

There source comes with a Visual Studio 2003 solution file. It’s not the cleanest code, esp. the resource loading is an ugly hack.

The game itself requires any Windows since Windows 95, DirectX 8.1 and shouldn’t need any other DLLs beside the one i included.

You want a screenshot? Ok:

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